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  1. M

    Discovery  Possible Xbox account dupe workaround

  2. G

    GTA Modded PS5

    Hello join
  3. M

    Unsolved  Modding GTA 5 Ps4 Accounts

    Yo, I see some people on IG selling accounts n stuff, but some people or even sites for example are offering services like Rank boost to 8000, adding fast run, modded KD (Negative KD) or the Dunce Hat saved on modded fits, but how is this possible? I have asked someone who does this...
  4. A

    Working  Skip Cooldown For Agency Contracts

    Easy steps -Complete security contract -Once completed, Hit pause and quit to main menu -Load into story mode then into a private session -Done Loading takes about 1 minute and you can choose another contract to start once you load back in. Works best if you have private quarters/accommodations...
  5. cameronraygun

    Tutorial  FIX Script Hook V Critical Error FATAL: Unknown Game Version on GTA 5 PC / Downgrade GTA V JUNE 2023

    please leave a like if this helped :) Direct Link
  6. K

    Working  Drive invisible car

    Drive Invisible Vehicles Glitch (Old But Gold ) - ( Still Works) 100 Video : Requirements: Autoshop Customer Vehicle A friend in a job Steps: Get the customer vehicle ready to deliver it like Normal but stop before the end yellow corona Once you arrived...
  7. M

    Unsolved  Gta5 reboots console during first screen with the sirens

    I'm having strange problem with gta5 rebooting my consoles (4 freshly moded rgh3 trinity Xbox 360). After copying all the games as usual gta5 no longer works on all of them, same exact problem. Not sure what do? Anybody having the same issue? Tried downloading again and copying over, same...
  8. M

    Discussion  We need to alert Rockstar to fix texts.

    I feel like the fact we can no longer text strangers (non-friends) in GTA Online is a bigger problem than most probably realise. It really is a big feature that just suddenly stopped working with The Last Dose Part 1. Hopefully can get some people’s attention with this as it’s not entirely an...
  9. R

    Solved  GTA V RGH cant connect to online.

    hi guys i am trying to get my rgh to play gta v online and keep getting this error message below, the console has no problem playing all other games just gta v online. im thinking there is a setting in dashlaunch that is prohibiting me from playing. live strong and live block are disabled and i...
  10. N

    Unsolved  how to manipulate the social club api to dupe and edit account data?

    like the title says, is there a way to do it to mod accounts?
  11. E

    Discussion  FAST RUN

    hello, could someone tell me how to get the fast run?
  12. RARE Blue Hardtop Unincorporated Gang Tornado Spawn Location - GTA 5 Online

    RARE Blue Hardtop Unincorporated Gang Tornado Spawn Location - GTA 5 Online

    Youtube Link :
  13. I

    Solved  Attacked by modder

    SOLVED. I just stopped playing pc version for half the day and it went away
  14. S

    Solved  How do i get pc modded outfits onto my ps4

    Hello Everyone i would like some help on getting my modded outfits from my pc acc to my ps4 acc any help would be appreciated as i know its possible i just dont know how
  15. M

    Unsolved  Cannot text non-friends on GTAO?

    Anyone else unable to text players that aren’t in their friends list since like 2 months ago? It will say that the message got sent but it doesn’t actually send… So far only know this is happening on PS5 and Xbox One.
  16. K

    Unsolved  Did the modded account transfer and my second character was deleted

    Transferred an account to my main and the second character and all my car's and outfits are gone, is there a way to get them back they want me to start a new second character. My main character and all its stuff is still there
  17. GTAStorm

    Solved  Hi, how do I bring outfits I created on my PC GTA V to Xbox One?

    I would like to bring my 10 outfits that I created a while ago on GTA V PC version to Xbox One or PS4, if there is a way let me know I would appreciate it, since they are outfits that I have no way to make them on consoles anymore ...
  18. C


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  19. M

    Unsolved  Does the MTL Dune break your Facility?

    Hello, first time posting here! I recently recieved a Dune from someone, and sold it to a friend of mine, who stored it in their Facility, and now they can't customize any of their vehicles inside the Facility, except for the Avenger. I'm worried they may have bricked their Facility...
  20. J


    Hi I'm wondering if anyone would be down to do some beff I have a laptop netcut and new gen and a account ready to start if someone would be willing to help me fill it with deluxos and some netcut outfits
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