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  1. D

    Boosting with 6 ps4s DM me

    I'm hosting boosting lobbies all night. Any platform can join. Looking for 1 or 2 people to help. Send me a DM
  2. D

    Hosting boosting lobbies on ps4. 5 ps4s

    Hosting lobbies for modern warfare and cold war. Boosting for camos, rank, and prestige
  3. D

    Hosting 5 ps4 boosting lobbies

    We are hosting boosting lobbies on ps4. I'm looking for one person to help me boost.
  4. A

    Discussion  Anyone know where to buy a legit Aimbot?

    Hi, been playing this game for a year now, and just going to leave it soon, always wondered what its like to use an aimbot, can someone pleasee tell me where to buy a legit aimbot, (Not a Scam).... Thanks.
  5. P0INTxZ3R0

    Mod Menu  Multiplayer and zombie mod menu

    I do not own these mods! Credit to XBOX360LSBEST and C Isnt Sharp. Go onto my player channel (gt: P0INTxZ3R0 (the o's are zeros.)) Go into my edited films and watch iconic infect part 1 and part 2 for a zombies mod menu. Same thing for multiplayer, Go into my edited films and watch jiggy part...
  6. E

    Support  Hacking switch safe?

    So i've been planning to mod my switch for a while now as i got bored of playing so many games without mods or new features. but im so worried about not being able to play online with friends anymore. is it safe will i be able to, or will i be banned and have a offline console.
  7. Charliecharlie95

    Question  Need help!!

    i cannot access my account due a two step verification. I cannot access because i do not have the phone nor the ps4 for backup codes. How do i get this back i have the email and password. Is hacking a possibility??
  8. PCModernMods

    Wrighting DLL hacks for games

    Hi, I wrote a DLL Injector and I have some basic reverse engineering knowledge. What I was wondering if someone could give me resources that could help me wright DLL hacks. I know how to get function pointers and memory addresses but I have no idea how I could call a function from a game within...
  9. ModsXD

    Solved  Xbox 360 RGH RTE Tools Please Help!

    Hello Im having trouble using RTE TOOLS! I currently have xbdm, JRPC, AND JRPC2 installed as my plugins on dashlaunch. My RTE Tools, connect to my RGH, but whenever i try to use MODS etc my console freezes??? Any suggestions? I've tried several RTE Tools such as Yoda, and ApparitionNET and my...
  10. P

    Question  Please help I can't update my ps3 say the Data is corrupted

    After downgrade When I trying to update ps3 from 3.55to4.xx say:the data is corrupted. Please helppppppp pleaseeeeeeee fix
  11. O

    Solved  Jammed DVD Drive Bad - Help :(

    I ****ed up so big time, i have the worst luck. My disc tray on my console jams.. So i decided to pull it out(after tapping it a million times) shut off the power and let it stay open. I tried to clean the belt and gears then it SLAMMED shut smh. Oh man after that it took two hours to pry it out...
  12. 3

    Solved  Xbox 360 modding

    I have a Xbox 360 and I would like to know what typpe of mooding can I apply on my console. please could you giveme a hand with that. Thanks in advance
  13. K

    Question  How to steal someones xbox account on GTA V

    Alright, So today I was playing on GTAV online free mode with a buddy of mine. We were having problems with one kid coming out of passive kill us and then go back in to passive again. He had perfected this technique. After a while, a friend of my buddy joined the party, and we told him what was...
  14. J

    Question  Is there a list of Jtag programs/plugins somewhere? (Looking to monitor the memory live, and dump)

    I'm planning to look into how the xbox decrypts xcp files, When I get my jtag. I did a bit of reading on the subject, not tons of public information. All I could really find was that the Xbox 360 Downloads the Encrypted XCP File to a cache which it installs from. But by this time its supposedly...
  15. xLeek

    Question  Editing Bo2 Menu Files?

    I am just looking for an answer here; But I am wondering how do modders edit the menu items of bo2 or any cod game like add there own menu options for example add like there own in game theatre menu, so like how are they able to extract these menu files and re inject them into the files.
  16. Fro5tyOfficialv2

    Can you hack a Xbox one?

    i was wondering if you can actually hack a Xbox one. (Like you would hack a Xbox 360 wiTh rgh or jtag). And could you get a GTA 5 mod menu for Xbox one when hacked. when u get banned, do u use a kv like a 360? What would I need and how could I do it if it's possible.
  17. D

    Question  Bo2 PS3 eboot.bin help!

    Hello everyone, so I bought this jb PS3 with the bo2 menus on there, when I go to load up a mod menu and go online it never lets me find a match but when I don't load a menu online works perfectly I've been searching on the internet so see why and answers I've been getting is that it's the...
  18. Dareon Owens

    Question  Best Mod Menu for both Multiplayer and Zombies

    Sorry if I post on wrong thread once again, but this is my last post. I am getting an RGH Trinity and just wanted to know the best mod menu for BO2? Both zombies and Multiplayer. I've heard that Jiggy and TCM are both good for Multiplayer. Also, if you can, tell me best menus for MW3 and GTA5 as...
  19. TheHoryzons

    Solved  Is it possible to use Recovery Tool on PC?

    Hi, i have question, Is it possible to use Recovery Tool on GTA:O Stam PC (already linked to SC)? And are these Recovery Tools free or i have to pay for it? And how is it with banning? Is there soem ban risk? I didnt get any ban so first ban is not perma, right? Thanks.
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