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  1. Baman9250

    Xbox 360  Issues with converting files (need help) GTA IV modding

    Hi, recently bought a rgh Xbox 360 in the hopes of being able to put a mod menu onto GTA 4. issues that I'm having is turning scripts into xex files so I could put it into the plugins on dash launch but I've tried multiple times with multiple programs and I'm not able to figure it out and would...
  2. GTAIV TBoGT X TLaD X 2021 Working trainer menu!

    GTAIV TBoGT X TLaD X 2021 Working trainer menu!

    Hello, this is a video showcasing a working script trainer menu for the complete edition of GTA 4! Installation is painless and doesn't require any crazy use of the OpenIV editor. The options include all DLC models and weapons, god mode, unlimited ammo, super speed, rainbow cars, etc. PM me for link
  3. Daniel182AVA

    Support  Help modding GTA IV with TU 8 [XBOX 360 RGH]

    Hi everyone, greetings from Colombia. I'm having issues modding common.rpf after update GTA IV throug Aurora. I've extracted handling.dat and waponinfo.xml and modify them but when I start the game it gets in a infinite loading screen. What did I do wrong? I hope you guys help me. Thanks
  4. Bleys1137

    All  Grand Theft Auto IV Sports Cars Burnouts Completion

    Grand Theft Auto IV Sports Cars Burnouts Completion
  5. DxW

    Code  TUG Freeze Protection - Source Code

    TUG FREEZE its old freeze nothing new but still some people use it its on DAXX MENU if(tugfreeze){ if((IS_BUTTON_PRESSED(0, BUTTON_A)) && (IS_BUTTON_JUST_PRESSED(0, BUTTON_B))) { delete_vehicles(9999,true,"all"); print("Deleting Tugs"); } }
  6. DxW

    Code  Health & Armour Display Source Code

    HEALTH & ARMOUR For who wants the health & armour Draw Below the Host & Frame ... etc Credits : DARKxiXixWAVE Enjoy :)
  7. LewisColl96

    Unsolved  Convert NPEB To Bles

    Hey Guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place but I've searching for days to download a GTA IV iso. but only finding split pkg that just won't install, I do have it on my account on store and I'm wondering if there's a way to convert it from store version to disc version to be in modding? Or can...
  8. Token

    Game Mods  GTA IV Destroyer v4.5 - SLOD Freeze & IP Pulling (Last Updated: 17/05/2020)

    GTA IV Destroyer v4.5 (Last Updated: 17/05/2020) (Superlod Freeze Method a.k.a SLOD Freeze + IP Pulling) Open the menu using LB & DPAD Left.
  9. 35e

    Unsolved  I can't buy it from steam

    hello, I want play LCPD and i can't play it on cracked version and i cant buy the game from steam Because it is not available for purchase, i cant play gta 5 Because of my device's weakness. plz help.
  10. ChrisTuffur

    Game Mods  Modifications by ChrisTuffur 1.0 [RELEASE]

    Hi all, it's been a VERY long time since I've really released anything, especially an entire project. It may seen unusual to do so in the year 2020 - nine years after I started - but surprisingly, the demand is still there. I started work on these back in June last year, just as a pastime, but...
  11. xStormsnoutx

    Mod Menu  [Beta Release] Heli Modification Menu - by xStormsnoutx

    Hello Guys, this might be one of my last release for this game. This is a menu i spent many hours on but im too busy to code stuff for this game. Normaly I want all my releases to be nearly 100% perfect before I hand them out but this time I was too demotivated to keep working. But this menu...
  12. OhStopItYouhh

    Solved  OPENIV .xtd problem

    Hello everyone! SO im only 12 days into modding anything, and ive run into some trouble. Ive figured out how to change headlght colors and tailights, but ive now moved to headlight texture. I pretty much only want to see if i can get it to work by drawing over the texture itself. To make more...
  13. Wh1t3 x Sm0K3

    Discussion  Grand Theft Auto IV Online Still Working on Latest Patch

    Grand Theft Auto IV Online Still Working as of July 16, 2019 So if you want to play online now you know it still works on Latest Patch Grand Theft Auto IV: Suprise Patch Mod / ASI / Script Compatibility Fortunately for us, Rockstar updated the game and it's LaunchGTAIV Social Club...
  14. dani5555

    Solved  MD v13 not loading

    I spent numerous nights trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and to this day I still haven't figured it out, I tried different menus and everything but nothing working, I even download the dlc just to make sure and still nothing, and on the md v13 thread the cfw link doesn't work and I...
  15. WereWolfs

    Solved  Gta iv question speed car

    I always wondered i been bored and wanted mess around with the speed car, but is it possible to make the car faster ? Or does it have a limit
  16. PPRX

    (UPDATED) Fake Host Script - PS3 / Xbox360

    PPRX's Fake Host Script Works on PS3 OFW/CFW (All Regions) and Xbox360 Retail/RGH/JTAG ● What This ● When you load this script, you become a fake host locally. This will enable Full Black Screen Protection, Resurrect (teleport) people and You can change weather (others can see). ● Known Bugs...
  17. NpK Studios

    Video  Installing the Liberty City Map in GTA V!

    Hey all! We've just uploaded a video with how to install Liberty City Rewind on our channel! This isn't for self promotion but to show you guys how to get an entire map in GTA! Moderators if you wanna remove this post feel free to however less people may find out about this cool mod! Here is...
  18. zl2eAcTiVex

    Game Mods  Heli Crosshairs v1

    Sup Se7ensins Crew, Have A Heli Mod I Make Few Years Back.. Forgot All About It For Release, Maybe You still Have Fun With It. It Give The Heli A Crosshair In First View Or Left Side View, Spawn Buzzard Or Ani, And Rapidfire Option...
  19. ISOLaTION Xy

    Solved  Xbox 360 - Handling.dat error - help

    Hello Everyone :smile: I have used a base modifications pack from Freeze Car Mods: (EFLC) which I have edited it a lot as you can see here: it is working fine part from a little few bugs but I have fixed them, I tried adding a off-road line for the rancher and an super speed line for the...
  20. DisconnectingHD

    Solved  IMG Burn "illegal" Has anyone ever seen this happen when burning a GTA ISO? new to me
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