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gta 5 cheats

  1. fartbag

    Question  Does anybody have a list of the rockstar cloud server endpoints?

    Does anybody have the endpoints for rockstar's production server? I heard that you can mod console accounts like the big dogs just by knowing the REST api endpoints and the auth key. I would appreciate it very much!
  2. A

    Working  Skip Cooldown For Agency Contracts

    Easy steps -Complete security contract -Once completed, Hit pause and quit to main menu -Load into story mode then into a private session -Done Loading takes about 1 minute and you can choose another contract to start once you load back in. Works best if you have private quarters/accommodations...
  3. MrMisterUSA

    Discussion  PC Mod Menu that works.

    Ive been gone for a couple years. Played on consoles but now on PC. Getting back into GTA online mainly RP lobbies but My new character is "New" and Ill be damned if I gotta grind to unlock everything again. lol Just looking for a mod menu for Gta 5 Online so I can enjoy play this game again...
  4. Hatefhul

    Tools  V Spoofer (GTA V Name Spoofer)

    Hello i figured i would make a name spoofer for some of the people using free menus with no spoofing options. How to Use: Once You're in a GTA Online session open V Spoofer, Enter Current Name under the "Current Name" field. Then Enter Desired Name under "New Name" Field, Hit Spoof. Showcase...
  5. Y

    [ONLINE] FREE | PC ONLY | 3+ HOURS OPEN Grand Theft Auto 5 Drop Lobbies | 2.5K BAGS ( PC ONLY )

    --RULES-- 1. Passive mode WILL be on at all times. 2. Do NOT bring any cars to the drop, this causes lag. 3. Do NOT talk about modding in the chat. If I warn you and you do not comply, I will have to kick you. 4. Do NOT bring the cops, it is annoying to have to deal with them. 5. Do NOT steal...
  6. iamabignumber

    Mod Menu  IMPULSE MENU - Kick Logs

    Use it wisely, skids... :wink: :44:23] [INF] [sge] num args: 24 | event id: -1246838892 | sender id: | receiver id: Invalid [1:44:23] [INF] [sge] num args: 16 | event id: 930233414 | sender id: | receiver id: Invalid [1:44:23] [INF] [sge] num args: 16 | event id: 297770348 | sender id: |...
  7. M

    Discussion  Paid/Free Mod Menu Review Thread

    What is the Best Mod Menu As you all know there are 100s of Mod Menu's out there to use on all different consoles, The issue is deciding which menu to use because of every single Mod Menu saying they have a 0% Ban Rate which isn't always true. I'm making this thread to separate the good...
  8. KiritoXOXO

    Support  Ps3 cfw gta cant join invites

    Hi I need help, I use cfw 4.82 dex, I cant join any friend invites, I tryed many things to fix it, asked some modding discord servers but still didnt find any help, can somebody please help me?
  9. ItsRusT

    Discussion  Modded Vehicle Colors Thread

    Wanted to start another thread on modded crew colors because the other one I saw on here was old but mainly because I wanted to know how to get the colors on these two cars I saw (check imgur link). Feel free to comment with any crews with modded colors and whatnot.
  10. BankRobbery

    Mod Menu  Gta 5 crew messages

    Does anyone have a menu I can send crew messages to everyone in lobby or message all at once?
  11. Glitch Test Gaming


    This list was created by Kingofoklahoma Note: This is useful for users of save editor. Some rims have selected and unselected matte,worn,or mettallic colors. All utility colors can be used as a unobtainable in game color. So you can add rbg primary then any utility color as...
  12. EyeDuDab

    Discussion  Updates needed for hazard gtavse downloadable preset outfits

    Simple outfit sharing glitch! Requirements: -Save editor for pc, a login to hazards website/app *Save wizard is only needed when receiving the outfit Steps: -Make a dope outfit -SHARE IT BY UPLOADING TO SAVE EDITOR! The old outfits are trash. Lets update them please Seriously tho, we the...
  13. golizzard

    Tutorial  GTA V Modded Cars SP-PC to SP-PS4

    this is useful for single player to multiplayer glitches 1# you're going to need GTA V for PC 2# install mods on the PC version 3# Mod a Car on PC and then save the game 4# download install and open hazards GTA 5 save editor 5# navigate to garage and then extract the vehicle 6# go to your PS4...
  14. A

    Mod Menu  Xbox RgH/Jtag GTAFix For Menu's

    Hello, I dont know if this has been posted here, but when MS came out with their last update I was having issues loading GTA menu's. I got my hands on code needed to fix it. Just set as plugin 3, 4, 5 & loaded your favorite menu. Use this if stealth server doesnt have fix. Just wanted to push...
  15. S

    Tutorial  Benny's/Formula wheels on any car

    What you need: LSCHax ( https://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/grand-theft-auto-v/224075-lschax-1-50-external.html ) Office garage with Auto shop Instructions: 1. Get in your car and go to the Auto shop in your office. 2. Get out of your car in the Auto shop and get back in. 3. Open LSCHax. 4...
  16. Ehrmantraut

    Gamesaves  Untouched GTAV Save File (1.32)

    ( set se7ensins theme to 7.4 Dark) Posting this because I was looking for this myself. Nice for starting fresh when modding your save using Save Editor Nothing more and nothing less than an normal untouched Gtav save for use with save wizard. This is an EU save so sorry, if you are in US Region...
  17. NighttimeHawk

    Game Mods  SAO Asuna Yuuki Jester 2 Texture

    Sword Art Online Asuna Yuuki Jester 2 Got bored so i started to fool around with car textures. this is just something i was fooling around with on the festive surprise dlc, but please do share ideas as i might make them if theyre appealing enough! download...
  18. Mr Glitches GTA

    Mod Menu  GTA 5 Clobber Menu (Outfit Editor)

    GTA 5 Clobber Menu 2.1 (Outfit Editor) 1.52 Here we have my Outfit dedicated internal mod menu for GTA 5 Offline & Online 1.52 Warning: This menu is an internal menu that uses natives and it could become detected. You accept all risk if you use it online I have successfully used my menu myself...
  19. TheMoneyLobby

    Tools  [GTA V ANTI-AFK - MONEY-LOBBY TOOL] ✅ 1.48 ✅ NO IDLE KICK ✅ 100% SAFE ✅ VERSION: 0.3 ✅

    V0.3 Added Se7ensins Official Logo at start Fixed a bug where users reported AFK was not working Fixed a bug where it would crash Fixed a bug where the cache errors occurred Fixed encryption even more harder to defuse :wink: Fixed issue where it would kick after 5735 Seconds and crash V0.2 -...
  20. Wh1t3 x Sm0K3

    Code  Custom FiveM Server Base Source Code

    Here is my Custom FiveM Server Base with this base you can setup your own FiveM Server you can host it at home on your computer or on a VPS (if you like being limited in resources then host it on a VPS) My Home Computer hosts my Server and seems too run better on my Computer then on a VPS I...
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