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  1. 420Gta420

    Solved  Hazard save editor key logging

    Few questions, now that we know hazard has intentionally put malicious programs into their save editor, is doing uninstal enough to remove key logging capability or was that downloaded as a seperate file? Moving forward is there any way of blocking it now that we know it exists? Or just use...
  2. G

    Solved  Save New DLC Car on SP Gta v

    Somebody knows how can I save the New DLC Car modded With Hazard and Save data... the car is in the garage but disappears in seconds If somebody knows how can I save please let me know
  3. Enigma3

    PC  PES 2018 CHELSEA vs MANCHESTER CITY - All Goals & Highlights

    PES 2018 CHELSEA vs MANCHESTER CITY - All Goals & Highlights Hi !! Here you have a new gameplay of PES 2018 where we will enjoy a great classic of one of the best leagues in the world: Chelsea vs Manchester City in the Premier League !! Enjoy the match !!
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