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    Discussion If anyone here is still playing, what do you think on the season pass system?

    Personally, I just started to work on it today and have completed about 15 sections. I can't stand this new system, everyone unlocked everything at the same time and there are very few things that make people different. And only getting one tier per level is just a long slog to get to tier 100...
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    Diesel Gaming

    In retrospect the best gaming content will be coming from this group in a short period of time
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    Grifball Sword Line experince boosting?

    Looking to get 7 more people to boost Grifball. On PC there's no one playing it, so should be easy to get the 30k+ exp a match really quickly
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    Halo Reach MCC Free for All Boost

    Needing 7 more people to boost post your gamer tags and I’ll invite you if enough people want to help. or 3 more people if we all have guest controllers.
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    Unsolved Halo Wars 2 Mod Tool Connection Issues

    Hey there, having a bit of a problem. I started modding Halo Wars 2, and, I'd like to be able to pit certain units together in customs, but, inviting myself seems to be impossible. I'm running the same app on the same pc between two different users, and they cannot join together at all. Trying...
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    Game Mods [Xbox] Play as Lucario in Multiplayer

    This Xbox map pack allows you to play as Lucario in Halo multiplayer. Lucario is fully animated like the Master Chief. Comes with new intro and user interface. Download here: You can also download the extended version which includes Halo Custom Edition maps and my own campaign to multiplayer...
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    Game Mods [Xbox] Play as a Jackal

    These two maps are Xbox cache files assigned to the level Halo (a30). One is playing as a grunt, the other playing as a jackal. The grunt has recharging health and faces respawning enemies. The jackal faces a set amount of enemies and takes body damage. The map itself is Boarding Action - a...
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    Game Mods A Night in the Creek - Xbox mod

    Halo - A Night in the Creek This is a firefight mod for Battlecreek, playing as a grunt, fighting marines. The level comes in 4 waves. The first two waves require you beat a boss. The third wave requires you to survive a timer. The last wave is unlimited. As the waves progress the map gets...
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    Solved Is there a way to bridge or force host in Halo Reach?

    Are there anyways to bridge host in Halo Reach? Or any mod tools for RGH, XDK, JTAG that can force host? I know Astro has a force host option but it doesn't work, maybe im using it wrong? Im on an RGH Glitch 2 Jasper. if that helps Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Halo: MCC PC Edition's Beta Test Not Launching This Month

    Halo: MCC PC Edition's Beta Test Not Launching This Month

    At the start of April, 343 Industries announced that it hoped it might be able to release Halo: The Master Chief Collection's first PC beta test during the month. But now it turns out that's not going to happen. Community director Brian Jarrard said on Twitter that the team had to delay the...
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    Solved Question about Halo Mod Menu

    Hello, I've been researching on GTA & COD mod menu's. I am thinking of making one, but I am not sure if there are people who would want it? Let me know if Im just wasting my time or if this game series is to dead for me to make one? thanks arms04
  12. Halo Boss Confirms Halo Infinite Will Launch On Xbox One And PC

    Halo Boss Confirms Halo Infinite Will Launch On Xbox One And PC

    With Microsoft set to finally, maybe, talk about Halo Infinite at E3 this year, fans are understandably eager and excited to learn more about the long-in-development next Halo. One rumour about the game making the rounds is that Halo Infinite will be a "next-gen" game that skips Xbox One...
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    News RUMOR: Two Xbox Consoles To Be Revealed At E3 2019; Halo Infinite To Be A Launch Title

    Earlier today, French website Jeuxvideo reported that Xbox Lockhart and Xbox Anaconda, the next-gen Microsoft consoles, will be revealed at this year's E3 press conference. The Lockhart is believed to be the cheapest of the two consoles, with the Anaconda being more expensive with improved...
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    Game Mods Halo - Play as a Grunt Campaign [Xbox Map Pack]

    New release for Xbox: HALO: COVENANT EDITION Play as a grunt in Halo campaign - fight marines alongside your covenant allies. Features: -play as a grunt on Covenant team -spawn with covenant encounters -fight against marines -fight with allies -can use all weapons and vehicles -uses player...
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    Tools Armory RTE tool

    Here's a project I've been working on since 2016. It used to be paid but because of recent drama I made it free. Download - Scan
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    Game Mods Halo Grunty Party Pack [Xbox Map Pack]

    Halo Grunty Party Pack - Play as grunts in multiplayer on Xbox Features: -colour enabled grunts -can use all weapons and vehicles -uses player walking physics -press white to say a taunt [note: does not work with vehicles] -new intro and ui -pack 2 includes the Halo PC maps and some new...
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    Halo MCC Boosting

    Do people still actively boost in Halo MCC?
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    Solved Dank Modding Tool Connection Help

    I need help I'm new to this and have no idea what to put for kernal, cpu, or version, and i dont even know what ip to put for ip. So could someone pls help me connect.
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    Gamesaves Halo Wars General GPD

    Funny enough me and my mate are playing halo wars and never really got to general in the end but i have a rbh xbox. Just wondering if anyone stills has a General GPD still up and is able to help me out get straight to general <3
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