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  1. AenocyonDirus

    Solved  PC Players appear as Console Players on lobbies

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know If there is a way to make a PC player appear on lobbies as a console player, I've encontered a lot of players recently that seem to be on console but are using aimbots and wallhacks on console, but not really sure if that is possible. What do you guys know and...
  2. Y

    [ONLINE] FREE | PC ONLY | 3+ HOURS OPEN Grand Theft Auto 5 Drop Lobbies | 2.5K BAGS ( PC ONLY )

    --RULES-- 1. Passive mode WILL be on at all times. 2. Do NOT bring any cars to the drop, this causes lag. 3. Do NOT talk about modding in the chat. If I warn you and you do not comply, I will have to kick you. 4. Do NOT bring the cops, it is annoying to have to deal with them. 5. Do NOT steal...
  3. HackModsFr

    [PC] MW2 | FREE | Unlock all / Prestige & More ! JOIN NOW ✅

    Welcome to HackModsFr We make lobby free !? How you join ? Add me : ISkyOne or put your nickname in the comments :biggrin: Rules - Don't kill me on game - Don't spam Proof / Paid Menu ⚠ I will in no way be responsible for your actions and punishment! ⚠
  4. bunda lele

    Question  Mod gamescore (xbox 360) in 2020

    Hello guys, i want to add some gamescore to my account on xbox 360. In 2017 i logged for the first time in live with 20 000 of gamescore and now i want to add more 40 000. This new 40 000 have some modded gamescore and around 25 000 legit (my xbox 360 dont connect). My question is, can i upload...
  5. JunoTimesTwo

    Discussion  WORKING VC GLITCH! After patch 1.03

    This is a working glitch for VC that I've been using. I also have another method for when it get's patched. I have uploaded a tutorial video and It's pretty simple! Click the link below to learn for yourself.
  6. Bigbobfishing

    Payday 2 Modded Lobby Money XP and Fun !

    Hi If you would like to take part in my modded lobby's it's easy all you have to do is put you steam ID or a Valid user name for steam and I will add you and invite you to a lobby. I can only take 4 people at a time so please wait i will get to you soon. If you like what i did and you want to...
  7. TheHoryzons

    Solved  GTA V Online RP/Level w/ hack??

    Hi there, I have few questions about hacking a level in GTA:O, When i played GTA:O in 2015 on PC, i used Cheat Engine to get high level without ban, Is there still way to get level with Cheat Engine without be instatly banned? Or is there some other cheats to get high level? Thanks.
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