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  1. M

    Discussion  Terrobyte Stock Spot

    So I did the terrorbyte to rc tank merge using the bogdan problem job glitch and everytime I call in my terrorbyte it spawns in stock no modifications just completely stock, I've tried every tutorial out there and nothing has seemed to work, any idea would be helpful

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  3. SnotNosedJohnny

    Unsolved  gta 5 How can one go about coding a specific tab for mod menu gta 5

    I have the entire list of every single character that's in GTA. Even animals.. And every single gang member. There was a mod menu on ps3 at one point that had a character change bar. Just type in the code of the character and boom, it changes you. But it was the only one I ever seen and I want...
  4. OPModz


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  5. iiCe CReaM MaNn

    Looking for somebody to assist me while I merge Planes/Special Vehicles [XBOX Old Gen]

    Very simple here, I do BEFF merging and have been merging planes and Special Vehicles through the MOC... Since I have to lag out one console with netcut, I need another person to assist me in merging... Obviously anything I merge I will gladly share with you for your time. Give me a message or...
  6. Ricks Grimes

    Unsolved  Looking for partner to help with beff etc

    I'm looking for a trusted partner to do beff and other things with. Must be on series s or x. I don't have a second console so I need help. There is an incentive.
  7. Ricks Grimes

    Discussion  Issues with money freeze (beff) with netcut

    So I know how to do the beff with netcut and I've done it successfully twice now. But now im running into an issue where after locking my console, it kicks me from a session after a 1-2 minutes. I'm doing it with a friend so after I lock my console he has to load in, buy the stuff, switch...
  8. Ricks Grimes

    Discussion  How to mod accounts on xbox

    So I'm looking for a tutorial or info on how to mod accounts on xbox one or series. I play on a series but I have a base model xbox one. I have experience with modding (RGH Trinity) so it shouldn't be too hard for me to learn. There's stuff on YouTube but it's most likely just clickbait. Any...
  9. Ricks Grimes

    Discussion  How to mod GTA V account on Xbox

    So this is the only place I trust I can go to and get the info I need. There's plenty of stuff on YouTube but they're most likely clickbait. I have a history with modding (RGH Trinity) so I think this would be a breeze. I've met people who sell accounts and they mentioned save editing. Is that...
  10. X

    Discussion  Frozen money deleted character.

    Hi, soo I’ve just lost my main character from doing frozen money, I did it all correctly. Joined a friends lobby to orbital spam. Had the lobby full alert, pressed x and then I had a a error alert it threw my back into story mode, so I closed app and cleared cache and joined online and spawned...
  11. iiCe CReaM MaNn

    Patched  How to get out of the Industrial Factory Survival Loop Glitch

    Recently on GTA Online, I as well as many others experienced a glitch where the game thought we were a brand new player and would not allow us to do anything, such as any missions or join anybody else and would not let anybody else join our session. It had a waypoint to the Industrial Factory...
  12. war_18789

    Solved  Chameleon paint jobs file save.

    Hello 👋 I hope everyone is well during these uncertain times. In this post I hope to find someone willing to share a specific save that allows me to transfer chameleon paint jobs from save editor into the game. I have seen many creators on Twitter putting out awesome cars with unselected...
  13. H8edMods


    •—•—•—(NOT SURE ABOUT PC VERSION)—•—•—• So with this glitch you can bring almost anything into SUMO. This will get quite a bit of people probably upset but like all glitches this could be seen and used to further another glitch. I took this glitch and took it one step further that I've never...
  14. Moon Dog

    Discussion  " Take Control " blueprint map Solve ????

    Hello Folks I will share you my latest found on GTA 5 solo. Once upon a time there was a fan of the gta game, who wanted to start making gameplay videos on this magnificent game. He started playing like everyone else but discovered something that no one had ever talked about before. he found a...
  15. I

    Unsolved  Story Mode Modded Save Transfer Between Accounts (Xbox Only)

    Does anyone know how to transfer modded save from accounts on Xbox Series S/X?
  16. FlyingFox789

    Unsolved  How to Spawn Water Slides in GTA 5?

    I have "JANTSUU Tower [Add-On SP] 1.0.1" mod installed. And when I'm trying to spoon a water slide from the Object Spooner. Using "prop_slide_01" spooner name it is showing the following error. "Error : Invalid model Check suggested locations: [NO SUGGESTED LOCATION]" And thats pretty...
  17. H8edMods

    Working  Story Save File Transfer!

    >VIDEO (W/OUT SERIES X/S WORKAROUND!)< ^^★☆VIDEO ABOVE THIS☆★^^ With this glitch you will be able to transfer STORY MODE save files to your buddy or whatever account youd like (havent tried online save yet). You will lose only the most recent auto-save on the donor account, if done correctly...
  18. ToastWithJam

    Unsolved  Issue getting iFruit to acknowledge Contract and Tuners vehicles

    I've been trying to colour the stock wheels of the Ignus for a while now, yet no matter what I do I can't get iFruit to see it. I use an older phone (S6), so iFruit still works for me, and it'll happily update itself when driving older cars. But if I try to get it to see a vehicle from the last...
  19. zZDextraEnergyZz

    Discussion  GTA 5 Mod Menu on Xbox Series X possible ? (With USB)

    On youtube I see different youtubers posting mod menu gameplays on xbox series x and they upload these videos as a tutorial with links on how to get mod menus with a USB for GTA 5 on Xbox Series X or even PS5. Is this really possible on a non-modded console ? One of those youtubers for example...
  20. D

    Unsolved  please help!!! yanktons how to lock??

    hello fellow sinners, just wondering if someone can help me lock my yankton plates? in save editor? so they cannot be changed? any help is much appreciated, and whoever helps out im willing to drop un-obtainable rare cars with ps3 interior colours..
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