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  1. iPilllsV


    Looking for people to boost with on Halo Reach My gamertag is: Army is Trash
  2. S

    Grifball Sword Line experince boosting?

    Looking to get 7 more people to boost Grifball. On PC there's no one playing it, so should be easy to get the 30k+ exp a match really quickly
  3. S

    Halo Reach MCC Free for All Boost

    Needing 7 more people to boost post your gamer tags and I’ll invite you if enough people want to help. or 3 more people if we all have guest controllers.
  4. Halo: Reach Xbox One Beta Delayed, And Here's Why

    Halo: Reach Xbox One Beta Delayed, And Here's Why

    Halo: Reach is coming to Xbox One, but the wait for it just got longer. Developer 343 Industries has now confirmed that the first "flight," or beta test, has been delayed. In a blog post (via onmsft), 343 explained to fans that making games is hard. For Halo: Reach, which is part of the Master...
  5. zZDextraEnergyZz

    Tools  Halo Reach - Modded Forge World

    As only people with a modded xbox can go over the forge budget and the actual item limit I really want to ask any modder out there to answer me how it would be possible for me to get a "modded forge map (forge world). Would it be possible for someone to spawn objects like Walls, Cars, light...
  6. Professional

    Game Mods  Halo Reach Remote Recoveries

    I will be offering remote recoveries on halo reach $5 USD: I will mod your account once. $10 USD I will do it up to 4 times on any gamertags that you choose. I accept Bitcoin, XBL Gold, amazon and potentially paypal for trusted users. Make sure you don't launch the game till after I do your...
  7. U

    Unsolved  Odd Modded Xex Request

    So even though I’ve been around modders and have done some USB/ISO mods for awhile I’m fairly new to the RGH/JTAG modding scene (a decade late, I know). I plan on buying an RGH in the next few months, and I see people using some tools like dank reach to mod the game in real time to get whatever...
  8. P

    How to get unbanned from Halo Reach online?

    I was banned in 2013 from halo reach online for using a mod to mess with my service tag and change my armor. I'm logging back in now and I get the same message I did before: "This account has been banned permanently from Halo: Reach online." It would also say that my console was banned. But now...
  9. Maridia

    Halo Reach: possible USB cheats? Swapping/adding biped type to firefight?

    I crave some Elite Zealots in my firefight games, but all you can have is spec ops, majors, minors, generals, rangers...but no zealots, which is a shame, because they have some cool armor. I don't have an RHG or whatever, xbox, but I have a usb. I use modio cheats, but I was wondering if there...
  10. L

    Solved  Halo Reach HxD editing gone wrong

    So I was busy modding away and I had forgot that I didn't change back to the default armor with the hp halo chest piece anyways I'm on HxD and I go search up my service tag and do the 1a7 offset after highlighting the last letter of 2nd service tag I go to 0379f0 change 1 00 00 01 to 1 02 02 01...
  11. Maridia

    Solved  USB cheats and Game Changes

    Hi, I'm new here. I don't know much about modding with Halo, I've only really dealt with Skyrim mods, but I love Halo and have recently been exploring mods and cheats with my Halo Reach game. I've played with God Mode on Modio, and it's great I just wish the changes wouldn't have to be...
  12. X

    Halo Reach Anyone? Message xZimroh for an invite.

    If you wanna play halo reach message xZimroh for an invite we will play anything. (Infection, custom forge maps etc.)
  13. C

    Xbox 360 Xbox One  Halo Reach Custom Game Lobby!!! (GT: xHairy 0wned1x)

    Drop your cocks and grab your socks, boi have i got news for you. lets all go back to our child hood Halo Reach lobbies that we use to all have so much fun in. our custom game lobbies will consist of: custom infection maps, custom teacher maps, custom big team battles, custom good cop, bad cop...
  14. Thomasator


    I have 4 controllers. Willing to boost for an hour or so. Idc when tbh. Hmu GT: Mystic iBeast
  15. MoonlightHuntress

    Discussion  Looking for assistance with forge budget/item count

    Not looking for anything difficult or complicated, just what it says on the tin: I have a map that I've been working on intermittently for quite some time now. Just today, I realized that I won't quite have enough room left in my budget to do everything I want to do. I got a bit carried away...
  16. Edward15883

    Halo Reach people to play with me

    Hey I've been wanting to play this lately, but I want people to play list, I hate playing by myself. My gt is Truthfinder PhD
  17. elijahjove

    Discussion  Download now beta Halo 3 / reach and halo 4!

    Hello, today I decided to give you the Beta of: Halo 3 / Halo Reach and Halo 4. They are already patched, to launch them you will just have to remove them from the .rar archive and put them in your game folder in your Jtag. To launch the Beta: To launch halo 3 it will have to launch the...
  18. A

    Unsolved  Need a modder to edit TRUSTYSN00ZE's Tron gametype in Halo Reach

    Hi everyone. A couple of years ago I asked TRUSTYSN00ZE on Xbox Live to make a Sharpshooter gametype (that we used to play in Halo 4) for me and 550 people in my Halo Reach custom game clan. So, 1 month later he did, while also adding Gun Game features to it and named it Weapon Wielders...
  19. N

    Discussion  Halo Reach: How noble team could have survived

    Halo reach, the location of the deaths of Noble team. lets face it, we've all thought about how they could have survived the fall of reach, and this thread is where you can all post your ideas for how they could have lived, theories on what might have really happened, or just effects of what...
  20. L

    Solved  Halo Reach AimBot

    Hi im just wondering if anybody can make an aimbot thats not noticeable like could you possibly make one were you slide the bar on how much aimbot you want? like for instance the halo astro 2 tool you can slide how much jump speed and lunge you want. but with aimbot could it be done? sorry...
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