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gsc menu

  1. N

    Question  Mod Menu Help Please.

    I made my own mod menu on GSC Studio and everything works fine but after a few minutes in a game it freezes. I compile the script into _clientids. Then I go into neighborhood > games > black ops 2 > raw > maps > mp > gametypes and place it in there. The bo2 file used to be for elegance and it...
  2. R

    Question  Any good GSC menus on Bo2?

    HI guys im relitivly new to modding as ive only had my RGH for a week now and ive had some trouble as when my server ran out it would infinatly load on the xbox logo but i think ive fixed it as some one told me to put a usb with a launch.ini in but the reason im putting this on here is becasue i...
  3. zVoiix_

    Question  Mw2 GSC Help with the Guid permission pls

    Well i have problems with an gsc menu i downloaded cause i want to run it on a mw2 server and have access but i doesnt allow me to. I tried to edit it so it recognize me with my guid but failed everytime. My guid works on other menus so it should work here but i mess up with the script. If you...
  4. NeverFamousGuy

    Massive GSC Thread

    Before using this thread and ripping me apart, understand that when I say functions it is lightly used as I understand these are methods, functions, csc functions, etc etc. and not just "Functions", but to categorize them all into one category I have decided to just use functions. --------------...
  5. Bloodygamers1

    Question  How Do I Properly Edit A Source Code And Inject It?

    We all know theirs the jiggy 4.2 source code and i'v been searching around how to edit to edit it and save it. Do i need a menu base or something? can someone tell exactly how to do it? because im noob af Lol and i wanna do this!! Any 1?
  6. O

    Solved  Need BETA Tester For Skittles v3.1

    Hello guys, i am needing a beta tester to test out my Skittles v3.1 Mod Menu for BO2. Thanks
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