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gta 5 money glitch

  1. skew78

    Paid Service  Nopainnogames.com | GTA 5 Accounts and Boosting Services | PC - PS4 - PS5 - Xbox One - Xbox Series | 100% Safe | Can't get banned or wiped

    Hi, and Welcome to No Pain No Games I am here to provide you GTA 5 Best Accounts, Money and Level Services for PC and Consoles To ALL disrespectful, ungrateful, toxic players, don't buy from me. Thank you :smile: All Accounts and Services are 100% Safe and Clean ! You can't get banned or...
  2. DEAD GAMING_live

    Patched  Solo Money Glitch Very Easy Ps4, Ps5, Xbox

    Requirements: 1: Apc in night club service entrance (im being told it can be done anywhere by a good source, i have just had no luck anywhere else) 2: Night club (again im being told it can be done anywhere by a good source, i have just had no luck anywhere else) 3: Moc w/personal vehicle...
  3. Killergaming

    Patched  Gta 5 FAST SOLO MONEY GLITCH! PS4 Only

    [/SPOILER] Steps Go to character you want to keep your outfits on (one character will lose its outfits) Buy the most expensive apartments that you can afford in slots 4 5 and 6 (if you do not have that much money you can purchase one for 100k but make sure you have like 75k left over) If you...
  4. Untied

    Patched  Orbital Cannon Money Glitch!!

    Video: Requirements: Free aim. Friend in different targeting mode. Facility. Orbital Cannon. Method: Load into a invite only session while in free aim (to get free aim load into story mode, pause menu, settings, free aim) Set spawn location to Facility and go into your facility Change one...
  5. THP070

    Patched  Money Glitch (Semi-Solo) Facility Workaround Soda + Desk method

    Founders: -Apokalypt -THP070 -Broontango Requirements: -Facility -MOC with personal vehicle storage -Someone in different targeting mode -$1 Steps: 1 Drive car you want dupe out of MOC and leave in bunker 2 Go to your Facility (Don't use a personal vehicle) 3 Go to drink machine 4 Right...
  6. ihevgun8

    Patched  Gta Online Solo Facility Dupe Glitch *WORKAROUND*

    GO HERE FOR DISCUSSION: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/facility-solo-car-dupe.1795384/ Video Tutorial: REQUIREMENTS: -Bunker -Moc + Personal Vehicle Storage -Facility + Elegy RH8 inside it -Targeting mode set to Free Aim -Jobs are set to show on the map STEPS: 1) Take out the car...
  7. ProOffice2020

    Patched  Unlimited Easy Money Glitch

    Requirements: MOC Bunker The car to dupe Friend Faggio in apartment garage Clubhouse Free elegy Steps: 1. Get into an invite only session and put the car you want to dupe inside the MOC. It is important that the MOC stays in the bunker. 2.Get out the free car elegy and tell your friend to get...
  8. CydonYouTube

    All  EASY SEMI SOLO GTA 5 Car Duplication Money Glitch! (GTA 5 Online Money Glitch)

    Requirements: 10 car garage with a fagio in it, another 10 car garage with a free elegy in it.. so the cars have to be in different garages.. also have the car you want to duplicate in a casino penthouse or a facility, or a arcade.. or a arena workshop.. any of thoes work Heres a video on it:
  9. CaptainYT

    Patched  New GTA V Online Solo Car Duplication Glitch

    Requirements: Either - Arena Workshop Facility Arcade Casino Penthouse Other Requirements - An MOC with Personal Vehicle Storage Car To Duplicate (Benny’s or Arena War Vehicle) Setup: Put a stock elegy into the back of your MOC Put the car you want to duplicate in the property you’re using...
  10. I

    Patched  Possible money glitch?

    The pic is the glitched sercure pad and it gives you the option to select one but you cant see them. Also it doesnt kick you out of the aracade when you get it.. Just Let me know if anyone got any ideas or sum 1) start off inside the bunker and pull a car out 2) park the car by the 2nd the...
  11. ihevgun8

    Patched  Solo Car Duplication Glitch *Facility and Bunker*

    Video Tutorial : Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Gta5MoneyGlitches/ Credits: -Broontango -THP070 DO NOT REQUEST ANY PERSONAL VEHICLES WHILE DOING THIS GLITCH! REQUIREMENTS: - Bunker - Moc + Personal Vehicle Storage - Facility + Personal Living Quarters - Free Elegy in your Facility - Free...
  12. ihevgun8

    Patched  Working Solo Car Duplication Glitch

    The steps are very similar to that to the arcade duplication glitch but there are some differences. This glitch is easier than the arcade but takes a little longer. Video: REQUIREMENTS: -Nightclub -Bunker -MOC with a personal vehicle storage -Targeting mode set to free aim -Free...
  13. GlitchSquad


    Founder no jerrycan method: WFG & Friends No jerrycan, easy to follow and hit.. fully solo after setup is done, 2 minutes per copy.. would be even faster but takes 2 minutes because of delivery time of the RH8s.. Requirements: - CEO Tower with CEO modshop - Empty spaces in your CEO tower, 1...
  14. GlitchSquad

    Patched  [PS4] EXTREME FAST MONEY GLITCH - MAX. 40 SECONDS for 904'000 GTA $

    Turns out the 904k glitch had several unnecessary steps (spectator box etc.) and waiting times, cut down the glitch to 30-40 seconds for each run Reqs: - Arena with bennys mechanic - Free Elegy RH8s in the ground floor of the arena - Friend who goes afk in job settings Start 1 - Start up...
  15. G TWIST

    Patched  *EASY * MONEY GLITCH SELL RH8 for 904K

    Whats up guys, Well easy as s....... Requirements, invitation session, 1 friend, arena, arena workshop, Benny's mechanic, free rh8 in the arena first invite your friend to your arena, and then he goes into a job for a Titan and stays there all the time! you stand in front of the...
  16. GlitchSquad


    I found this over on reddit, posted by user pittak20 He wrote a pretty good macro script for PS4 Macro which you can easily use with PS4 Remote Play on your PC. I ran this about an hour today and it worked flawlessly, got me about 900k chips within this timeframe. The script bets 2000 on the...
  17. aT IM FRESH

    Patched  *EASY* MONEY GLITCH!!

    aT IM FRESH :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWbdSFtirgkKA2QTfx8t6dg Steps 1. Have a friend get in your car (any car) as passenger and go up to the bunker with interaction menu up and drive over where yellow circle would be and click impromptu race and hold LT then drive back and drive about...
  18. Killergaming


    Play slot machines for free Founder killerGaming- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAYi7ntkGMjPCL9u0NHW29w?view_as=subscriber kimh4ck - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoVGDcQwHzPrWHFYfsDFoYw ObeseGiraffe-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqA4Bpg0OP9XZJGNp448Viw Videos: Steps: 1. Put...
  19. VCking

    Patched  Horse Betting Money Glitch - Bet $100, get max winning

    founder u/sadman689 on Reddit Warning: There have been widespread reports of temporary gambling bans due to this glitch and others. I know nothing about this other than what others have posted, including in this topic. Workaround to the original method: Step 1: keep the Bet at $100 Step...

    Patched  Easy Money Glitch DUP [1.48]

    FOUNDER K GLITCHER [K G] VIDEO UPLOADING ..... - Invite lobby ONLY - Casino - 1 friend (Directly in your invite lobby start titan job in your garage) - 2 friend (One friend in other invite lobby in titan job, one friend in your casino garage) - Elegy or Faggio you want many dup Invite your...
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