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  1. Best Deals

    Game Mods  Best Deals MW3 Rank & Unlock All Lobbies! Xbox 360/One only. {Status: OFFLINE}

    Hosting Mw3 any rank & unlock all lobbies! Xbox Only! Enjoy & post legit if you’d like! GT: GP Varsity Status: {OFFLINE} Will update thread once I am online and hosting. Make sure to post your gt below or add: {GP Varsity} for invite. 1712378548 1712378782
  2. Headshot v1


    HEADSHOT SERVICES AND SOFTWARE JOIN OUR DISCORD DISCORD Click HERE to view our shop! Software MWII Status - Online Detection Status - Undetected APEX Status - Online Detection Status - Undetected FORTNITE Status - Online Detection Status - Undetected PUBG Status - Online Detection Status...
  3. This mod is CRAZY realism and fun! | ISMC Mod, New Guns, Animations, Maps, customizable gameplay!

    This mod is CRAZY realism and fun! | ISMC Mod, New Guns, Animations, Maps, customizable gameplay!

    This mod brings the high ready realistic animations, new weapons complete with a range of full attachments and magazines, player models, uniforms as well as new maps. Try out over 30 new weapons in both single player and multiplayer with this mod optimized for the new Glasshouse Update!
  4. zebleer


    Bone ESP Added (Auto Updates) (16/11/22) Bone ESP Vis Checks Added (Auto Updates) (17/11/22) AI Enemy ESP Added (Auto Updates) (16/11/22) FACEIT Anti-Cheat Supported (All Cheats) (16/11/22) WARZONE 2 + DMZ + MW2 CHEATING SUPPORTED NOW! Website PhantomOverlay.io | Automated Purchase | Automated...
  5. 5

    Question  PSP 1000 cfw 6.60 pro c NitePR

    can anyone direct me, down the correct path to successfully edit cheats in NitePR? I could use: a link for learning ASCII, hex, dec too. any real hackers?
  6. Bosko

    Wall breach Boosting ANYWHERE (EASY) (BOOSTING+Glitching)

    the glitch requires at least 3 people, we will be entering groundwar which is the only game mode for this glitch to be possible. There is currently me and a friend waiting for another player, your friends are welcome to join as long as the party meets the maximum groundwar party requirements to...
  7. P0INTxZ3R0

    Mod Menu  Multiplayer and zombie mod menu

    I do not own these mods! Credit to XBOX360LSBEST and C Isnt Sharp. Go onto my player channel (gt: P0INTxZ3R0 (the o's are zeros.)) Go into my edited films and watch iconic infect part 1 and part 2 for a zombies mod menu. Same thing for multiplayer, Go into my edited films and watch jiggy part...
  8. B

    Bo3 Boosting

    Boosting if we get 4-8 players we will do rotation ffa (free for all) so we all get Nuked Outs and get camos if we get 8+ players we will do a Team death match 75 kill rotation to get a gun gold nearly Timing GTM Mon-Fri - 10am - 1pm (times may varie) Gold Gun - 10-30 Mins Diamond - 1-2...
  9. DashBrennan

    Tools  My Battlefield RTE

    S7 Battlefield 4 RTE Tool Release Hello everyone today I am finally releasing my RTE tool I have created. This is my first tool and I am open to constructive criticism! This is a new area for me and I'm trying to expand my knowledge in these field. Below will be a picture of the tool, credits...
  10. A

    Bo4 Boosting All day!

    GT:Made my Xbox Console:Xbox one Availability: All day Number of controllers:None Rules: Hardcore Dom, 40 kill rounds Instructions: Playing hardcore dom, unlocking camos. 40 kills each for everyone and no need for 2 controllers
  11. H

    XP BOOST!!

    Welcome to N2O NUK3's Modding Lobby! Please Read!!!!!! DONATE PLEASE!! PAYPAL ONLY! It takes money to run! (To get paypal link DM me) BAN FREE! Status: OPEN How do I join? Send me a message GT:N2O NUK3 Post Legit (MUST DO OR NO XP) Rules: 1) No Echo 2) Must have mic 3) No annoying 4) No...
  12. S

    Mw2 Search and Destroy TOP 6 Trickshot

    Searching 5 people for mw2 search and destroy trickshot online. if u are interested msg me for an invite GT:TiiqaLHAZE
  13. L

    Solved  Where can i make the quickest and most money?

    I have been inactive on GTA online for about 2 years i wanna start playing again but so many new stuff has came out and i do not know where to start grinding to make money, glitches, missions?? Etc..... i need money but cannot do the new dupe glitch as i have no nightclub i have a garage full of...
  14. O


    PRESTIGE + UNLOCK ALL LOBBY /// and MOD MENUS *** BEFORE ADDING CHECK MY STEAM BIO**** **IM ALWAYS AVAILABLE** Steam: OhShitSorry ( mw2 profile pic) or /profiles/76561198433846590
  15. D

    Question  Purchasing a "Banned" console

    Hello! So for start, I'm a little new to se7ensins! If I'm doing something wrong by posting here please just let me know :smile: Recently I've been looking into purchasing a unit currently running on firmware 4.50 so I can jailbreak and have access to my library of PS2 games, whilst also being...
  16. X

    Solved  Stealth

    Anyone have a full list of Xbox live stealth servers. Just want to do a full comparison,etc. Thanks!
  17. X

    Solved  WW2 Jitter Mods?

    Ive been playing alot of ww2 lately but its starting to get a little too easy. I can't say its not fun but I'd like to mess around. I tried looking for a jitter mod online and currently only 2 people have the Jitter Combination ,Multiple videos on it. I tried recreating my own with multiple...
  18. TheRealSK7

    Patched  *God Mode* Glitch on Pointe du Hoc

    Check out this glitch on Pointe du Hoc if you lay in the rocks it will give you god mode easiest glitch there is! Not sure if it’s been posted before or not my friend showed me so i decided to upload it! Let me know what you think of it thanks! 1. Jump onto ledge. 2. Sprint and jump onto the...
  19. CHEMO

    Discussion  Implementing Voice Recognition to any "Modding Program"

    It's quite simple to compose software that demonstrates Teh1337's vision of Voice Commands for the Xbox 360. Simply by adding the corresponding reference (+minor code), you can use voice commands to call your content instead of pesky clicking. Speech.Synthesis is for your computer to use the...
  20. ScarLxrd

    Meez Hacking and Coding

    hey, i’m posting this thread for whoever can PM me to find out some cheats/games for games such as Meez, Fantage, IMVU. I know these games are serversided when it comes to coin currency but theres other ways to cheat the system. If anyone can teach me how to use Fiddler debugger program to mess...
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