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  1. Austin

    Tools  Cheat Table Release (MS Store)

    Figured I would hop back into modding some MCC PC again and maybe do some things I've been notoriously lazy with. At the moment, it's only for the MS store version, haven't tried on steam yet but I assume it would need to be remade for that. Features: Auto complete all challenges (Note not all...
  2. MiDNiGHTsoftware

    Paid Service  🌠MiDNiGHT Halo MCC Hack🌠 AimBot&Magnetism🎯+ESP🔎+Challenges&Armor🔓+SpeedHack&FlyHack🦸+Controller Support🕹️

    We are long-time Halo fans, and it makes no sense that nobody is creating Halo MCC hacks.. so we brought it upon ourselves to do just that! As observed, unlike any other commercial Halo MCC hacks, we do not deal with Assembly, Cheat Engine or any other public tools.. everything our hack has to...
  3. sonnyy

    Discussion  Halo 3 Parkour/Jump Maps Collection

    This has 67 maps and 33 (34 if you count default slayer) gametypes in total, there is probably a bigger collection/more maps out there but i'd thought id share these incase people dont have them Credit to Gun Gangst3r for helping me with this The maps/gametypes in their desc should say what it...
  4. J

    Need Boost to reach lvl 50

    Hi guys i need some boosters to reach lvl 50 on h3 squad.
  5. H

    Mcc matchmaking achievements

    I'm looking to get 100 on halo mcc. I have 4 controllers and am looking for someone who can help me get the achievements. If you need some too or would like to boost I would love to help.
  6. X

    Help boosting to a 39.

    It's nearly impossible to find ranked matches due to low level and country. Would anyone be able to help me reach level 39? Don't feel like going for a 50 again. Feel free to message here or i8uTcH3r
  7. R

    Need Boosting Service

    I am in the 20s in slayer and would like to try and get into the 40s or possibly even 50. I am okay at the game, not amazing. Message me and let me know how your boosting service works and how much it costs.
  8. Halo: MCC PC Edition's Beta Test Not Launching This Month

    Halo: MCC PC Edition's Beta Test Not Launching This Month

    At the start of April, 343 Industries announced that it hoped it might be able to release Halo: The Master Chief Collection's first PC beta test during the month. But now it turns out that's not going to happen. Community director Brian Jarrard said on Twitter that the team had to delay the...
  9. Shady

    Discussion  How To Custom Install Sections Of The Game

    with the last few updates back. 343 added a feature that allows us to custom install certain parts of the game. this will save space on your HDD. if you just want to play online and forget about campaign you can uninstall that part to remove space. you can find this option when you press the...
  10. Shady

    Discussion  The Revival Of Halo MCC is Here. Rundown on What 343 have done and are currently doing

    Since September 2017 343 have been hard at work fixing a lot of issues that mcc has had since release. 343 is making & Have had Made Halo better with improvements to the matchmaking system,redesign of the menus,added features etc. which has already hit the retail version now. here is the full...
  11. W

    HALO MCC KD boost?

    Hey, What’s up guys. Anyone want to k/d boost? In mcc? Either in action sack or grifball? I have 3 controllers total! One I’m using plus 2 others to be guests. If you have experience boosting, HMU.
  12. M

    Halo mcc matchmaking achievements.

    Looking to boost achievements in matchmaking. Please message the gamertag. Sith iord.
  13. Edward15883

    MCC Halo 3 people to play with

    Hey I'm looking for people to play Halo 3 on the MCC with. My gt is Truth finder PhD
  14. S

    Looking for good H3 players

    Hey guys i'm in search for some good halo 3 players to go for a 50. Must have a mic Add or message: ShredBott
  15. neozena


    closed already have way too many peeps
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