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guitar hero

  1. J

    Question  Crashing on Guitar Hero 2 on Xbox 360 RGH

    Wondering if anyone has had an issue when they get to the bottom of the dlc tracks the game crashes (fatal crash to auora desktop) Seems to be either youve got another thing coming or around that point of the dlc tracks (other tracks work no issue until I get near the last 4 or 5 song) If anyone...
  2. L

    Solved  JTAG Xbox having issues with Guitar Hero?

    Hi, First off, apologies if I've posted this in the wrong part of the forum - I am very much new to this. I purchased a JTAG 360 from Ebay a while ago and it's been perfect so far but today I loaded the GH Series onto the hard drive and have ran into a few issues. GH3 causes a "Fatal Crash"...
  3. burn - deep purple | five star high score run | DRIP STAR LIVE

    burn - deep purple | five star high score run | DRIP STAR LIVE

    Guitar Hero World Tour setlist Burn - Deep Purple 5 stars | Expert Lead Guitar | Live Recording Any songs you wanna see uploaded? comment or PM me and I'll see if there's a chart for it (there probably is)
  4. A

    Question  Fatal Crash Intercepted DLC RGH

    Hi, everyone! While I'm in the game, when I navigate through DLC songs, the "fatal crash intercepted" error displays and take me back to Aurora menu. I put the DLC and title update through Horizon and manually in the external HDD, and the same error still appears. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


    5 star run of a classic Guitar Hero 2 bonus song! yes, i am bringing back guitar hero with several videos of high score runs coming soon. this guitar hero clone also supports multiplayer pvp and coop for anyone interested in doing some songs together or going for an old fashion duel.
  6. U

    Solved  GH5 DLC (Sorry if not in right section)

    I have guitar hero 5 for 360. I desperately need (okay, "want" is more accurate) the dlc for it. Im SURE there is somewhere I can download the files from, or someone who has the dlc that doesn't need it anymore. However I can't find anyone who is willing to do a license transfer, or point me in...
  7. G

    PS3  Where and how to get guitar hero and rock band dlc?

    I can't find certain rock band dlc and there is only one guitar hero dlc. Where can I get this and how can I get it for free? I'm using the PS3. I have looked on the PSN and can't find them but I can on the in game stores but I don't know why I can't get them.
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