1. Geddes2305

    Solved  Laptop Help

    Hi everyone! I am looking to get a laptop for my birthday which is an upgrade from the one I have already (can't even run Minecraft). What kinds of things should I be looking for (specs) and what laptops are already out there that would be good? I have a budget of around £300. Thanks in advance!!
  2. J

    Xbox One X Watercooling

    Has anyone managed to find a water block for the Xbox one X? Everything else is possible such as a strong enough 12v for the pump and a switched live, using a custom case will also afford direct mounting of a 240 mil rad and/ or a pc spec 5.25 bayres. custom case is a ball ache soldering to...
  3. Unkown_Error

    Unsolved  Lag Switches and finding glitches.

    Hey, needing opinions on using a lag switch on the PS4. Not in regards to using it during PVP but on instances like finding wall breaches and menu exploits. Does anyone know where to buy one? I don't really want to make it haha. This website is claiming to be able to be set up straight from...
  4. DeliriousGhost

    Solved  What Motherboard Is This?

    I have a Modded Xbox (i dunno if its RGH, JTAG or R-JTAG) and at the back of the console it says 12v (symbol) 9,6A ; 5V (symbol) 1A CAN SOMEONE HELP MEH, PLES IT ALSO SAYS 2012!!!THIS IS ALSO SOMETHING RELATED TO TRINITY OR CORONA
  5. O

    Solved  Help with Determining which exploit to use :)

    Hello, I've recently got my hands on what I think is a falcon v1 but I'm not sure. The power socket is the same as a falcon but I think the date isn't right. I'm probably just being a noob here lol. Anyway. I'm wondering if anyone anyone can help me with what is the best exploit to use and...
  6. C

    Unsolved  Is replacing a HDD able to get me banned?

    Here's my situation: I have 2 XB1, I bought My second one while I send my to be repair, After doing some research and contacting MS, it's to expensive to repair, so my question Is: If I open both of My xbox and move the one form the XB1 Elite, to a Used XB1 (500gb) which I bought online, CAN I...
  7. R

    Solved  What is needed to RGH Xbox?

    I am a bit confused on what I need to RGH my Xbox 360. I found that a Coolrunner rev c and J-R Programmer are needed but they are old and seem out of date. Basically, what is the newest chips required to RGH/Jtag an Xbox 360? I have a Zephyr Motherboard and a Dashboard on 17511 so I don't think...
  8. Splatoon 2's Clunky Headset Up For Preorder

    Splatoon 2's Clunky Headset Up For Preorder

    Hori is releasing its officially licensed--and rather clunky--headset for Splatoon 2 in the US. The headset is available to preorder now on Amazon and launches alongside the colorful team-based shooter later this month, on July 21. The "Splat & Chat" headset is modeled after the one worn...
  9. Xbox One Consoles And Games Discounted In New Summer Sale

    Xbox One Consoles And Games Discounted In New Summer Sale

    Microsoft has announced some new offers on Xbox One hardware and games. Starting off with the console offers, the 500 GB Minecraft Favorites Xbox One S bundle is now on sale for $250. Additionally, the 500 GB Battlefield 1 Xbox One S bundle can be had for $270. For the Battlefield 1 bundle, the...
  10. PXP

    Tutorial  PS4 APU Swapping

    1st PS4 (CUH 1100) suffers from a Shorted Board. No Power even changing most Capacitors, Mosfets and Fuses. 2nd PS4 (CUH 1000) Not reading any PS4 Games..Bluray Logic board might be lost (Unmatch) Both deemed useless so I decided to swap the APU+Flash Memory+Syscon Chip from the dead Board...
  11. J

    Unsolved  Anyone have any goto products for 360 Hardware modding materials (heat-sinks,fans,tools,etc)

    I got 3 xenons all capable to Jtag, (2 need reballing, and 1 needs J1D2 Trace fix and replacement of ... not sure what it is (little tiny Black Square, bottom of board on J1D2.3 (top trace leading away from J1D2))) I plan to sell them down the road after getting them fixed, modding them and...
  12. A

    Solved  Build my own Xbox 360 RF receiver

    Hi there! I'm a hardware hack enthusiast and I was wondering if anyone had some information about the Xbox 360S wireless pcb. I already found a post about this which is kinda out-dated. For now I wanted to connect the chip to my computer and use it as a receiver. I found some pictures from...
  13. J

    Solved  What would it Take to get an 8TB internal Hard drive Working?

    Basically I want to Replace My fried DVD Drive with a Hard Drive, I want the hard Drive to Be as Big as possible. What would it take to get an 8TB hdd Working, And what is The largest Limit for Internal HDD's. Alternatively to using 1 8tb Drive I might Hook up a switch to alternate between 2...
  14. GPUOpen - AMD's Open-Source GameWorks Alternative

    GPUOpen - AMD's Open-Source GameWorks Alternative

    If you are a PC gamer, you should be fairly familiar with NVIDIA GameWorks. GameWorks is a middleware API that is designed to help developers create beautiful looking games. While this sounds like a great idea, GameWorks has lead to a lot of controversy within the gaming community. To offer an...
  15. P

    Unsolved  Can you jailbreak with hardware change...?

    Is there a way to jailbreak a ps3 4.76 ofw without hardware changes?
  16. AMD Magnum - Could This Mystery Product Help AMD?

    AMD Magnum - Could This Mystery Product Help AMD?

    Even after the release of the 300 series, AMD has been fighting an uphill battle to maintain their company values. Most of the recent AMD news has been about the declining of sales, the loss of employees, or their financial struggles. Needless to say, things just seem to not be going AMD’s way...
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