1. B

    Discussion  Reset my stats

    Hello guys. I was playing COD 4 and I got hacked. now, I can’t level up the game anymore. can someone reset my status? my gamer tag is: BzK Ronaldao i'm on xbox 360. thank you very much to anyone who can help me
  2. AceMods1

    ⚡GTA V Money Drop| PC | Ace Fast money drops + Rp Drops | SAFE ⚡

    MODDED LOBBY: ONLINE How to Join: 1. Add my social club: AceMods1 2. Add a reply to this thread saying "Done" with your Social club name. 3. Join my lobby Rules: 1. Do not spend money in the lobby 2. Do not kill other people 3. Do not bring cops, it will cause lag 4. Do not bring heaps of cars...
  3. G

    Solved  Cod 4, negative XP means I can’t play online

    After joining a modded lobby on cod 4 I received negative XP and was de-ranked. Because of this I can’t join online multiplayer games, can anyone help? GT: dL GiNgEr ShEeP
  4. S

    Solved  Red Ring of death after updating trinity glitch 2

    So i was trying to update my trinity by xebuild i downloaded 360 nand flash did the flash on my usb went back on my computer updated it no errors i went back on and it restarted and i got the red ring of death i dont know why i did, i did everything correct but it gave me a red ring. when i hold...
  5. lowpro

    WPA2 broken

    That's right, the day has come. Rest easy WPA2, it was good while it lasted. https://www.krackattacks.com/ TL;DR: You can repeatedly resend the 3rd packet in a WPA2 handshake and it'll reset the key state, which leads to nonce reuse, which leads to trivial decryption with known plaintext. You...
  6. K

    Solved  Got deranked now everytime i start the game i get notice saying data is old must reset rank to conti

    Got deranked last night on Mw2. I started to level up just until i got a challenge lobby, but every time i start up the game i get a notice saying - Your data is from an old version of the game. You must reset your rank and unlocks to continue. How do i fix it? I bought Mw2 right off the xbox...
  7. I

    Solved  How do you fix gta 5 negative rp/de-rank

    Today i got de ranked by a modder when i did nothing wrong, what should i do.
  8. tdacey24

    Free Money Drop Lobby [PC] Status: ONLINE

    Status is: OFFLINE Please ignore the title of this thread and pay attention to the post body for online or offline. I am working to get that fixed! Hey Guys, Hosting a money drop lobby on GTA-V PC. Please comment your social club account name so I can send an invite. Spots will fill up...
  9. R

    Solved  GOT HACKED MW2 XBOX 360

    HEY GUYS , im new here was wondering if someone can help me and my best friend we were playing mw2 ground war and we got on killstreaks and we got kicked deranked and when we returned we had our levels back but we can't create a class or select a class in the game it just freezes. Any help on...
  10. Becca420

    Solved  HELP !my MW2 got hacked!!!!

    Someone hacked my mw2 game on Xbox 360 live . I can't get into a game or create a class the game freezes. This happened before & I know I need someone to hack me and de rank me . I can't play the game it just freezes . If someone can de rank my classes on mw2 that would be awesome as I am very...
  11. S

    Discussion  Forza. I think im being hacked. help

    Ok so I was playing forza horizon in a modded car trade lobby. I sent a car to this guy but he never sent me his car. I got irritated and I said he was a waste of time then I left the party. He then sent me a message saying he was going to get a friend to hack my profile. Then soon after its...
  12. K

    Unsolved  help for noob jailbreak ps3 r

    Hi there im looking for any help and advice please as i think upon whether to invest in Ps3 jailbreak via trusted seller on ebay to play gtav online. The main issues i feel i may stumble upon are possible need for console firmware updates ie: is it easy to source reliable firmware updates and...
  13. Epic Games Forums Supposedly Compromised By Hackers

    Epic Games Forums Supposedly Compromised By Hackers

    Epic Games, the popular game development company responsible for creating the beloved Gears of War series, reported last night that its main forums had been compromised. According to Epic Games, this predicament "may have resulted in unauthorized access to your username, email address, password...
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