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gta 1.46

  1. A

    Discussion  Seeking Advice: Copyright Concerns for Old Game Download Website

    Hello fellow forum members, I hope this message finds you all in good spirits! I am currently in the process of building a website that aims to bring back old games and allow users to download them for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. While I'm thrilled about the project, I have some serious...
  2. CrimzonModz


    Welcome to CrimzonModding's free money drop lobbies! How to join: - Post your Social Club in the comments and I will send you a friend request - When the lobby is live, I will start a close friends session and then you can join. Where to go and what to do: - Go to the airport hangar in Passive...

    Working  Infinite BMX glitch/bmx in car slot

    Requirements 1 friend 6 garages full off cars all bmx racks full swap garage 4 with a 2 car garage put a elgy in garage 1 slot one Method: Drive to the 2 car garage pull out a bmx and leave it there steal a street car drive to the airport request the Elegy from garage 1 slot one...

    Patched  BMX IN CAR SLOT

    1. Go in public session with your friends 2. order a car and tell your friend to go in the car 3. Go in front of the arena, go in a garage with the car and during the cinematics join a friend in an invite job (stay on the second alert few seconds) *If you spawn in the arena you have fail but...
  5. TheMoneyLobby

    Tools  [GTA V ANTI-AFK - MONEY-LOBBY TOOL] ✅ 1.48 ✅ NO IDLE KICK ✅ 100% SAFE ✅ VERSION: 0.3 ✅

    V0.3 Added Se7ensins Official Logo at start Fixed a bug where users reported AFK was not working Fixed a bug where it would crash Fixed a bug where the cache errors occurred Fixed encryption even more harder to defuse :wink: Fixed issue where it would kick after 5735 Seconds and crash V0.2 -...


    Duplicate post: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/how-to-pull-off-rc-bandito-otr-semi-god-mode-glitch.1758600/ Shout Out to the Founder wherever he is... !!! Thank you for this Requirements: RC Bandito Pros: God mode playing against cops Character will be invisible Off the Radar...
  7. M

    Dougall's Money Drops (2.5k Bags)

    Open ( ) Closed (X) Rules: 1. Post your Social Club ID below and accept the rules(Ill get to it when I get to it) 2. Add DoomIris on Social Club 3. Wait for a game invite 4. Go to LSIA in passive mode 5. Remove me from your friends list after NO RECORDING NO MODDERS NO BANKING NO SPENDING NO...
  8. S

    Question  GTA 5 Cracked Multiplayer Problem

    Hello Se7enSins Community, So this is my first post on this forum. Yesterday I got GTA 5 Reloaded 1.36 and today I tried RAGE.MP and got the error message that I need 1.46 for it an the problem is, there is no chance to update for me to 1.46 because there is no crack update for it. Latest...
  9. ErmOkay

    ErmOkay | Free Money Drop✅ | All the money you need!

    Free GTA V Money Drop Lobby STATUS: CLOSED ❌ RULES: - Must Be in Passive Mode. - No Bringing Cops around the drop zone. - No Bullying other players. - No Killing other players. - Don't bank or spend money in the lobby. - Respect everyone. - No mentioning the money drop in the sessions...
  10. D

    PC  Im Looking For A Crew To Play GTA Most Days

    Im currently looking 2-3 players on PC GTA5 to mess about, do missions and f*** about. If your interested Message me on social club SC:Flidamightous Or post your own Social clubs age has to be 18+ has to speak english has to have discord and possibly has to be up to play other games! But mostly...
  11. O

    Question  Pc mod menu 1.46 no malware

    any mod menus that come with no malware? Just looking to get modded money nothing else. Thanks.
  12. wintersvii

    LIVE| 2.5k bags | GTA ONLINE MONEY DROP LOBBIES | 1.46 | Undetected |

    [LIVE] TO JOIN Drop your Social Club below, i will add you and invite you to a lobby when i’m online. RULES 1. DO NOT KILL OTHERS 2. DO NOT ASK FOR MORE MONEY 3. RESPECT EVERYONE 4. DO NOT BANK OR SPEND ANY MONEY IN MY LOBBYS 5. ANY OF THESE WILL RESULT IN A KICK+BAN DONATIONS feel free to...
  13. Dieseldude

    Solved  Duplicate $0??

    So I duplicated a deluxo and sold one. Now the deluxo I have says it sells for $0 at LSC. Also any dupes I make of the bad dupe are $0. PLEASE PLEASE HELP. Are the plates a problem? How do I clean a dirty duplicate? Or why does my deluxo cost nothing?
  14. GreenVG

    (CLOSED) Chris's Cash Lobby| 2.5K Bags slow and fast drops

    STATUS :ONLINE If the status says OFFLINE instead of ONLINE please don't leave the FC even if the thread is open. HOW TO JOIN Post your SCFC below and ill add you.Then ill invite you in RULES 1.Do NOT spend/bank money in this lobby 2.Do NOT deposit your money in to your bank 3.Do not ask...
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