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    Discussion  Halo Reach Over Limit Forge World Map Request

    Hello, I just started up an account here today. I've known about Lord Zedds "Over Map Limit" map mods. I've heard from friends this is the best place to request one. I don't if anyone still actually does these requests but here goes. I'd like a map with the following: 20x Bunker, Small 20x...
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    Discussion  Looking for assistance with forge budget/item count

    Not looking for anything difficult or complicated, just what it says on the tin: I have a map that I've been working on intermittently for quite some time now. Just today, I realized that I won't quite have enough room left in my budget to do everything I want to do. I got a bit carried away...
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    Discussion  Left For Dead Remake!

    So if anybody here remember's the hit map on halo 3 called left for dead / stay inside and lock the doors! I made a remake and it's on my fileshare (A MEAN MONGOOSE) if anybody truely misses it and i will put left for dead original on my halo 3 fileshare! Have fun camping :tongue: To many...
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    Discussion  Halo Reach meets Dayz

    Hey guys! im looking to make a halo reach version of dayz on forgeworld. i require 4 other people to help me make it. i need 2 people to help set the map up ie: buildings, weapon placement, vehicle placement. i need 1 person to place the spawn places. i need one other person including me...
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    Discussion  Can someone tell me how to download this modded map

    Hey guys does anyone know how to get the No Water Map on Halo Reach i really want this map if someone can help me out it b awesome
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    Discussion  Custom Colors in Forge

    It's been a long time since this game was released. Has anyone finally been able to make a custom gametype that allows custom colors in forge? It was done in Halo 3.
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    Discussion  Professionals FORGE [REQUEST forge stuff]

    Hey everyone, I was just making this thread to make use of my RGH. I have almost no limit in spawning objects so if you want any maps made or modified for free, post below :)
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    Discussion  How Do I Get Civilian Vehicles Into Forge World Without Jtag?

    I was wondering, how do i get civilian vehicles, like for example: HCI Truck, HCI Devlievy Truck, Cart Forklift, Spade, UNSC Truck into forge world? is there a way to get them thought the "Most Downloaded" option in the menu of halo reach? or download a gamesave off of Modio?, also i am trying...
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    Discussion  Bungie adds all of this land we can't explorer! I explored it all and it was a good DLC chance.

    I have truly been to every end of Forge World. I used a out of Forge World map and SvE Mythic Slayer. I then spawned a few campaign Falcons into Forge World (via SvE Mythic Slayer game type) and I went through a teleporter. After that, I spend half of a day exploring ALL of Forge World. About...
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    Discussion  Custom Games [JOIN]

    Playing a bunch of different games, just join my session and invite some friends to come along. GT: Rhutasel
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    Discussion  Finished Team Glads Map

    This is a great remake of mine from the Halo 3 map, "Gladiators". 240 downloads on my fileshare! Link to the Halotracker submission. http://www.halotracker.com/Content/Content.aspx?ContentID=2790
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    Discussion  I can record your custom maps [FREE]

    I can record your forge maps for free on the weekends. Message here on se7ensins if your interested.
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    Discussion  Short Range Dmr Training

    Just finished making a short range Dmr map, like the BR one that was in halo 3. Its in my file share just send a private chat invite and get it out of my file share game-type and map are in there. Send invite to THE XBOX POTATO. Note* I do not know who made the original halo 3 map and could not...
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    Discussion  my friend made this map

    And it used like a people spawn but he couldn't figure how to activate them help
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    Discussion  Custom Games

    Hosting custom games. Bumper cars and speed halo. Join session of : ooTheSilentxx
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    Discussion  MLG Sanctuary V7 (Troll Version)

    This is an edited version of the original MLG Sanctuary map designed to troll whoever is on the blue team. If you have a friend who always wants to 1v1, or get constantly challanged then you should take a look at this map. The edits are: Invisible blocks are placed around the blue teams...
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    Discussion  Need Help With Forge Tricks!

    So im making a map and im trying to figure out how to makes things that apear at the begging of the game and then make them dissapear after 1 min or so im trying to make an infcting map and the object im trying to make dissapear after a min are one way shield doors please help GT: EL KIKIS if...
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    Discussion  FTG Lockout(Halo 2 Remake)

    FTG Lockout is a forge world recreation of Halo 2's map with over 2 years of concept put into it. 10/15/2010 is the official date of when I started my concepts. Since then I've been learning how forge works and what is most important when forging maps as well as trying to bring back...
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    Discussion  Need help with a Machinima

    Hi Guys + Gals I am making a machinima this summer but i need some people to fill in some parts, It's a Halo machinima following a specialist team of Spartans Looking for roles: 3 actors (possibly also voice actors aswell) 1 / 2 cameramen, you will be in your own division and can do...
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    Discussion  Halo Reach - Daedalus X-304 Ship

    Halo Reach - Daedalus X-304
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