gta cash drop

  1. Ian1405

    [PC ONLY] | GTA V FREE DAILY CASH DROPS ? | 2.5K Bags - Safe - Open Lobby

    ?Free Daily Cash Drops? ---RULES--- 1. Passive mode | on. Always be in passive mode so you prevent others from shooting you or you shooting them. 2. Do not bring cops, it causes lag and it is annoying. 3. Do not bring cars near the drop, it lags. 4. Do not steal other people's money bags...
  2. Hellionv4

    Hellion's Free Money Lobbies [100% SAFE AND UNDETECTED] [FAST DROP RATE]

    Hey, I have started doing some money drops, so in case you are interested to join, please enter your Social Club nickname down below and I will be sure to add you. After I have added you, meet me at The Los Santos International Airport for money! LOBBY STATUS: OFFLINE! proof
  3. wintersvii

    LIVE| 2.5k bags | GTA ONLINE MONEY DROP LOBBIES | 1.46 | Undetected |

    [LIVE] TO JOIN Drop your Social Club below, i will add you and invite you to a lobby when i’m online. RULES 1. DO NOT KILL OTHERS 2. DO NOT ASK FOR MORE MONEY 3. RESPECT EVERYONE 4. DO NOT BANK OR SPEND ANY MONEY IN MY LOBBYS 5. ANY OF THESE WILL RESULT IN A KICK+BAN DONATIONS feel free to...
  4. Wearycalf44

    (OPEN) Free cash drop lobby

    Please read all of my post before joining Please post legit after getting into my lobby or even a thank you on this post is appreciated.
  5. soupierthrone

    Free moneydrop 2.5K drop. {EU}

    STATUS: OFFLINE Hello and welcome to Jaroswav's moneydrop! I drop 2.5k bags and please read the rules below to know what to do! You will get amounts ranging from 5-10 mil per 30 minutes depending on network connection and lag. MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! AFTER YOU LEAVE THE DROP, REMOVE ME AS FRIEND OR...
  6. cryteck lobbys


    STATUS: ONLINE welkom to cryteck drop lobbys we drop with bags of 2,5k read everything below what to do and what not! thanks for joining me have a nice stay! everyone my sc name is not cryteck it is cryteck643! so add cryteck643!
  7. F


    FREE GTA V MONEY DROP FOR XBOX 360 I'm doing free drop money for everyone that join my game soo feel free to join my session! WARNING PLEASE RESPECT THE RULES : Do not kill other player while the money drop and when you get enough money please quit the session to let the chance to someone else...
  8. B

    Hosting Cash Drop and Vehicle Modding

    Hey! I'm Hosting a cash drop/ Vechile modding lobby. Rules! 1)Do Not Kill. 2)No **** Talking 3)Do not Friend request me 4)Do not spam my messages Failure to follow these rules will result in a kick, and eventually a black list from my lobbies. How to Join? Private chat the gamertag below then...
  9. Triple G ace


    OPEN I am hosting money lobbies tonight. The lobby is free but donations are appreciated:smile: Just drop your SC below and ill add you. Then I will invite to the lobby See ya soon! Also moderator please dont lock the thread again when you approve xd
  10. Senex

    [Closed] Senex's Free Cash Lobbies [1.39, $65k Loop]

    Read and abide by the following rules. Failure to do so may result in a temporary or permanent suspension from any future lobbies. I will not warn you if you break these rules, proceeding to immediate action instead. It is also your responsibility to keep up-to-date with these rules; I am in no...
  11. x64

    | Cafe's Cash Drop Lobbies |CLOSED | INSANE | MILLIONS IN SECONDS |

    Cafe's Cash Drops (Partnered with Innovative's Cash Drops) ___________________________________________________ Lobby Status: CLOSED Lobby open from 4:20PM-5:20PM EST Every Day ___________________________________________________ Rules: MAKE SURE TO SEE THE SAVE CIRCLE BEFORE YOU LEAVE 1. No...
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