1. M

    Halo 2 DLC for 360 RGH

    Hello! I have 4 xbox 360 slims I was able to RGH and install Halo 2 on (I used these 4 boxes for Halo 2 lan parties, but was having load map issues and decided to mod them in hope to fix this). Problem is, when I insert the multiplayer map pack to patch and add maps, it wont work. Does anyone...
  2. A

    Support  [HELP] Halo Infinite Runtime not working

    Hello all. i've been trying to have a play around with this for a while but with no success. I have Infinite Running & click load on the tag viewer but is says can't find HaloInfinte.exe I have NET.6 V6.0.6 (Have tried many versions) have tried it with windows store & xbox game pass for pc...
  3. sonnyy

    Discussion  Halo 3 Parkour/Jump Maps Collection

    This has 67 maps and 33 (34 if you count default slayer) gametypes in total, there is probably a bigger collection/more maps out there but i'd thought id share these incase people dont have them Credit to Gun Gangst3r for helping me with this The maps/gametypes in their desc should say what it...
  4. GazorpaGrant90 Halo 5 Montage

    GazorpaGrant90 Halo 5 Montage

    Hello Interwebs! This is my first compilation montage of Halo 5: Guardians. All footage was recorded between select games over the last year or so. Most clip...
  5. M

    Halo MCC 50 Boosting

    Looking for someone who can boost from 1 to 50 on MCC H3 TS. Shoot me a message if you fit that description. Thanks!
  6. nicholasbroo

    Discussion  Release | Assembly for Halo Infinite | Research tool | TU8

    Because this thread is dead. I'm going to leave this here for future research. Please look into the blam: GetTagWithFastTags. We made a tool for Halo Infinite on the flights that would work like assembly would and find pointers based on the ID's and the Tag_list's. I'm hoping this will give...
  7. Z

    Unsolved  how to make ai follow you

    does anyone know how to script Ai to follow you in halo ce using steam mod tools. I've added the scripts (ai_follow_target_player <ai>) and compiled it and it's still not working I've been trying for 6 days now and I'm new to modding if anyone is willing to assist It'd be greatly appreciated...
  8. Shady

    News  Halo Infinite Glitch Allows For Campaign Co-op

    Halo Infinite may have launched without the series’ ever-popular co-op feature, but an innovative player has discovered a glitch that makes playing locally with a friend possible, albeit in a limited capacity. A YouTuber named NobleActual posted a video on Twitter yesterday demonstrating the...
  9. Jessyskullkid

    Discussion  Xbox 360 Achievement Modding 2021

    Hey all, It's been a long time since I've last modded achievements on the 360. I've only modded about two individual achievements back in the day and it was for GOW 2. Is Horizon still functioning for the unlocker? I'm trying to unlock some Halo achievements that will no longer be obtainable...
  10. A

    Unsolved  Halo 3 .Map Question

    Hello all. I am fairly new to modding Halo games on my RGH but I do know most of the basics. I know how to patch .map mods, use RTE tools, etc. As does a buddy of mine who also uses an RGH. My question pertains more to modding online than by ourselves locally. A couple things to note. We both...
  11. MONGOOSE MOWDOWN!!! Halo Infinite!

    MONGOOSE MOWDOWN!!! Halo Infinite!

    MONGOOSE MOWDOWN!!! Halo Infinite! Halo Infinite Flight - Halo Infinite Tech preview - Halo Infinite beta - Halo Infinite gameplay - Halo Infinite Mongoose
  12. Dannyvld

    [DUTCH ONLY] Looking for new players for shooters

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, We are looking for nice fun people to play mainly shooters with. These include games such as Battlefield 2042, Hell Let Loose, Insurgency Sandstorm, Call of Duty Vanguard & Halo Infinite. If interested, send a message on Xbox to Dannyvld or on PSN to...
  13. Splitgate 2021 | Team SWAT | Free to Play Awesomeness!

    Splitgate 2021 | Team SWAT | Free to Play Awesomeness!

    Hello everyone! Snake here, and I'm bringing you guys some classic Team SWAT gameplay. I'm sure many of you like me are waiting in anticipation for Halo: Infinite, which will also have its multiplayer modes F2P, so I'm playing a lot more Splitgate. Very familiar feeling game (halo+portal=splitgate).
  14. N

    Halo MCC Boosting or Carries

    Anyone boosting or provide carries? I don't have a team and have run into an absurd amount of people with bullets coming out of their guns at a 45 degree angle. I would greatly appreciate some help finishing the 50 grind. I don't mind paying for your time. I just want this done.
  15. xGamer7777x

    Streaming / Video  Playing Halo For The First Time Ever

  16. Splitgate: AW Game Play X Drip Star LIVE

    Splitgate: AW Game Play X Drip Star LIVE

    Hey everyone! Today I have for you some gameplay from one of steams most popular arena shooters (formerly known as portal wars) Splitgate: Arena Warfare. Overall I say the game plays like Halo with the portal gun integrated into combat scenarios.
  17. Austin

    Tutorial  XUID Spoofing

    Kinda cool thing I found with MCC on pc. Easy as can be so this is a short tut. Open MCC Anti-cheat disabled Open cheat engine. Tick the Hex box next to the search bar. Change 4 Bytes to 8 Bytes. Go to https://www.cxkes.me/xbox/xuid Get your xuid and search it Find the xuid of someone online...
  18. A

    Solved  Can’t connect to Halo servers

    Hey guys I fired up my RGH for the first time in awhile. I updated to newest dash and I’m on ninja stealth paid. My problem is I want to play halo reach I was able to log on and play once then I reset my Xbox and now can’t connect to servers. I have fake gold off in dash launch And my account...
  19. Austin

    Tutorial  Halo MCC Modding Beginners All In One

    The MCC modding thread is so empty with the exception of ProSniperMods I wanted to make a big tutorial for anyone new or coming back to modding Halo games. First off let me state the obvious this is for PC only. Note: All external site downloads are reuploaded by me so you don't have to sign up...
  20. H

    Mcc matchmaking achievements

    I'm looking to get 100 on halo mcc. I have 4 controllers and am looking for someone who can help me get the achievements. If you need some too or would like to boost I would love to help.
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