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    Solved  Help installing a bullbar add-on to a Dodge Charger mod.

    Good evening all, I've learnt so much since first getting GTA V, adding on/replacing cars via Open IV, changing gameconfig files, switching liveries etc, etc. Ultimately, there is really just one thing I would like to know, and it is how to install a bullbar on the front of this 1969 Dodge...
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    Working  Benny’s/F1s Merge!!! Terrorbyte/MOC/Avenger to Aircraft!!!

    Requirements: Kosatka Submarine. Modded Terrorbyte or MOC or Avenger. Aircraft you want the Mods on Full Aircraft Hangar. Method: Call your Kosatka. Quickly call the Aircraft you want Mods on. If Sub spawns before Aircraft it will not work. Get into the Aircraft. Call your modded Terrorbyte...
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    Grand Theft Auto V  ⚡24/7 Money + RP Drops // Fast Accept + Safe [Online]⚡ SC: Lerzideee

    1. Don't steal other people's bags 2. Don't steal other people's bags. 3. Stay in passive mode 4. Once you have reached desired amount of money leave the lobby. 5. Don't bring cops near the drop (Will cause lag) 6. Don't park any vehicles near the drop (Will cause lag) 7. No other modders...
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    New community committed to helping you enjoy the GTA online experience! How to join the lobby: - Reply to thread with "I accept" and post your social club name - Add me: Gungho17 - After accept join my lobby. (friends only) Lobby rules: - Don't talk about money in the games chat - Must be...
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    Grand Theft Auto V  🍚rice world's🍚 money lobby -- FREE SECURE DROPS | 2.5K DROPS | 1 MINUTE INVITE | ONLY PC

    ONLY PC 🍚rice world's🍚 money lobby [ How to Join ] #1 Reply to this Thread with your SocialClub and "I accepted the rules" AND #2 Add me on SocialClub (NairaRoseX) Please be patient for an Invite :smile: [ Rules ] NO vehicle wrecks close to the Drop Zone (Lags the Drop) NO unnecessary...
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    Grand Theft Auto V  SujonIX Mods ? GTA 5 ONLINE MONEY DROP LOBBY | 2.5K$ BAGS | ONLINE! | FRIENDS ONLY | PC | Long Lobbys | 0 Lagg |

    1} Do not chat in-game about the money drop, money, mods, hacks, glitches in any way! 2} Do not come with a wanted level, cops can cause lag to the drop. 3} Passive Mode is REQUIRED if not in passive Mode you will be kicked!!! 4} Do not kill other people/use weapons in my lobby. If you use...
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    Unsolved  Any Mod Menu for 1.00 GTA V offline PS4 7.51

    New to the group, was looking to see if anybody has come across a way to add mod menu to offline gta 1.00 for ps4 running on 7.51 any help is appreciated.
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    [PC Only] GTA V Cash drop lobbies - 2.5k money bags - ONLINE - by XPR_Beta

    Lobby status: ONLINE How to Join: 1. Add a reply to this thread with your social club name followed by "I accept the rules" 2. Wait for me to host a lobby. I will send you a friend request on SC. (I don't put my SC on here to minimize griefers. you'll know its me) 3. Join the lobby when you...
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    requirement Casino penthouse FOUNDER GTA5REALGLITCHES ON TIKTOK Step 1 spawn loaction must be in casino pethouse Step 2 go to the police station STEP 3 PUT THE VEHICLE LIKE IS ON THE VIDEO STEP 4 U GOING TO RUN AND JUMP U GOING TO GLITCH INSIDE POLICE STATION AND IT WILL NOT...
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    ⚡GTA V Money Drop| PC | Fast money drops | SAFE ⚡

    MODDED LOBBY: ONLINE How to Join: 1. Add my social club: AceMods1 2. Add a reply to this thread saying "Done" with your Social club name. 3. Join my lobby Rules: 1. Do not spend money in the lobby 2. Do not kill other people 3. Do not bring cops, it will cause lag 4. Do not bring heaps of cars...
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    STATUS (ONLINE) HOW TO JOIN MY SESSION. Reply on the thread with "I AGREE WITH THE RULES, THEN ADD MY USER AND JOIN MY GAME" username is: didiggle321 Come and join the fun in Cayo Perico Island and bounce to the tunes while getting some free cash!!!!! I WILL ONLY ADD YOU AS A FRIEND IF YOU...
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    Unsolved  GTA V Extortion Problem!

    Hello fellow modders, I have a few questions I’m hoping you all could answer in regards to me trying to mod GTA V. First off I’m have 2 PS3’s both running FERROX 4.87 CEX CFW. One of them is console banned (yet to get a new CID) and the 2nd one gets online fine! Originally back at the...
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    DO NOT MESSAGE ME!!!!! Rules: 1. Go to airport in passive 2. dont chat about lobby in game 3. leave cars at gate 4. Dont message me through sc 5. Dont buy in the lobby How to join: fr Type name in chat Join session HAVE FUN! This lobby is: Open Now! Proof: ps: I will accept you within 30 mins...
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    ?ONLINE? (Friends list purged on : 01/02/2021 at 3:00pm) (If you were deleted feel free to post again) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need a cash top off? Look no further...
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    Streaming / Video  Lamar Roasts Franklin On Call of Duty Black Ops 2

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    Solved  Ifruit emulator support

    I am using the ifruit emulator with bluestacks to clean some modded cars. It has been working fine previously but now no matter what I do I cannot get it to work.. I have tried to run it and select PS4 and it keeps crashing. I have tried to unlink my social club and switch characters, I have...
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    Unsolved  X360 RGH GTA V: waiting for cloud

    Hey, so im trying to run gta v on RGH'ed xbox 360 (it's rgh 2.0) and i run into a problem with the "Waiting for cloud" screen. (after the intro, it loads and it stays on loading screen with text waiting for cloud). also some important things: i have fakelive in dashlaunch setup, otherwise it...
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    [Offline][Not Active]GTA 5 Money drops/ PC/ Safe/ Quick Accept/ 2.5 k bags

    Status: OFFLINE How to join: 1. You need to reply with "I accept the rules" + Your username 2. Then add my username: MatyT_123 3. Once I accept your friend request join me Rules: 1. Don't steal other people's bags 2. Don't talk about the money drop in the chat in any way 3. Stay in passive...
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    [Gta V PC] [OFLINE] Modded Lobby. Free Money drops.

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    [PC] [OFFLINE] .GTA5 money drops/ 2.5k bags/ Safe/ Fast Accept

    Status: OFFLINE How to join: 1. You need to reply with "I accept the rules" + Your username 2. Then add my username: MatyT_123 3. Once I accept your friend request join me Rules: 1. Don't steal other people's bags 2. Don't talk about the money drop in the chat in any way 3. Stay in passive...
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