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  1. B

    Discussion  Halo Reach Over Limit Forge World Map Request

    Hello, I just started up an account here today. I've known about Lord Zedds "Over Map Limit" map mods. I've heard from friends this is the best place to request one. I don't if anyone still actually does these requests but here goes. I'd like a map with the following: 20x Bunker, Small 20x...
  2. MoonlightHuntress

    Discussion  Looking for assistance with forge budget/item count

    Not looking for anything difficult or complicated, just what it says on the tin: I have a map that I've been working on intermittently for quite some time now. Just today, I realized that I won't quite have enough room left in my budget to do everything I want to do. I got a bit carried away...

    Discussion  Left For Dead Remake!

    So if anybody here remember's the hit map on halo 3 called left for dead / stay inside and lock the doors! I made a remake and it's on my fileshare (A MEAN MONGOOSE) if anybody truely misses it and i will put left for dead original on my halo 3 fileshare! Have fun camping :tongue: To many...
  4. Dj King

    Discussion  Halo Reach meets Dayz

    Hey guys! im looking to make a halo reach version of dayz on forgeworld. i require 4 other people to help me make it. i need 2 people to help set the map up ie: buildings, weapon placement, vehicle placement. i need 1 person to place the spawn places. i need one other person including me...
  5. Mad Glitching

    Discussion  Can someone tell me how to download this modded map

    Hey guys does anyone know how to get the No Water Map on Halo Reach i really want this map if someone can help me out it b awesome
  6. K

    Discussion  Custom Colors in Forge

    It's been a long time since this game was released. Has anyone finally been able to make a custom gametype that allows custom colors in forge? It was done in Halo 3.
  7. Professional

    Discussion  Professionals FORGE [REQUEST forge stuff]

    Hey everyone, I was just making this thread to make use of my RGH. I have almost no limit in spawning objects so if you want any maps made or modified for free, post below :)
  8. Mangled Crow

    Discussion  How Do I Get Civilian Vehicles Into Forge World Without Jtag?

    I was wondering, how do i get civilian vehicles, like for example: HCI Truck, HCI Devlievy Truck, Cart Forklift, Spade, UNSC Truck into forge world? is there a way to get them thought the "Most Downloaded" option in the menu of halo reach? or download a gamesave off of Modio?, also i am trying...
  9. Director Mason

    Discussion  Bungie adds all of this land we can't explorer! I explored it all and it was a good DLC chance.

    I have truly been to every end of Forge World. I used a out of Forge World map and SvE Mythic Slayer. I then spawned a few campaign Falcons into Forge World (via SvE Mythic Slayer game type) and I went through a teleporter. After that, I spend half of a day exploring ALL of Forge World. About...
  10. Rhutasel

    Discussion  Custom Games [JOIN]

    Playing a bunch of different games, just join my session and invite some friends to come along. GT: Rhutasel
  11. Slade

    Discussion  Finished Team Glads Map

    This is a great remake of mine from the Halo 3 map, "Gladiators". 240 downloads on my fileshare! Link to the Halotracker submission. http://www.halotracker.com/Content/Content.aspx?ContentID=2790
  12. Jeeper

    Discussion  I can record your custom maps [FREE]

    I can record your forge maps for free on the weekends. Message here on se7ensins if your interested.
  13. XxGun AdictedxX

    Discussion  Short Range Dmr Training

    Just finished making a short range Dmr map, like the BR one that was in halo 3. Its in my file share just send a private chat invite and get it out of my file share game-type and map are in there. Send invite to THE XBOX POTATO. Note* I do not know who made the original halo 3 map and could not...
  14. TheRoyoBoyo

    Discussion  my friend made this map

    And it used like a people spawn but he couldn't figure how to activate them help
  15. I

    Discussion  Custom Games

    Hosting custom games. Bumper cars and speed halo. Join session of : ooTheSilentxx
  16. anieli

    Discussion  MLG Sanctuary V7 (Troll Version)

    This is an edited version of the original MLG Sanctuary map designed to troll whoever is on the blue team. If you have a friend who always wants to 1v1, or get constantly challanged then you should take a look at this map. The edits are: Invisible blocks are placed around the blue teams...
  17. EL_KIKIS

    Discussion  Need Help With Forge Tricks!

    So im making a map and im trying to figure out how to makes things that apear at the begging of the game and then make them dissapear after 1 min or so im trying to make an infcting map and the object im trying to make dissapear after a min are one way shield doors please help GT: EL KIKIS if...
  18. F

    Discussion  FTG Lockout(Halo 2 Remake)

    FTG Lockout is a forge world recreation of Halo 2's map with over 2 years of concept put into it. 10/15/2010 is the official date of when I started my concepts. Since then I've been learning how forge works and what is most important when forging maps as well as trying to bring back...
  19. J

    Discussion  Need help with a Machinima

    Hi Guys + Gals I am making a machinima this summer but i need some people to fill in some parts, It's a Halo machinima following a specialist team of Spartans Looking for roles: 3 actors (possibly also voice actors aswell) 1 / 2 cameramen, you will be in your own division and can do...
  20. Tiggis

    Discussion  Halo Reach - Daedalus X-304 Ship

    Halo Reach - Daedalus X-304
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