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gta 5 cheats

  1. Ehrmantraut

    Game Mods  Modded Police Cars <SAVE>

    [/SPOILER] I have created a modded save for those who want to RP Cops in Director Mode Now first of all, if you use my save make sure that if you want backup use this settings: -Wanted Status Low/Disabled -Invincibility On -Restricted Areas Off -Choose a "Highway Patrol" with tie and without...
  2. P

    Mod Menu  Online mod menu discussion

    Figured I'd make this thread for everyone just looking for online mod menus like myself lol. What mod menu do you guys use and what features does it have?
  3. EyeDuDab

    Code  some odd hashes in the arena update

    here are some odd hashes for the new arena update if it helps anybody
  4. GoldenDragon_

    Tutorial  Fix your Speedo Custom empty slot in NCSVW

    Long time lurker, time for my first post... Sadly this is PC ONLY AND REQUIRES EXTERNAL TOOLS. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. You'll need a release of LSCHaX for this!!! You'll also need a Mule Custom or Pounder Custom in basement 1 (in it's Spot). Steps: 1- Get a car of the street that's NOT too...
  5. Smoking Ice

    Tools  Grand Theft Auto V Downgrade Launcher

    Grand Theft Auto V Downgrade Launcher that allows us to switch between a different version of the Game for modding Purposes easily. You can Downgrade to an earlier version at a few clicks of the mouse. this is a simple program we made just for this purpose...
  6. Hu3Shotz

    Discussion  Ped editor outfits online discussion

    So as most of you know it is now possible to create dope outfits using hazards new tool including bulletproof helmets tron tops etc. What we need to figure out is how to bring these outfits online? This thread is for exchanging ideas with each other and sharing your finds
  7. EyeDuDab

    Tutorial  HowTo: Convert GTA V (SP) PC Saves to PS4 Saves

    Convert GtaV PC Story Mode Saves to PS4 using Save Wizard & Save Editor Download any GtaV PC Save-File from https://gtasnp.com/browse/index/gtav_pc/7/save_progress/asc (The Minor Turbulence Page Loads in the link provided) virustotal OR OBTAIN ONE FROM ANY SOURCE :wink: REQUIREMENTS: 1: Save...
  8. EyeDuDab

    Game Mods  Modded save: prologue lets you go online/creator (releasing for testing purposes)

    I can only take partial Credit in this save. The original credit goes to the creators of the frozen money save file for creating the base save game file I used to create this save file with. I don't think it really matters, but it just happened to be the last working save that I had that would...
  9. JModsYT

    Mod Menu  NEW GTA 5 Mod Menu Base for RGH/JTAG Consoles Only! + Download Link (Made By Jxckyy)

    I've worked on a small basic menu design for GTA 5 RGH/JTAG... I only advise you using this if your experienced with pulling Coordinates and able to know the basics of Visual Studio, Between version 2010-2017. Must make sure that you have Coordinates before adding the code into Visual Studio^...
  10. Captain Pocky

    Tutorial  Charles Modding for Aircraft and Other Special Vehicles

    Hello again everyone, This thread describes how to use iFruit & Charles to mod non-car vehicles like aircraft, the AA trailer, special vehicles, and even the MOC. Very importantly, I also include how to avoid dead spots while doing this. These methods aren't particularly new, and are scattered...
  11. Cali

    Mod Menu  Lamance Mod Menu | PS4 FW 5.05, 4.55 & 4.05

    How to install the menu 1. Launch GTA 5 then click the PS button on the controller. 2. Go to your exploit page on your PS4 web browser and run the exploit. 3. Inject the .bin with an injector. 4. Exit the browser by clicking the PS button on the controller 5. Launch GTA 5 once again 6. Success...
  12. X

    Tools  Updated - GTAV 100% Save Injector! (Skip first mission)

    The old one stopped working ages ago thanks to dash update. Updated by Nebula & Gamer Scan of exe:
  13. P4wny

    Tools  [RELEASE] GTA Online Vehicle Editor

    Hello, Created a vehicle Editor. Stuff that you haven't unlocked wont safe. Aswell as the Yankton Plate btw. How to use: How to get Benny Wheels on all Cars: Download (VirusTotal) Have Fun!
  14. P4wny

    Code  [1.44] GTA V Prop list

    Hey, since i couldnt find any thread that has an up to date prop list, i decided to create this thread. This list contains the Native, Hex, Integer and unsigned Integer. Have Fun
  15. P4wny

    Tools  [RELEASE] GTA 5 Online Outfit Editor

    Hello, created a little Outfit Editor so you can get the Outfits you always wanted. It also has a Name Spoofer. (Only visible for other Players) This is how it looks. Press on the Dropdown menu to load the Outfits in. Any feedback in appreciated. Thank You Tutorial: 16.04.2019: -...
  16. Connor

    Discussion  Rules & Guidelines

    General Rules #1.1 This set of rules is an extension to the forum Terms & Rules. All items listed in the Terms & Rules still apply here, unless explicitly stated so. #1.2 When posting a thread, it is highly advised that you SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST. There is a chance that someone has already...
  17. skeeze415


    Hey!!! I made a video showing how to make Director Mode outfits using xb36Hazard's Save Editor and ps4 Max Save Wizard. The save editor is free but save wizard cost money for the license to activate the program. This is for PS4 only but I put PC in the prefix because you will need a pc to...
  18. FngGlitcher


    Founder : NicGoRe & FngGlitcher (Since 1 year) It's same savedata for all (I,II,III). I - OUTFIT MALE TO FEMALE AND FEMALE TO MALE ! Make sure you have already set up the clothing components on your second character (Video tutorial + save download link) Step 1 Load the save. Step 2 Go...
  19. FngGlitcher


    Founder : NicGore & FngGlitcher ! 1- Download and resign the save. (Save wizard) 2- Copy on the PS4 then launch GTA V and load the save. (You will spawn in a blue Pegassi Reaper) 3- Go to director mode and access the director mode with any actor. 4- Return to the caravan and go to the favorite...
  20. toofaces2

    Code  Animation/Scenario Source Code [Dev]

    Here I publish some Animtaion/Scenario Source Codes if you want, I can add further -->PM ( Pastebin has 20 Post limits )...
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