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  1. A

    Question  [PS4]Gta 5 Modded Color Help

    Hello guys today i found these beautiful modded colors for gta 5 but the ytb removed the hex codes :frown: does some on have these ? First One second one Last one help would be appreciatet :smile:
  2. F

    Discovery  DM outfit glitch blacklisted items in 1.50?

    So, I've tried this 3 times so far spending a long time to do the mask freeze to build an outfit. 1st: Invisible arms, is the reason I wasn't able to transfer it online, 2nd: Tried again with a scuba tank no invisible limbs and no logos didn't transfer online. 3rd: just an FIB badge long sleeve...
  3. Aztecgamesyt2k20

    Patched  grand theft auto five rc to car after patch(working)

    solo rc to car after patch founder:aztec_games_ requirements 1.free aim 2.have a heist started 3.have arena 4.invalid job 5.own bunker 6.moc with personal vehicle storage 7.rc car with mods 1.start in bunker 2. find player in different target mode before starting this glitch as joining...
  4. NpK Studios

    Video  The End - GTA Machinima (MUST WATCH)

    As the end of the Shablomi Studios saga arrises someone must take their place. A two part series has kicked off on NpK Studios killing off all but one for a good reason but one not to be discussed until further notice! Any and all ratings or feedback is appreciated either on the video or...
  5. StewySaucer

    ? FREE ? | ?StewyMods? | ?2.5k Money ? | ?0% Ban Rate / Undetected?

    Welcome to StewyMods Money Drops I am the ORIGINAL maker of this format I ask please do not copying and pasting it. DONATIONS ARE ACCEPTED: VENMO CASHAPP PAYPAL PM me for the information 1. Comment with "I accept the rules" below 2. Send me a friend request on Social Club 3. After I...
  6. Kimil

    Patched  [SOLO] Invincible players only very easy

    reqs: no requirements, just invalid activity. steps: 1- Go to the rides and more precisely the Ferris wheel. 2 - go on a Ferris wheel and make options then entry pack into the criminal world and purchase shark cards. 3 - still in the menu from the map, do an invalid activity. 4 - back on the...
  7. L

    Discovery  Beginning to a glitch... Ps4

    Requirements: Bunker Arena workshop or garages Car in the slot next to the column with blue circle. In arena @ 2:50 Steps. 1. Spawn in bunker. 2. Go to arena workshop or garage. 3. Go to column where the blue circle is. @ 2:53 4. Walk to either side of the column little bit past the yellow...
  8. D

    Question  Modding GTA V Story mode

    I need a little help I'm new to the modding community and want to mod the Story mode on Gta. CAN ANYONE HELP ME?
  9. S

    Solved  Elegy retro custom selling for 650k

    I have my elegy retro custom fully upgraded but now it only sells for like 650k, until last week it was 960k, did I do something wrong? I also have checked if I maybe removed a mod from the car but all the mods are still on it. I don't get why the value has decreased out of nowhere.
  10. POoDickTracy

    Working  Nightmare Deathbike that changes color (from white to Crew)

    All credit goes to the founder of the Arena Matte Crew glitch sup4m0dz777 https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/crew-matte-texture-pearl-on-arena-war-vehicles.1752523/ Using the Arena Vehicle Matte crew glitch gives the Nightmare Deathbike a strange bug. 1. Buy the Gargoyle to the Arena...
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