gta 5 car duplication

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    Requirements: - Ifruit Plate - 1 Person who can start the job with u - 1 Apartment - Car you want to dupe (recomment Issi Classic Arena War upgraded) - Elegy RH8 or any other free car you want to overwrite - Last mission in the Casino from Ms. Baker Preparation: Play all Baker Missions till yu...
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    Welcome to CrimzonModding's free money drop lobbies! How to join: - Post your Social Club in the comments and I will send you a friend request - When the lobby is live, I will start a close friends session and then you can join. Where to go and what to do: - Go to the airport hangar in Passive...
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    Patched Facility solo car dupe

    Founders: - THP070 - Broontango - Obese Giraffe - KingalexHD Requirements: -Facility with sleeping quarter -MOC with personal vehicle storage (Not Workshop!) -Someone in a different targeting mode Steps: 1 Drive car you want dupe out of MOC and leave in bunker 2 Go to Facility (don't use a...
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    All EASY SEMI SOLO GTA 5 Car Duplication Money Glitch! (GTA 5 Online Money Glitch)

    Requirements: 10 car garage with a fagio in it, another 10 car garage with a free elegy in it.. so the cars have to be in different garages.. also have the car you want to duplicate in a casino penthouse or a facility, or a arcade.. or a arena workshop.. any of thoes work Heres a video on it:
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    Patched !!!!!!Easy Car Dupe!!!!!! One Hooker and One Friend!

    Requirements: Must be done between 22:00 and 05:00 game time when Hookers spawn. Arcade; Nightclub; Arena or Penthouse garages. One friend. Invite only session. Vehicle set to everyone. Any street car. Faggio in a 10 car garage. Free Elegy in any garage. Car you want to duplicate in any garage...
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    Patched Car Dupe Glitch need one friend for targeting alert.

    #Requirements: * Arcade with garage filled with free Elegy's. * MOC with personal vehicle storage. * Car to dupe (preferably a fully maxed out Issi). * An invite only session **not** a solo session. * Aim mode set to Free Aim (not 100% required but the targeting mode alert is...
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    Patched Working Solo Car Duplication Glitch

    The steps are very similar to that to the arcade duplication glitch but there are some differences. This glitch is easier than the arcade but takes a little longer. Video: REQUIREMENTS: -Nightclub -Bunker -MOC with a personal vehicle storage -Targeting mode set to free aim -Free...
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    Working [PC] Fast and consistent solo car duplication glitch after Casino Heist update using ghost bike

    Big thanks to ronaldomga for the original method 3 minutes per dupe. I will also show how to sell back to back without being detected so all in all you can net 1 million every 5 minutes including sale time To further optimise the process, once the garage is filled with dupes, trade it to the...
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    Patched Godmode, off the radar possible car dupe/gctf

    Original founder Hoggywertsdd_tm Other Founders that should be mentioned muky modz,, invalidcheatz, I—sweatoppz and bad_boy-king02 Requirements: A friend to help you Arcade Arcade Hiest finale New godmode and off the radar glitch using the arcade Go up to the middle of three boards where...
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    Founders: muky modz, hoggywertsdd_tm, invalidcheatz, I—sweatoppz and bad_boy-king02 Requirements: A friend to help you Arcade Arcade Hiest finale New godmode and off the radar glitch using the arcade Go up to the middle of three boards where you can do prep missions Open phone and wait or...
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    Solved Hey can someone help me figure out what mods are needee to boost sale price of issi ?

    Hey everyone not sure if this is the right place but im duping cars and i got the issi and it looks expensive to upgrade. I was tryinf to figure out what i dont need to buy on it because ive heard not everything boost the price of it. All help is appreciated.
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    Discovery Semi-working: Car Dupe at facility Needs finishing touches.

    Fill facility (faggios) Drive any pv from a different garage into the facility. accept the replace alert. Quickly double tap on an invite only friend, and accept all alerts Choose the slot you want to overwrite. Your pv icon will be outside, and the same car will be parked inside. Here's the...
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    Patched Possible Glitch or Car Dupe?

    Just going to leave a quick rundown below of all the details to a weird bug/glitch I've encountered along with a clip down in the spoiler showing exactly what went down. Hopefully, someone can find a way to tweak it and turn it into something worthwhile. Not sure if this is something that's been...
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    Patched Fast farm car dupe WORKING NOW

    Fast farm car dupe WORKING NOW Founders: KillerGaming - (link: Obese Giraffe - (link: Celestial Gaming - (link:
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    Patched Possible MOC solo car dupe glitch.

    I found something... Enter Bunker Drive caddy side on to the bunker door such that you will exit on the passenger side. Drive rh8 outside MOC Trap the passenger door of the caddy Go to the bunker door to get the exit bunker alert. Hit A+Y at the same time and hold RT. You will spawn on foot to...
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    Founders: Celestial Gaming - KillerGaming- Obese Giraffe - Original founder: Apokalypt -...
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    Patched GTA 5 New easy multi-car dupe glitch

    New easy car duplication glitch Founders: Celestial Gaming - Obese Giraffe - Original founder: Apokalypt - Videos...
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    Patched **WORKAROUND ONLY** Solo Ceo Car Dupe Glitch

    **UPDATED AFTER 2nd PATCH** LOL 1st & 2nd Workaround finder- Broontango Original founders- Obese Giraffe/killer gaming Steps: 1) Public session/ press right Dpad & Sit at ceo desk/ open ceo computer. 2) Go to any special vehicle mission, launch mission & stay on the confirm screen. 3) Hover...
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    Patched Easy NightClub - Bunker - MOC Car Dupe

    Duplicate Post - Requirements before you start ! 1. Basic Elegy Retro inside the nightclub bay 2. Elegy's on all...
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    Patched Easy*Solo*Car Dupe*Moc,Bunker,Nightclub

    I've altered the written tutorial for the teleport part and it looks a lot cause it explains more but can use same steps as video up to you guys both methods still work so enjoy: REQUIREMENTS: Invite only session Nightclub with a free elegy in entrance. your targeting mode Set to Free...
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