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gta cash drop lobby

  1. SujonlX


    1} Do not chat in-game about the money drop, money, mods, hacks, glitches in any way! 2} Do not come with a wanted level, cops can cause lag to the drop. 3} Passive Mode is REQUIRED if not in passive Mode you will be kicked!!! 4} Do not kill other people/use weapons in my lobby. If you use...
  2. Ian1405

    [PC ONLY] | GTA V FREE DAILY CASH DROPS ? | 2.5K Bags - Safe - Open Lobby

    ?Free Daily Cash Drops? ---RULES--- 1. Passive mode | on. Always be in passive mode so you prevent others from shooting you or you shooting them. 2. Do not bring cops, it causes lag and it is annoying. 3. Do not bring cars near the drop, it lags. 4. Do not steal other people's money bags...
  3. hawkwonder

    hawkwonder MONEY SAFE DROP | Donations are Accepted

    Don’t add me unless you read the rules first!!!! Status: Closed Rules: 1. Add me on Social Club: hawkwonder 2. Once I accept you as a FRIEND, join the lobby as its a closed friend lobby 3. After you join you have to come to my location (Likely LSIA) 4. Don't kill anyone in the lobby 5. Don't...
  4. soupierthrone

    Free moneydrop 2.5K drop. {EU}

    STATUS: OFFLINE Hello and welcome to Jaroswav's moneydrop! I drop 2.5k bags and please read the rules below to know what to do! You will get amounts ranging from 5-10 mil per 30 minutes depending on network connection and lag. MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! AFTER YOU LEAVE THE DROP, REMOVE ME AS FRIEND OR...
  5. SirAlford

    SirAlford's Drop lobby | Undetected menu | SAFE | Donations Accepted

    Greetings! --------------------- Welcome to SirAlford's Drop Lobby! How it works is pretty simple: Leave you SC-name in the comments. I will add you as soon as there is a spot open in the lobby. Enjoy the profits! --------------------- Lobby Status: ONLINE | OFFLINE ---------------------...
  6. zetaa

    ZETAA's Drop lobby | Undetected menu | SAFE | Donations Accepted | Get in here boyes!

    Hello! --------------------- Welcome to Zetaa's Drop Lobby! This is how it works, you put your SC-name in the comments. I will add you as soon there is a spot in the lobby. --------------------- Lobby Status: ONLINE | OFFLINE --------------------- Donations are never needed but highly...
  7. F


    FREE GTA V MONEY DROP FOR XBOX 360 I'm doing free drop money for everyone that join my game soo feel free to join my session! WARNING PLEASE RESPECT THE RULES : Do not kill other player while the money drop and when you get enough money please quit the session to let the chance to someone else...
  8. Triple G ace


    OPEN I am hosting money lobbies tonight. The lobby is free but donations are appreciated:smile: Just drop your SC below and ill add you. Then I will invite to the lobby See ya soon! Also moderator please dont lock the thread again when you approve xd
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