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    Unsolved Help Modding Borderlands 3

    okay I'm trying to mod Borderlands I have this weapon but I liked it so much I want to just make it a higher level I've been looking at videos and stuff I download a cheat engine I'm Borderlands 2 I have did some things where they you change some stuff to attachments and I had like a website all...
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    Unsolved Suppressed Crossbow

    All tho the attachment glitch is patched before it was I managed to put a monolithic suppressor on it and I was wondering if the stats actually effect the crossbow it sounds more suppressed and shows up on the front of the weapon as well plus when I take it off makes the range go down...I know...
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    Video Watch 50 minutes of Call of Duty World War 2 Zombie Gameplay

    Spoiler Warning: If you don't want to potentially ruin your first run of Call of Duty World War 2 Zombies and keep everything fresh, steer clear of this post. A series of videos have appeared of what claims to be Call of Duty World War 2 Zombies Gameplay, mostly on the map called 'The Final...
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    Video THE ULTIMATE WEAPON! - Free Roam Madness #33 (GTA 5 Online)

    THE ULTIMATE WEAPON! - Free Roam Madness #33 (GTA 5 Online) There is all kind of weapons in GTA 5 Online, from a simple gun, to a heavy sniper rifle, an RPG and even tanks and warfare vehicles. However, the KNIFE it's still the ULTIMATE WEAPON in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online!
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    Video If you need help

    If you need help downloading mod tools more tutorials will be out soon!
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    All i need is the syndicate gun!

    I have the mammoth gun 300 KO DB SG and FMG9 I'm working on the ARM but I still need Syndicate Gun If Anyone can Help Me Out I would be grateful!
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