1. Dannyvld

    Discussion  [DUTCH ONLY] Op zoek naar nieuwe speelers voor shooters

    Goedenavond dames en heren, Wij zijn op zoek naar leuke gezellige mensen om voornamelijk shooters mee samen te spelen. Het gaat hierbij om games zoals Battlefield 2042, Hell Let Loose, Insurgency Sandstorm, Call of Duty Vanguard & Halo Infinite. Bij interesse stuur een berichtje op Xbox naar...
  2. Splitgate 2021 | Team SWAT | Free to Play Awesomeness!

    Splitgate 2021 | Team SWAT | Free to Play Awesomeness!

    Hello everyone! Snake here, and I'm bringing you guys some classic Team SWAT gameplay. I'm sure many of you like me are waiting in anticipation for Halo: Infinite, which will also have its multiplayer modes F2P, so I'm playing a lot more Splitgate. Very familiar feeling game (halo+portal=splitgate).
  3. BTC

    Tools  [DETECTED] Poke The Bear

    Poke The Bear EAC Bypass For Halo: MCC Features... Kernel Level Bypass for R/W access Works ONLY for the steam version of Halo: MCC Use Cheat Engine / Assembly in matchmaking Making Virus Total loose it's mind. Lets get some content for MCC on here. Sick of it being dead. How do heck you...
  4. N

    Halo MCC Boosting or Carries

    Anyone boosting or provide carries? I don't have a team and have run into an absurd amount of people with bullets coming out of their guns at a 45 degree angle. I would greatly appreciate some help finishing the 50 grind. I don't mind paying for your time. I just want this done.
  5. xGamer7777x

    Streaming / Video  Playing Halo For The First Time Ever

  6. Splitgate: AW Game Play X Drip Star LIVE

    Splitgate: AW Game Play X Drip Star LIVE

    Hey everyone! Today I have for you some gameplay from one of steams most popular arena shooters (formerly known as portal wars) Splitgate: Arena Warfare. Overall I say the game plays like Halo with the portal gun integrated into combat scenarios.
  7. BTC

    Tutorial  XUID Spoofing

    Kinda cool thing I found with MCC on pc. Easy as can be so this is a short tut. Open MCC Anti-cheat disabled Open cheat engine. Tick the Hex box next to the search bar. Change 4 Bytes to 8 Bytes. Go to https://www.cxkes.me/xbox/xuid Get your xuid and search it Find the xuid of someone online...
  8. A

    Solved  Can’t connect to Halo servers

    Hey guys I fired up my RGH for the first time in awhile. I updated to newest dash and I’m on ninja stealth paid. My problem is I want to play halo reach I was able to log on and play once then I reset my Xbox and now can’t connect to servers. I have fake gold off in dash launch And my account...
  9. BTC

    Tutorial  Halo MCC Modding Beginners All In One

    The MCC modding thread is so empty with the exception of ProSniperMods I wanted to make a big tutorial for anyone new or coming back to modding Halo games. First off let me state the obvious this is for PC only. Note: All external site downloads are reuploaded by me so you don't have to sign up...
  10. H

    Mcc matchmaking achievements

    I'm looking to get 100 on halo mcc. I have 4 controllers and am looking for someone who can help me get the achievements. If you need some too or would like to boost I would love to help.
  11. VinnyHaw

    Tutorial  Halo CE Flood Bump Tutorial

  12. iPilllsV


    Looking for people to boost with on Halo Reach My gamertag is: Army is Trash
  13. L

    Tools  Halo All In One TOOL

    I post my new tool for halo reach, it only includes exclusive options, shady mods to crack my tool and it is to appropriate my options, so I prefer to share it sorry if my english is bad, i m french good game <3...
  14. Survivor271

    Unsolved  Scenario file is corrupt when I try to open it in sapien

    I've been trying to make a map for halo 2 but when I compile and light the *** file and open the Scenario file in sapien I get this error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. X

    Help boosting to a 39.

    It's nearly impossible to find ranked matches due to low level and country. Would anyone be able to help me reach level 39? Don't feel like going for a 50 again. Feel free to message here or i8uTcH3r
  16. s3anyboy

    Tutorial  [Tutorial/Resource] How to add 27 Maps in a Mappack

    This tutorial is still in early stages, it's currently more of a general outline and not an fully in depth step-by-step, however you should be able to get it working. If you have specific questions or problems I will try to help as best I can Not exactly news that the NHE team modified the xbe...
  17. Risking Perfect

    Discussion  If anyone here is still playing, what do you think on the season pass system?

    Personally, I just started to work on it today and have completed about 15 sections. I can't stand this new system, everyone unlocked everything at the same time and there are very few things that make people different. And only getting one tier per level is just a long slog to get to tier 100...
  18. D

    Diesel Gaming

    In retrospect the best gaming content will be coming from this group in a short period of time
  19. S

    Grifball Sword Line experince boosting?

    Looking to get 7 more people to boost Grifball. On PC there's no one playing it, so should be easy to get the 30k+ exp a match really quickly
  20. S

    Halo Reach MCC Free for All Boost

    Needing 7 more people to boost post your gamer tags and I’ll invite you if enough people want to help. or 3 more people if we all have guest controllers.
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