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gta v money drop lobby

  1. 716

    716 | .41 | Money Drop | Undetected | Donations Accepted

    Welcome! I'm new to the Se7enSin's community, but not new to the modding community & would like to give back to all those to do not pursue to risk a ban. Not to mention the fact that R* literally makes you pay millions in game for simple ****. I'm here to change that. Please read the guidelines...
  2. A

    GTA V Money Lobby [1.41] [SAFE] [Starting @ 3:30 PST]

    RULES Post Social Club Id in chat Wait for me to send a friend request Accept Invitation to game Meet at airport Do not spam me or others Do not kill anyone have fun! Donations Donations are not needed but they are Very much appreciated. paypal.me/Brandon626 Proof
  3. I

    ixlone's Free Money Lobbies | 100% Safe

    ixlone's Free Money Lobbies Open | Closed Add Me On Social Club ixlone JOIN ME AS SOON AS I ACCEPTED YOUR FRIEND REQUEST Rules: -No Killing Other Players -No Using Your Own Mod Menu -Do Not Invite Anyone To The Lobbies,If You Want A Friend To Join,Ask Them To Invite Me First. -Meet At...
  4. Pingue


    Add me on SC: Pingue_ and join Go to Los Santos Airport Be nice Don't kill (KILL=KICK!!) Be thankfull for what you get, with to many people the money will be delayed and if you're internet is bad you most likely wont get any.
  5. DeadlyRGC

    Bloodway | GTAV PC Money Lobbies | Online | Free | Donation Appreciated

    HELLO! THIS IS PC ONLY Please be patient there are multiple people trying to get in it will take some time to get to you. YOU HAVE TO ADD ME ON SOCIAL CLUB TO GET IN If I am legit please do take the time to vouch for us down in the comment section below...
  6. G

    [FREE] GTA Money Drop

    Welcome to my money drop. Rules: 1. Do not kill anyone in the lobby. 2. Come to the airport. 3. Do not bring cops to the drop. 4. Enjoy! :smile: How to get in: Comment your Social Club name. Wait for an invite & join the lobby!
  7. C

    Chads Money Lobby

    CHADS MONEY LOBBY RULES: Go passive mode so others cant kill you meet at airport Give me sometime cause the menu might crash my GTAV. Post your SC and I will add you so look out for the request.
  8. P

    GTA Money Drop Lobby!

    Note: Please DO NOT COMMENT on this post! If you do, I will NOT accept your request. I am hosting a money drop lobby right now! I'm not sure when this post will get accepted, so hit me up with a quick pm on Social Club if I dont accept and ask if the lobby is still on. Rules No modding in my...
  9. RayDub

    [Open] Ray Duuby's Free GTA 5 MONEY DROP AND RP

    Hello, my name is Ray Duuby :roflmao: Im a Modder but theres something about me that makes me different from other Modders... Im very friendly, as well as sociable. Console I Mod on: Xbox 360...
  10. Sebzzz


    Status: opening at 7pm UK Time (09/09/17)! How to get in :wink:: 1. Post your social club name ONCE. If you spam, or PM spam, you will not get an invite :kiss: 2. You will receive a friend request from me. 3. Accept it then you will receive a game invite from me. 4. Go to the airport, and DONT...
  11. OfficerSnap


    Welcome to OfficerSnap´s Money Drop Lobby Rules: - Do not kill other players in the lobbie. - Do not bank or unbank the money. - Do not spend the money in the modded lobby. - Do not message me on SC - Do not invite friends to the lobby. How to enter: Leave your Social Club name in the comments...
  12. M


    STATUS: CLOSED Rules: 1. Post your social club name only once. 2. You will receive a friend request from me. 3. Accept it then you will receive a game invite from me. 4. Go to the airport 5. Do not kill other players. 6. Do not spam me. 7. Do not bring police to the airport. Just leave your SC...
  13. OG GTALobbies

    | OG's Money Lobbies | 2.5k Bags | Simple & Fast

    Hello Everyone, I am OG. I host money lobbies, so be sure to leave your social club below for an invite when I am online. I host with 2.5k safe bags. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT ASK IF I CAN DROP MORE, IF I COULD I WOULD. PLEASE RESPECT EACH OTHER. NO MUTUALS. THIS MEANS I WON'T ACCEPT YOUR FRIENDS...
  14. noob2dmax

    Noob2dmax's GTA Online Money Drop!

    Noob2DMax's Money Drop! Status: Closed INSTRUCTIONS Post your Social Club in the thread. Since it's my first time hosting, it might take a while to invite you. But when I do, join, and MEET AT THE LOS SANTOS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. RULES: 0: Follow my instructions 1. No killing other players...
  15. B

    Noot's Money Drop Lobbies!

    Hi everyone! Im opening up FREE daily money lobbies! Just leave your Sc down below and ill add you to the best of my abilities! STATUS OPEN RULES 1. Do not kill other players. 2. Don't put the money on the bank. 3. Don't buy anything in the lobby. 4. Do not steal others money bags! 5. No...
  16. ChampionSmarts


  17. H


    Hello! --------------------- "Hey whats up guys, Havoc here. I come to bring you free and safe money drop lobbies on the latest update of GTA-V. My lobbies shall remain friendly and nice, and if you kill you will be kicked from the session. Do not come into my lobby with a menu to try and mess...
  18. DoubleAz

    | Az's Money Lobby |

    Hello all and welcome to Az's Money Lobby We all want this to be a fun experience so please read the rules below. 1. When in the lobby do not kill any other players. DO NOT Bank money, Unbank money or spend money in modded lobbies. DO NOT Steal other players bags. 2. Please follow any rules...
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