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    Solved Halo 2 "Clean your disc"

    Hi everyone, I recently RGH 1.2 my old falcon 360 and successfully did it, I also modded a 500GB Hard drive. I run Aurora 0.7b, did the partition 2 thing and installed the latest compatibility files from 2018. I can run True Crime Streets of LA and James Bond Everything or Nothing with no...
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    Discussion Halo 2 PC Modding - Anyone interested?

    I am not active in the modding community anymore, I wanted to understand what the general concensus is on modding Halo MCC for PC. More specifically halo 2. Who is interested in modding it? Idk, whats your thoughts?
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    Game Mods Halo 2 Remapped - Complete Pack

    Halo 2 Remapped - Complete Pack Intro This thread will include the 3 discs for the original H2 Remapped (version 2), AI Revision, Fragtastic, and [hopefully] eventually Campaign Remapped. I don't have all of the information, videos, or images, so if anyone is able to restore the information...
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    .ppf patches and possibly unidentified maps

    Not sure if I did this right but here are some .ppf patches I had found after hours of digging around old forums. LMK if you guys have any issues downloading. Sorry if my files seem disorganized. I DIDNT CREATE ANY OF THESE MODS I WISH I KNEW WHO TO GIVE CREDIT TO FOR THESE LEGENDARY MODS...
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    Tutorial How To Play Any Halo 2 Mission ( VISTA/PC )

    Halo 2 VISTA/Project Cartographer _________ ( Most recent Version ) How to play any Halo 2 mission without going through any of them. Cheat Engine Mission Pack ( Instead of going entirely through the steps ) Download Virus Scan Step 1: Download Cheat Engine. ------ Step 2: Have Halo 2 Opened...
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    Unsolved Halo 2 Mod files resurrection (xbox)

    Hey guys I've always been modding halo 2 since about 2006 and 2007. Recently, I downloaded xlink kai and found there are still plenty of loyal classic halo 2 players all of which are based in south america.. My gamertag on xlink kai is BUHDEE so if you ever see me online I am most likely testing...
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    Tutorial Halo 2 | Assembly Tutorial

    Hey Ya'll, It's been a good 10 days since my last tutorial. This can be due to the fact I have been Experimenting with Assembly. I had a tutorial in mind. But 10 days ago I was perplexed and dumbfounded with assembly. Now It's a piece of cake! ANY&ALL questions go in the comment box! When you...
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    Solved Turf Skin Question

    Where is this picture located in dothalo, entity, ch2r, any modding program so I can edit it? The .dds file, I cannot seem to find it anywhere. the map is turf. the picture looks sorta like a clothes iron
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    Discussion The Good Ole Days of Halo 2!

    I solely remember playing Halo 2, And the second-third mission Reminds me of Absolute Battle Warfare. The game quenched my urgent quest to find the awesome Alien SCI-FI shooter it lead to be. This game ruled and I played the campaign Multiple times! Fearing the Hated Flood! Man, Those flood...
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    Tutorial Halo 2 - Modding Fun - Mr. Mohawk Tutorial

    Alright, So I am using a program called Mr. Mohawk* AS SHOWN BELOW! It is by far the easiest modding program for halo: Lemme make a tutorial on how to use it! First, Open Mr. Mohawk! You will see: Next: Open a map Select ANY CAMPAIGN MAP Now, What I'll teach you is how to fire tank...
  11. Halo: The Master Chief Collection Get Fixes, Upgrades for Xbox One X

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Get Fixes, Upgrades for Xbox One X

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be updated with “enhancements” for the Xbox One X, developer 343 Industries announced during a livestream yesterday. The studio offered few details on the upgrades, although it said that The Master Chief Collection’s Xbox One X update will offer more than...
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    Discussion Halo 2 PC CO-OP

    Hello everyone. A few years back my brother found a Halo 2 PC coop trainer that only worked with specific maps, we played Delta Halo and when we got bored of vanilla I copied my modded Delta Halo map to him and we started flying Pelicans around. We attempted 3 player coop but it crashed the...
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    Solved Halo Reach AimBot

    Hi im just wondering if anybody can make an aimbot thats not noticeable like could you possibly make one were you slide the bar on how much aimbot you want? like for instance the halo astro 2 tool you can slide how much jump speed and lunge you want. but with aimbot could it be done? sorry...
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    Solved (Halo 2) How can I change the character models ?

    First of all I have a no-install Halo 2 pc version (I guess Vista) and my OS is Windows 10. What I want is to replace the in-game character models with some others just for fun (not for multiplayer). What do I need to do and to have to do that ? My first guess I need rigged models. Also I went...
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    Mod Menu How To Change The "Halo 2" Logo On Main Menu

    How to Change the Halo 2 Logo on the Main Menu Today I am going to show you how to change your "Halo 2" logo on your main menu to what ever you want: Requirements CMR 2 | Download Ch2r | Download Adobe Photoshop | Website DDS plugin | Download - put the dds plugin in C:\Program Files...
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    Tutorial Making Your Own Halo 2 Intro(Pics)

    Making Your Own Halo 2 Intro Requirements Intro_60.bik can be found in Halo 2 > Bink How to FTP How to FTP to your Halo 2 game RAD Video Tools File Format Converter A video editing program; I will use the built in video editor for windows 10 in the photos application A video File, Picture...
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