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  1. K

    Discovery  Color changing hat glitch (Blue, Red, White)

    I equipped the stalker hat and for some reason it was white instead of black and randomly changes color, I think it has something to do with the other clothes i was wearing since it only happens with this outfit. not sure exactly, here's some images, all of these are using the same hat: the...
  2. Yeswiican

    Patched  Hat on Lighting Jumpsuit and other outfits

    I'm all about those esthetic glitches ! I've found this glitch by accident , i was messing around with the freeze animation glitch ! This is a glitch to get any hat on almost any outfit You need: -Outfit A, with the hat you want -Outfit B , saved on your outfit list , the one you want the hat...
  3. I

    Solved  Beer hats

    So I looked on the wiki and it says beer hats were a temporary thing for 4th of July and you could get them by crates spawning in around the map I remember this being a event a while back on the 360 but never got a beer hat so my question is are the crates coming back because I was in a lobby...
  4. B

    Patched  Mask with hat/helmet with vending machine glitch (Works again after 1.37)

    This has been known for ages
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