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gta 5 money drop

  1. skew78

    Paid Service  Nopainnogames.com | GTA 5 Accounts and Boosting Services | PC - PS4 - PS5 - Xbox One - Xbox Series | 100% Safe | Can't get banned or wiped

    Hi, and Welcome to No Pain No Games I am here to provide you GTA 5 Best Accounts, Money and Level Services for PC and Consoles To ALL disrespectful, ungrateful, toxic players, don't buy from me. Thank you :smile: All for sale Accounts and Services are 100% Safe and Clean ! You can't get...
  2. SujonlX

    SujonIX Mods ? GTA 5 ONLINE MONEY DROP LOBBY | 2.5K$ BAGS | ONLINE! | FRIENDS ONLY | PC | Long Lobbys | 0 Lagg |

    1} Do not chat in-game about the money drop, money, mods, hacks, glitches in any way! 2} Do not come with a wanted level, cops can cause lag to the drop. 3} Passive Mode is REQUIRED if not in passive Mode you will be kicked!!! 4} Do not kill other people/use weapons in my lobby. If you use...
  3. D

    KAMIKAZE MONEY DROPS| Fast Accept, quick bags!

    How you can join: 1. Add My Social Cub: Kamikaze4209 2. Write a comment saying you have added me 3. Wait for me to accept your friend request Rules: 1. Do not bank money or spend money in the Lobby 2. Do not bring cops, it will cause bags to drop slower 3. Do not bring cars, it will cause the...
  4. S

    Solved  GTA5 MODDING on pc

    I am looking to get into modding on PC. I used to mod on RGH, but switched to PC... On my RGH, i had to pay for "server time" then i had to buy a good mod menu, for online modding and recoveries. So my question is... Who can guide me in the right direction? I am wanting to mod online...
  5. Sp1cy_N00dle

    [PC ONLY] [ONLINE] MONEY DROP - 2.5K Bags - Safe (Open Lobby)

    ---RULES--- 1. Passive Mode - ON. Always keep passive enables while in the lobby. 2. DO NOT BRING COPS. It causes lag. 3. Do not steal other player's drops/money bag. 4. Do not talk in In-Game chat about modding or anything related. 5. Do not bring cars to the drop site. It causes lag. 6. If...
  6. Smoejoe

    [PC] [Offline] Free Money Drop Lobby | $2.5k bags

    SMOEJOE MONEY DROPS! Lobby Status: Offline Lobby Rules: 1. Stay in passive mode. 2. Do not kill other players. 3. Do not steal other players drops (ex. standing next to them). 4. Do not talk about mods or money in the chat. 5. Do not bring cars, it lags the lobby. 6. Do not bring cops, it lags...
  7. Ian1405

    [PC ONLY] | GTA V FREE DAILY CASH DROPS ? | 2.5K Bags - Safe - Open Lobby

    ?Free Daily Cash Drops? ---RULES--- 1. Passive mode | on. Always be in passive mode so you prevent others from shooting you or you shooting them. 2. Do not bring cops, it causes lag and it is annoying. 3. Do not bring cars near the drop, it lags. 4. Do not steal other people's money bags...
  8. gam3rstr3asure

    $$ GTA V PC FREE MONEY DROPS $$ Online

    GTA 5 Free Money Drops STATUS: Online Hello guys! I do Moneydrops for free, for everyone :biggrin: Feel free to join me anytime of the day! When I'm hosting them. NOTE::::: New gta update 10aug will be dropped. After that I will need a week or 2 till my menu updates so I can continue free...
  9. N

    [PC GTAV] Free Modded Lobbies *2.5k Per Bag*

    GTA V FREE MODDED LOBBIES: Timings: Everyday @ 2pm UTC Rules: - Come to LSIA - Stay in Passive Mode - Don't talk about Mods in GTAV Game Chat - Do not spend any money while in the same session as me - Don't steal other people's bags ANY VIOLATION OF THESE RULES WILL RESULT IN AN INSTANT BAN...
  10. ZekyVex

