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    GTA V Modded Lobby [2.5Kbags]

    Status: Online Drops: Undetected --------------------------------------------------- Information: IRL name: Nick SC: JustKillz_ ------------------------------------------------------- Rules: #1 Enter Passive Mode. #2 Don't Bring The Cops #3 Do Not Steal Money #4 DO NOT BANK THE MONEY AT ALL. #5...
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    Add crazymark__08 Don't back out after your turn First come first served
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    Unsolved How to steal someones xbox account on GTA V

    Alright, So today I was playing on GTAV online free mode with a buddy of mine. We were having problems with one kid coming out of passive kill us and then go back in to passive again. He had perfected this technique. After a while, a friend of my buddy joined the party, and we told him what was...
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    PC Found the biggest hacker on CSS

    So I recently went on a new server because I wanted to try it out. As I went on, I noticed a hacker. A spinbotter to be exact. As we came out of CT spawn, The guy was bunny hopping and spinning all the way to T Spawn! He killed the whole team effortless and won the round. I hate people like...
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    Solved Solo money mod without ban after the 3rd time

    I've got my first ban for ten days for my mod menu (modded money only). I want to mod myself again a lot of money (I saw Youtube players with $500 Mio). Now the question. I've red that I will get permanent ban if I will cheat the 3rd time. I know that every mod menu is detectable. Especially...
  6. Hacknet - Upcoming Computer Hacking Simulator

    Hacknet - Upcoming Computer Hacking Simulator

    Have you ever wanted to be the greatest hacker ever know to man, but never actually wanted to take the time to learn the ins and outs of a computer? Back in 2001, Introversion Software's Uplink was an enormous hit with the younger generation. It was described as a magnificent simulator of the...
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