1. Ricks Grimes

    Discussion  How to mod GTA V account on Xbox

    So this is the only place I trust I can go to and get the info I need. There's plenty of stuff on YouTube but they're most likely clickbait. I have a history with modding (RGH Trinity) so I think this would be a breeze. I've met people who sell accounts and they mentioned save editing. Is that...
  2. vascamathis7272

    Unsolved  Could someone help me mod in a texture mod and test it for me?

    Hey I really need some help modding in this texture mod, could somone mod it in and test it for me? 1651696851 Hello?
  3. B

    Unsolved  Glitching deluxo

    Hi there does anyone know how to duplicate the deluxo on gta 5 online if you do msg me on discord - Bardz2Trappy
  4. Moon Dog

    Discussion  " Take Control " blueprint map Solve ????

    Hello Folks I will share you my latest found on GTA 5 solo. Once upon a time there was a fan of the gta game, who wanted to start making gameplay videos on this magnificent game. He started playing like everyone else but discovered something that no one had ever talked about before. he found a...
  5. sr_rey99

    Unsolved  saved games pc

    tengo todo descargado un buen juego completo y cuando inicio el juego se carga infinitamente el modo individual por si sirve de algo es el gta que aterrizo en epic gracias y si me pueden ayudar
  6. A

    Working  How to skip most mission cool down times next gen only

    Step 1 start mission like ceo vip work complete mission force a save step 2 quit to main menu go back to freemode done now you can replay ceo vip and other missions not the best but thought with vip work X2 nice grind and next gen loads quicker 1649335073 Ramped up the best with a friend 71k...
  7. Woach

    Unsolved  Secret Black And White Parachute?

    Has anyone ever seen a secret black and white parachute on your character? Either in freemode or somewhere else? I've had it spawn on my character a few times, but I'm not really sure how to replicate it. It's one of those Drop Zone parachutes except it's white. I was wondering if anyone has...
  8. Collapse

    Working  Completely Invisible Glitch

    Steps: 1) be in a heist queue 2) have a heist invite from person in different targeting mode 3) accept invite and decline alert for different targeting mode You should now be completely invisible!
  9. C

    Unsolved  GTA V Online modded veichles

    Is there a way to modded vehicles on gta v online for pc?
  10. Str8gunna

    Unsolved  Special vehicle Save

    How can I mod my special vehicles from my warehouse I have magic slot and speedos......thank you
  11. Skynthenix

    Unsolved  unreleased/limited time livery

    Good afternoon, Haven’t been on here in years but I just got back into gaming and I was wondering if there was someone who could help me. I’m looking for a way to receive or unlock unreleased or past limited time livery’s on a vehicle in GTA Online (XBOX). Whether it be duping the vehicle or...
  12. U

    gender swap unlocks

    hey guys anyone done genderswap unlocks with beff ive tried30 times and i cant nail it anyone able to help or do a service on my account me and my mate just cant hit it sometimes the netcut works long enough to try but still cant nail it 1641375694 happy to pay for...
  13. D

    Unsolved  Three Card Poker Glitch and NetCut?

    Hello all, I would like to know if anyone knows a method to make the poker glitch more efficient? Unfortunately, I don't have the resources to use other glitches or friends who can help out. The loading times after restarting drag the whole thing a bit. Unfortunately, it seems to take me too...
  14. A

    Unsolved  Custom Crew Action (Xbox)

    I saw a crew with a custom crew action and searched multiple videos on how to do and none of them worked. Anyone know how to obtain custom crew actions on xbox?
  15. Adiplays

    Unsolved  Need help - Mod menu crashing

    hi i bought kingpin but it's not working for me please help whenever i hit injector my gta crashes
  16. E

    Support  Cars without interior/trim color selection

    I’m looking for a complete list or semi complete list of vehicles in GTAV that do not have color selection options for interior or trim
  17. X

    Unsolved  Can someone help me get money in gta?

    I really need money in gta, I'm broke. I only have 300k. If someone could help me, I would be very happy. It would be enough for me if someone invited me to robbery. Mein SC nickname is : XIColdAngelX
  18. G

    Discussion  GCTF with upgrades locked.

    I was recently gifted an APC from gctf glitch. I do not have the sam turrets unlocked, but it had them. What happens if I bring the APC into a mod shop? Nothing? Ban? Car delete?
  19. L

    Discussion  Direct Rocket Impact

    Does anyone know how to do the Direct impact rocket glitch? I’ve been killed by a few people that shoot rockets and kill them selfs but the rockets hit me direct impact every time?! Thanks for the help!
  20. GrandTheftAutoV

    Streaming / Video  GTA:SA–DE Drive-Thru

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