    [OFFLINE/CLOSED] ? Epix's GTA V Cash Drop PC | FREE ✔️

    STATUS: [OFFLINE] [PC] Next Lobby: Tomorrow around 7-8 PM EST ------------------------------------------------------------ Instructions: ------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Reply below with your Social Club. 2. Add me as a friend on Social Club. 3. Once your friend...
  11. ItsOwnage

    [STATUS: ?][?] ?'s Money Drops

  12. A


    How to join: - Add my Sc and i will accept it, (Ankrhh) - When the lobby is live, I will start a close friends session and then you can join. Where to go and what to do: - Go to the airport in Passive mode. - Once you're there the money will start dropping Rules: - Absolutely no talk of money...
  13. Nitrocide

    Nitrocide Cash Drop Lobby | 2.5k Per Money Bag | CURRENTLY OPEN | SAFE | STRICTLY PC ONLY!

    STATUS: OFFLINE How To Join The Lobby: 1. Post your Social Club Username & that you agree to the rules. 2. Add me on Social Club. 3. Wait for me to add you and to receive an invite from me. 4. Once you're in the private cash drop lobby, make your way down to LSIA (Los Santos International...
  14. AZESXV

    [?PC] CLOSED | 12+ Hours Daily | ⚡Fast Accept | ?2.5k Money Bags | GTA5 Online Free Money Drop Session Lobbies

    Session Status: OFFLINE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ❓• HOW TO JOIN •❓ *1 - Scroll down on this post and reply with your SocialClub Name followed by "I accept the rules" *2 - Add AZESDROP on SocialClub and wait for me to accept your friend request *3 - Once I accepted your friend request...
  15. StrikeZoneModZz


    WELCOME TO StrikeZoneModZz FUN LOBBY This is a Modded Fun Lobby we will be doing mini games like races, gun games, last man standing, Finding Bigfoot ect. I will also be doing CASH DROP LOBBIES as well. I will be doing lobbies like this as much as possible I am NA East Time. I love ideas for...
  16. R

    Change's Huge Drop Lobby // 01/27/2020

    Post your social clubs down! Add me: cchangee GMT +2, 8PM. Rules: 1. Don't talk about dropping in game chat. 2. I host at airport 3. Don't take others money. 4. Passive Mode on. 5. Don't kill others when they have no passive mode, or you'll be just kicked. Proof: yes my monitor is dirty...
  17. zWxvee

    GTA 5 {PC ONLY} MONEY DROP (SC- zWxveee )

    Welcome To The .exe Drop Lobby Hey .exe - We've made the decision to start more than FREE money drop lobbies in GTA 5 Online! We want to have fun in the Drop lobbies with custom events! [ONLINE | OFFLINE] zWxveee or zStutter How to join? 1. Comment with "I accept the rules + SC name" 2...
  18. ImAnnotation


    Hello Everyone! ImAnnotation here and I will be hosting FREE cash drop lobbies feel free to add me on SocialClub for an invite! I use undetected menus/methods of dropping safe, fast cash! And yeah that's right, Invite your friends! Drops will be at any location of my choosing. My social club...
  19. I

    Solved  Money Glitches for Rank 1??

    I had to create a post because I can’t seem to find anything about this (which might mean the answer is no) but is there any reasonable money glitches for rank 1 at all for console? I heard about Act 2 glitch, which I am fine doing, but if there is anything else it would be much appreciated.
  20. Xxchodhdxx

    Farmer_Bob23's Money Drop Lobbies [FREE]-[SAFE]-[UNDETECTED]

    ONLINE OR [OFFLINE] Farmer_Bob23's Money Drop Lobbies HOW TO JOIN « ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Ξ ◆ Ξ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ » Post your SocialClub name in this thread down below. You might still add my SocialClub: Farmer_Bob23 I will try to get you as fast as I can. If that doesn't work. Comment your name down below. DONT...
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