1. B

    Unsolved  Download Xbox one purchased games via PC and transfer it to Ext Hard drive

    Is it possible? I am asking this because, when I download games in my Xbox one X it always ends up in "installation Stopped" error.
  2. S

    Can someone help me get the hard achievements in Trials Fusion?

    I need the 2 squirrels that require playing most of the track without faulting, the 6 buttons and the cactus acid trip one. I need Full Throttle 3, Unyielding 2 and 3, and inferno 4? At least for now those are the ones I need.
  3. The Revenger

    Solved  Some games won't launch with my Hard Drive inserted

    Games like Alien: Isolation won't launch when my Hard Drive is connected. I have one in XEX format and another in a disc. But nothing works if my Hard Drive is connected. Please help.
  4. Hyp3rG4m3r

    Patched  Semi-Invisible Inside Benny's Garage [Next Gen + PC Only]

    Today i'm going to show you guys how to be semi invisible inside Bennys. Me and my friends zyzzious and tropicalbacon are the founders. Steps: 1. Drive to Bennys in any of the lowrider cars. 2. Park by the door and wait for it to open. 3. Drive so that your car is about 1/2 in then pause...
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