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  1. G

    Unsolved  H3 50 general mod

    Hello. A few years ago I had someone help me mod my 50. In game it would say highest skill rank 50, but it wouldn’t give me a 50 In a playlist. On halowaypoint it would say 50 general grade 3, but now when they updated halowaypoint it says lvl 50 and highest rank recruit even though I have 2800...
  2. J

    Tutorial  Halo 3 Play as Other Characters [MOD TUT]

    NOTE: This WILL NOT work for those who do not have a modded Xbox 360 console. Sorry! NOOB FRIENDLY LEVEL OF TUT: EASY There are two parts to this tutorial; part one will teach you how to extract .tag files such as [bipd] which will be what we are using for this and is crucial for part two...
  3. J

    Tutorial  Halo 3 Flaming Skull Head [MOD TUT] UPDATED!!!

    NOTE: This WILL NOT work for those who do not have a modded Xbox 360 console. Sorry! Also, before anything be sure to have Bungie armor on for this tutorial! _______________________________________________________________________________________ Hey there! This is literally my first...
  4. J

    Unsolved  Code Scripting via Halo 3

    Hey guys! I’ve been honing my skills using assembly for awhile now. I’m quite familiar with tag injection whilst knowing it uses .map files. However, code scripting does not use .map files and I’m wanting to learn more about how to code halo 3 so I can do custom AI’s, set barriers, scale sizes...
  5. G

    Tools  Halo 3 Flaming recon

    Is their a way that I could get flaming recon armor using a jtag xbox 360?
  6. Fallen12

    Solved  I have GamerCheat13 AI playground and Lord Zedds

    I'm new to this modding thing, I wanted to have AI in forge so I could do machinima and stuff while using AI for fights. There is no video tutorial out there on how to get the AI playground to work. I have the files saved on my computer and a USB drive big enough to carry both files. I have a...
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