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  1. M

    Discussion  Custom GSC Game Modes for servers HELP NEEDED! (Plutonium t6) Black Ops 2

    I run some servers over on plutonium for SnD. I have recently been very intrigued with the custom GSC game modes for Black Ops 2 that have come out over the years. There are some very cool modes such as prop hunt, freeze tag, etc... I'm making this post to see if I can group up some people who...
  2. Xeirh

    Mod Menu  Modern Warfare Remastered GSC Mod Menu - Base Edit

    For the most part it works pretty good, I only ever used it for testing and might as well let people use it. The menu has no editing functionality like resizing, moving or changing colors. It does have shader support using classic Extinct's way because it's easy and nice. Has toggle shaders...
  3. Xeirh

    Code  Black Ops II - GSC, Dumb scripts, Mob Of The Dead, Powerup Magnet, Fake Shield & More

    The last thread was in the wrong place, enjoy Perk Shaders Toggle Shaders
  4. Xeirh

    Code  GSC String Conversation

  5. wmp

    Tools  Code Browser GSC Functions - (MW, MW2, BO1, MW3, BO2) + Source

    Video of Tool: Virus Test: Test Source Code: Source Tool: Code Browser Menu Bases including (MW,MW2,BO1,BO2,BO3,MW3,W@W) GSC Functions Aimbots DVAR Dumps Models Visions Shaders Weapons Camos RAW File Dumps Offsets Commands
  6. M

    Question  I'm using a YouTube menu base to create a menu, but I can't move between sub-menus. How can I fix this?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to menu creation in C++ and I'm currently using a menu base that I found on YouTube. It's a fun project that I'm working on in my spare time to help me better understand C++ concepts. However, I've run into an issue when attempting to create multiple pages within the...
  7. N

    Question  Mod Menu Help Please.

    I made my own mod menu on GSC Studio and everything works fine but after a few minutes in a game it freezes. I compile the script into _clientids. Then I go into neighborhood > games > black ops 2 > raw > maps > mp > gametypes and place it in there. The bo2 file used to be for elegance and it...
  8. CraftyCritter

    Mod Menu  [RELEASE] Jiggy v4.2 GSC Mod Menu For Black ops 3 Last Gen - First Ever Last Gen BO3 GSC Mod Menu

    Hello to the few last gen BO3 players! I have been working over the past few weeks to get Jiggy v4.2 (a very popular BO2 GSC mod menu) ported to BO3. It has been hard and very tedious as last gen BO3's GSC scripting is so different from every other COD, but it is finally done. I chose Jiggy...
  9. CraftyCritter

    Game Mods  Custom GSC Loader / Compiler Release!

    Hey guys, this is a release of my Xbox 360 custom GSC loader, along with a compiler that is known working for Xbox 360 and probably for ps3. Both are based on CraigChrist8239's Tesseract and ported BO2 GSC compiler so massive thanks to him. The loader has a patched default.xex and...
  10. L

    Code  RELEASE - Black Ops 1 GSC Zombies Menu Base

    Hi All, I've not seen much released for black ops 1 and I'm not so sure why because the game itself is much more fun than most call of dutys these days I'm guessing it's because there isnt much out there to help out so I've decided to throw together a menu base in the hopes it gets more people...
  11. Y

    Question  Bo2 force host isnt working

    So, yeah im still trying to play bo2 w mods online in 2020, but yeah. My force host inst working propperly, il go into a custom game and enable force host there, end the game and go to public, and here the problem comes on, so it wont even let me join a perfectly empty lobby, im stuck in never...
  12. dr4tinymous

    Discussion  leiizko globallogic script

    So I would like to use some of the features in leiizko's new experience cod4 server configuration. I am running my own mod so I know that will require some editing of the globallogic and other scripts but I am not sure exactly how to go about that. I can't post links in this forum just yet so...
  13. dix_pix

    Question  GSC Mod Menu Help (BO2)

    I'm new to coding and creating my first GSC menu. What I would like to ask is...does anyone know how to make your Menu Title spin? Like the text/number scramble effect? I've seen codes for spintext etc..but this is for displaying messages in-game? Thanks for any help.
  14. dr NHA

    Smooth GSC aimbot script?

    I see noone has attempted a smooth gsc aimbot. If someone has then please come forward and tell me wether u want me to release it for the rest of the world or if u want it all to ur selves. In other words I have a smooth aimbot script on the way with little to no issues. Will be open source...
  15. G

    Solved  Determining Weapon used for a kill

    I'm trying to create a Gun Game where getting stabbed sends you back one gun, just like in the real game mode. I found some kind of function in _matchdata.gsc (pastebin . com/EAKs4zGq), specifically killedPlayer(). The issue is that I can't seem to find where the game stores the weapon used for...
  16. W

    Question  Bo2 split screen menus

    I can't find any mod menu that is compatible with split screen. If u find 1 please notify me because I have no kvs and I don't want to be scammed but I also want to be able to give cohost to my friends. I would also like to find one 4 zombies Btw I prefer gsc menus but dll is fine
  17. Crxnge

    Tutorial  Black Ops 2 GSC Mod Menu Tutorial - Basics

    Hello Se7enSins, this is a short tutorial on the basics of creating a GSC mod menu. This tutorial was made by ItsRexxys on YouTube for me but I decided to release it to help you guys out. His Instagram is @yt_itsrexxys give him a follow. Well, that's enough talking let us get into the good...
  18. Klipp

    Solved  BO2 Keeps Freezing After using GSC Injector

    Hi Everybody, I Have been trying to host some modded bo2 mini games like Zombieland but everytime i start it up its freezes my game. Itll put me in a lobby and show he text for the mods and everything. The injector tells me that the menu has been injected successfully. I have tried using a GSC...
  19. jamesgarretttt

    Question  Modded GSC Game Mode HELP!!!

    so, as the title says i need a little guidance when it comes to these. so im familiar with the all popular gsc studio way. well im not a fan of injecting every time. for a couple game modes ive figured out how to path it correctly so that i can just install it on there for good just as you...
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