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    Unsolved  Can’t connect to Halo servers

    Hey guys I fired up my RGH for the first time in awhile. I updated to newest dash and I’m on ninja stealth paid. My problem is I want to play halo reach I was able to log on and play once then I reset my Xbox and now can’t connect to servers. I have fake gold off in dash launch And my account...
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    Solved  Can someone help me?

    Can someone please help me, I’m not asking for mod menus or anything like that. I want to get 5 star general level before halo 3 goes dark in December of halo 2021. If someone could get me in a booster lobby or something like that would be amazing.
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    Max EXP glitch / Lone Wolves halo 3 boosting with 4 accounts

    I have my original Halo 3 account at rank 47 in lone wolves but its level locked with over 100,000 exp because some low-life modded my account to make it 10x harder to rank up. I've managed to boost 3 other accounts ranked 41, 42, and 45. All with around 100 EXP at this point. I'm aware you...
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    HALO MCC Team Slayer to 50

    Looking for people that want to team up and play Team Slayer Halo 3 with to get to 50 in Halo MCC. None of my friends play anymore, and it is hard to play with randoms every match.
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    Mod Menu  Halo 3 Mod Menu****No PC***Includes Jump/Speed/GodMode ETC***

    Hello, I made this a while back & though I would share. Yes, its probably the worse you've ever seen but I wanted something I could launch in game & not use PC(eg Nimbus). Just like the title states, has Jump, Speed, Excel, God Mode as well as Aimbot. Long Live Halo! Halo 3 Menu(Link)...
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    Solved  Halo 3 Instant 50 & Achievement modding

    Brand new here. I was wondering if anyone knows where i can access a program to instant 50 myself in H3. Complete modding noob here. My second question is where can i find an achievement modding program. I just want to use it to unlock the overkill achievement in H3 so i can get the commando...
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    Unsolved  Halo 3 modding questions

    Hi, Me and my friend have been modding most of the Halos for 6 years and are still noobs at it. We play coop campaign and firefight only and working on making an Halo 3 anniversary worthy edition. We have seen sick mods by guys like lord zedd and gamecheat13. Hopefully we can get to that...
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    Tutorial  Halo 3 Play as Other Characters [MOD TUT]

    NOTE: This WILL NOT work for those who do not have a modded Xbox 360 console. Sorry! NOOB FRIENDLY LEVEL OF TUT: EASY There are two parts to this tutorial; part one will teach you how to extract .tag files such as [bipd] which will be what we are using for this and is crucial for part two...
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    Tutorial  Halo 3 Flaming Skull Head [MOD TUT] UPDATED!!!

    NOTE: This WILL NOT work for those who do not have a modded Xbox 360 console. Sorry! Also, before anything be sure to have Bungie armor on for this tutorial! _______________________________________________________________________________________ Hey there! This is literally my first...
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    Unsolved  Is there a way to null cutscenes entirely within Halo 3?

    I'm trying to null/bypass cutscenes in Halo 3 via Assembly but I haven't had any luck thus far, I haven't found any tutorials either. It's very specific but it would be of great assistance if anyone could teach me how. And by this I mean not having it load at all. I'm thinking there could be a...
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    Unsolved  Code Scripting via Halo 3

    Hey guys! I’ve been honing my skills using assembly for awhile now. I’m quite familiar with tag injection whilst knowing it uses .map files. However, code scripting does not use .map files and I’m wanting to learn more about how to code halo 3 so I can do custom AI’s, set barriers, scale sizes...
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    Unsolved  Halo 3 Assembly HELP!!!

    What I am wanting to do is mod the forge menu as in adding items in there as well as being able to inject other items into the .map files while in assembly. I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong; I've tried googling, watching videos, and looking for tuts. Nothing is helping me. Here are...
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    Halo 3 Boosting

    I'm trying to get some people together to boost lone wolves. I am currently a 9 so anybody from 1 to 18 should be able to boost with me. If you're intersted, add me. I will be getting on around 5pm EST. We will basically have everybody come the for 2nd and take turns winning. GT: Call Me Juni0r
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    HALO MCC KD boost?

    Hey, What’s up guys. Anyone want to k/d boost? In mcc? Either in action sack or grifball? I have 3 controllers total! One I’m using plus 2 others to be guests. If you have experience boosting, HMU.
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    Discussion  Getting a 50 in H3, need tips or frands

    I’m unranked in most playlists. I’m currently 16 in Lone Wolves, and was wondering the best method to ranking up. I wanna reach 50 since my old account was a 46. If anyone wants to help out, my GT is XXXBone. I only lost one ranked LW match due to quitters and campers.
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    halo 3 living dead (xbox 360/xb1)

    anyone want to play halo 3 living dead im on my rgh and want to play old school mp maps from double xp weekend If u want a inv to join my gt is CasualBox2 i can take up to 13 people
  17. Halo: The Master Chief Collection Get Fixes, Upgrades for Xbox One X

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Get Fixes, Upgrades for Xbox One X

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be updated with “enhancements” for the Xbox One X, developer 343 Industries announced during a livestream yesterday. The studio offered few details on the upgrades, although it said that The Master Chief Collection’s Xbox One X update will offer more than...
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    H3 boosting

    Dead game I know. Haven’t been on in ages and cannot figure out logins to old boosters. I do understand the whole concept of true skill and where signs and all of that comes from. My questions up to debate: - Negative or positive booster? I have used both in the past and have had good...
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    Tools  Halo 3 Flaming recon

    Is their a way that I could get flaming recon armor using a jtag xbox 360?
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    Solved  Best halo 3 mod programs

    What's the best program for h3 modding on a jtag Xbox 360
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