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gta 4

  1. O

    Question  GTA IV How to load .sco file ?

    Hey sorry for the noob question. I got my rgh today and just installed gta iv, I came across a few mod menus but they are all .sco files and I am unsure how to load them / where to place them in the files. thanks
  2. Best Deals

    Discussion  New GTA IV Modding Team

    Welcome to Grand Protectors! Hello, I am starting a brand new GTA IV Modding Team {Xbox Only} for Original and TBOGT, here only to clean up GTA IV lobbies from bad modders! Must have modding experience if anyone on the team is interested in custom files I have for the game. We are here to make...
  3. Best Deals

    Solved  GTA Original ISO link?

    Can someone dm or direct me to a working clean gta iv original ntsc or region free download link for xbox please? Can’t seem to find a working iso with all files for original. Appreciate if anyone could help!
  4. shaunr

    Discussion  Menus with crash/kick protection?

    Or anything that I can use to kick out players myself? The amount of bad modders on GTA 4 right now is pretty annoying. Any tips appreciated.
  5. G

    Question  How do I install MD v13 on ps3 OFW? It’s been years since I’ve done this..I just need a refresh.

    I need help installing MD v13 on my ofw ps3
  6. Q

    Support  (NEEDED) PS3 GTA IV common.rpf bypass

    So iv been looking for a bypassd common.rpf for GTA IV (NOT EFLC) FOR PS3 but I never find it bc every one that have it says its priv and the old posts about it with the link the link be not working so please if any one have it can i have the link ?
  7. paganeric

    Working  Does iso modding still work

    Hello guys. I am completely out of the loop. I was wondering if hotswapping still works on xbox 360 to mod GTA IV/EFLC? Has anything been patched?
  8. AnonymousGentleman

    Question  GTAIV modified common.rpf with a modded script & network.img causes game to crash. Menus work perfectly okay with Xbox360.rpf though.

    Alright, I'm unsure if anyone else goes through this problem; it seems to me that a modded common.rpf will conflicts with modded script imgs aka mod menus, causing the game to crash/freeze. When I replace the Xbox360.rpf with a modded 1, the game still works with the modded script imgs but...
  9. SuleMareVientu

    Tutorial  GTA:V/GTA:IV/RDR Texture modding tutorial for PS3 & Xbox 360

    GTA V RPF editing > LibertyV (use latest version) GTA IV RPF editing > OpenIV (use version 0.9.202) GTA IV IMG editing > SparkIV Remember that you can't change the size/format of a texture! Get the required tools (Virus Scan) You'll need to find GTAIV.exe by yourself, just google it Get...
  10. T

    Question  GTA IV ISO Disk Mod menu - terrible lag and map rendering - Need advice.

    Really need some advice. (Xb360 - Major Distribution 13) I’ve successfully hotswapped and installed my Iso disk, but I’m plagued with low FPS/nasty lag and rendering issues across the map whilst in free mode, i’m usually stuck around 16-20 fps and crash often, I can simply spawn into the free...
  11. James Reborn

    News  delete this please

    delete this please
  12. Gipediotis16

    Question  Help finding this mod menu xD4I2K SIVIOKEx's v4

    can someone provide me a link for this mod menu i cant seem to find it its an old one thats why i cant find it but if someone still has the files pls do reply on this post thank you.
  13. D

    Question  How to change GTA IV weapon damage on PS3?

    I've been trying to change the base damage values for weapons in GTA IV. Editing the weaponinfo.xml just causes a looping loading screen. Is there any other way to change the base weapon damage?
  14. R

    Code  GTA IV Events Blocker + IP Finder + Godmode Detector & more [Source code]

    Hello everyone In fact, I would like to post some of my private stuff because someone called 'shockwave' (Egyptian guy) posted my stuff in his menu SxW Mod Menu (public) without my permission because he said he would keep it in private so I want to everyone enjoy here ヅ, credits...
  15. Baman9250

    Xbox 360  Issues with converting files (need help) GTA IV modding

    Hi, recently bought a rgh Xbox 360 in the hopes of being able to put a mod menu onto GTA 4. issues that I'm having is turning scripts into xex files so I could put it into the plugins on dash launch but I've tried multiple times with multiple programs and I'm not able to figure it out and would...
  16. GTAIV TBoGT X TLaD X 2021 Working trainer menu!

    GTAIV TBoGT X TLaD X 2021 Working trainer menu!

    Hello, this is a video showcasing a working script trainer menu for the complete edition of GTA 4! Installation is painless and doesn't require any crazy use of the OpenIV editor. The options include all DLC models and weapons, god mode, unlimited ammo, super speed, rainbow cars, etc. PM me for link
  17. Daniel182AVA

    Support  Help modding GTA IV with TU 8 [XBOX 360 RGH]

    Hi everyone, greetings from Colombia. I'm having issues modding common.rpf after update GTA IV throug Aurora. I've extracted handling.dat and waponinfo.xml and modify them but when I start the game it gets in a infinite loading screen. What did I do wrong? I hope you guys help me. Thanks
  18. Bleys1137

    All  Grand Theft Auto IV Sports Cars Burnouts Completion

    Grand Theft Auto IV Sports Cars Burnouts Completion
  19. DxW

    Code  TUG Freeze Protection - Source Code

    TUG FREEZE its old freeze nothing new but still some people use it its on DAXX MENU if(tugfreeze){ if((IS_BUTTON_PRESSED(0, BUTTON_A)) && (IS_BUTTON_JUST_PRESSED(0, BUTTON_B))) { delete_vehicles(9999,true,"all"); print("Deleting Tugs"); } }
  20. DxW

    Code  Health & Armour Display Source Code

    HEALTH & ARMOUR For who wants the health & armour Draw Below the Host & Frame ... etc Credits : DARKxiXixWAVE Enjoy :)
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