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gta 5 cheats

  1. Stealth Mods

    Game Mods  APS3MT ModLoader { 1.27 / GTA 5 / BLES / PS3 }

    G'day everyone, I bring you a new ModLoader for GTA 5 APS3MT ModLoader { Aussie PS3 Mod Team } Made by JakeModz89 It has a total of 17 script menus Can Download either right side or Left side ModLoaders. Has Realistic Weapon wheel, Realistic Map, Blue Neon phone icons! Will be updated Again...
  2. SoLjA


    ADD_ON_CARS: http://www.mediafire.com/file/23ltu6tbftb8oo8/ADD_ON_CARS.rar/file VIRUS TOTAL: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/121db403085fb0431ccb962179fdf8d52f78f03d55344cef3449f432bc7b6d97/detection you can only access these custom add on vehicles from your garage. Ranger military suv...
  3. neckface

    Mod Menu  Outfit Mod Menu GTA V

    this is just a quick menu i wrote with Alexander Blade's Script Hook V SDK. the purpose is for creating outfits quickly that you can then transfer online via the dm glitch we have currently in 1.44 (1.45 on PS4). all possible drawables and textures can be equipped via this menu but not all will...
  4. Rhino_Modz


    GREEN DUFFEL BAG SAVE Do normal DM glitch. When you have Modded Outfits In story mode. Get friend to start up Truck Off and invite you. Join friend who is in job (outfit selection is on Player Owned) Start up job You should see Modded outfit in job if successful When entered the job you will...
  5. Jump_X

    Tutorial  [EXCLU] GTA V (SKIN + GOD MODE) ONLINE 1.43

    HELLO ! SORRY FROM MY ENGLISH :) TUTORIAL STEPS Step 1 Copy save on the ps4 Step 2 Start GTAV Step 3 you go to reach the mission of lester Step 4 complete the mission Step 5 start the director mode Step 6 put trevor as a favorite Step 7 go to favorites and take trevor Step 8 open the...
  6. supr420

    Tutorial  "I AM 420" DM Outfit Glitch - Invisible arms, bodyparts, racing gloves, shoulder pads & more...

    Found this Outfit Glitch already two month ago short after I found out how to bring the Space Ranger Helmet online and #WFGARMY made the first modded outfits. :cigar: Thought it's time to release it to the public. I'm personally not a fan of invisible bodyparts and racing gloves but I'm sure...
  7. Stoxinator

    Mod Menu  [UPDATED] I'M BACK WITH SubVersion 1.43

    To whom it may concern, the hack/mod is safe and I use it everyday but still it's a hack/mod there's no guarantee you'll be safe forever. Hence, I take no responsibility of bans. You have been warned! Most of the people in this forum know about this hack/mod already. Features : Player - God -...
  8. Acro

    Mod Menu  [PS4/GTA V] Lamance v0.7 Mod Menu

    Hey guys! As i've not seen anyone post this on Se7ensins yet, i thought i'd take the time to do so. Before we start, This is NOT my mod menu or release. This is my own post (Do not copy & paste it to other forums) Lamance v0.7 Developed by; David1337hax Vicodin10 J0n4s_sincemodz...
  9. Husky_70

    Tutorial  How to downgrade to earlier version of GTA5

    If you want to mod the story of GTA5 you may also run into the problem, that you accidently downloaded the newest patch. Normally developers of GTA mods will need some time after a new patch to update their mods. If you want to keep using the mods but already updated GTA to the newest patch...
  10. Bleys1137


  11. Bleys1137

    Discussion  GTA V Mod Ideas

    This is just a few mod ideals I hAve came up with let me know what yall think I think/know some of these are already made but thought I would share what I came up with Now some of these mods i already Added to my customers menu.
  12. toofaces2

    Mod Menu  [RELEASE] GTA 5 Eboot.bin (DEX/1.27)

    Eboot.bin - BLES 1.27 - Debug (DEX) - Cash Drop - Anti Ban - Script Bypass - XMB Crash Fix - Vehicle Freeze Protection - Anti Cheater Reports Open Sprx Menu with: - GTA.sprx - Gtamenu.sprx - Lexicon.sprx - Polynesia.sprx - Power.sprx VirusScan Credits: Kryptus, zundappchef, toofaces2
  13. Skyline xL

    Code  GTA 5 Freeze Time Crash PROTECTION RELEASE

    Hello guys, so yeah today i'm releasing a protection that I made from the time crash, from SVT MENU & African menu when you drop a freeze car in the lobby they try to crash you so now if you put this in your hooking section you will be now protected from the time freeze. Enjoy the release ...
  14. Wesley_Marcos

    Code  All Protections GTA V(BLUS)

    exported by me on 1.27 update please leave credits xD enum CRockstarEvents_BLUS { TOC_ADDRESS = 0x1C95798, OBJECT_ID_FREED_EVENT = 0xA10028, OBJECT_ID_REQUEST_EVENT = 0xA10620, ARRAY_DATA_VERIFY_EVENT = 0xA10C48, SCRIPT_ARRAY_DATA_VERIFY_EVENT = 0x12D4AE0...
  15. Wesley_Marcos

    Code  All Protections GTA V(BLJM)

    exported by me on 2.24 update please leave credits xD enum CRockstarEvents { OBJECT_ID_FREED_EVENT = 0xA03A98, OBJECT_ID_REQUEST_EVENT = 0xA04090, ARRAY_DATA_VERIFY_EVENT = 0xA046B8, SCRIPT_ARRAY_DATA_VERIFY_EVENT = 0x12BCE60, REQUEST_CONTROL_EVENT = 0x12BD2CC, GIVE_CONTROL_EVENT = 0x12BDF2C...
  16. Wesley_Marcos

    Code  All Modder Protection TU27(including set stats protection)

    This is all protection I found on tu27 :smile: remembering if you're going to post somewhere leave the credits exported by me :smile: #define OBJECT_ID_FREED_EVENT 0x835DB1F0 #define OBJECT_ID_REQUEST_EVENT 0x835DB328 #define ARRAY_DATA_VERIFY_EVENT 0x835DB290 #define...
  17. Bleys1137

    Code  GTAV TU27 Offsets

    if(tempTileID == GTAID && TitleID != GTAID) {//game just loaded { *(BYTE*)0x82CF782B = 1; } memcpy(&Data, (PBYTE)0x822211C4, 4); Data = 0x60000000; SetupMenu(); InitNativeHook(); extern EncryptedDWORD...
  18. Husky_70

    News  All blacklisted vehicles

    As I saw a few people asking for a up-to-date list of blacklisted vehicles, I extracted them from 1.42 scripts Blacklisted from everything These will always get deleted when storing into any garage Semi - blacklisted Will turn invisible in normal garages Thanks to Tez for pointing me into the...
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