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  1. N

    GTA Online Exclusive Service Free Money

    Hey all! Our service now do free money lobby Status: offline Rules 1. I do not take any responsibility of bans! !!! Banrate is 0%!!! (Until now and we do GTA$ on one account wihtout a ban) 2. Do not shoot, hit, run over or kill each other! 3. Go to Grand Senore dessert...
  2. G

    Solved  Custom Plates in Missions

    Is it is it me or has Rockstar removed the option of changing custom plates if you are a dirty player? I have made sure I am signed into Social Club iFruit and in a rockstar created mission. Please advise if anybody has any new information since patch 1.40 on changing custom tags if dirty.
  3. SupervisorJimLahey

    Discussion  GtaV Appreciation Thread

    Sorry if this is repetitive. Thread about what you appreciate during the gtavo experience. What do you appreciate about Gta online? If I listed 3 things 1. Collecting/showing rare vehicles 2. The amount of support the 7 community has to offer 3. Rockstar's groundbreaking support and attention to...
  4. xGamer7777x

    Video  1 Million Dollar Apartment VS 500k House In Grand Theft Auto 5

  5. Adudz88

    Tutorial  How to Avoid Bounty's when Stealing Street Vehicles

    I know I'm tired of getting bounties placed on my head and of the people come to kill me & take it when I'm trying to do something important and I'm sure a lot of you are too. This one is kind of an obvious trick but for those that don't know, here's what you do... 1) Go into Passive Mode 2)...
  6. V

    Solved  Character Transfer Question

    Hello Sinners! I'm having difficulties understanding something about character transfers. At first I bought GTA V on PS3 and fully modded my account, then after a while I got the PS4 and bought GTA on it and transferred my character from the PS3 to PS4. After about 6 months my friend who had 2...
  7. C

    Xbox One  GTA mercenary crew for hire.

    Hey I represent a mercenary crew on gta for xbox one. We are called V7 Crimson Assassins. We provide services such as protection, help in crew battles and assassinations. We can also provide whatever you are wanting within reason. If you are interested message me one xbox one, my gamertag is...
  8. Y

    [SA:MP Roleplay] Ultimate Roleplay - A new era of roleplay

    Welcome to a new era of Roleplay Forums: ultimate-rp . com (spaces to remove) Ultimate Roleplay is a former successful national server that has opened his gateways to the international community of SA-MP Roleplayers. U-RP gives you the opportunity to roleplay among great roleplayers and a...
  9. Harmonic

    Patched  Car God Mode Glitch

    So I've just found this out today, not sure if anyone else's has posted it before so I'll post the steps below: 1. You need a friend with you 2. Make the friend go into passive mode and get into your vehicle as a passenger 3. Get in, your car should be invincible. You can still shoot outside...
  10. toofaces2

    NEW Map Mods [Console]

    Water Challange Download VirusScan ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Airport v2 Download VirusScan...
  11. Smarter Gaming

    Patched  Transfer Crew Emblem to Deadline or Tron Outfit and Hoodies, Solo, for Male and Female Characters!

    I like to use saved outfits, but you may transfer the crew emblem to your Tron or Hoodies in free roam even if they are not saved outfits. You must have a t-shirt with the crew emblem saved in a saved outfit slot. 1. Equip the Tron outfit or hoodie you want to put the emblem on so you are...
  12. F

    The Bloodhound Lunatics - BHLS

    We're looking for new recruits and leadership - Check Us Out. We have crew members across major platforms (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PS4) and promotions are rewarded to those who show loyalty. Only 1 Rule: No Crew on Crew Killing...
  13. lucifieraies

    Unsolved  Would there happen to be a way to....

    Would there happen to be a way to....get GTA san Andreas onto the psvita with the latest stock firmware??
  14. Digital HD

    Discussion  New Update - Yacht Discussion

    As we all have seen from the article and the trailer for the new "Executives and Criminals" update being released sometime next week, we will have the ability to purchase a yacht (or yachts). I figured, let's have a little discussion on this topic alone. Some things like how much do you think...
  15. Hulk

    Discussion  GTA V Wishlist Discussion Thread (What would you like to see?)

    It seems recently there have been number of different threads created discussing things like "what things people would like to see in future DLC" and to avoid the section from being cluttered with 10 different threads regarding these topics, we have decided to create this mega thread for GTA V...
  16. Vice City

    Discussion  Grand Theft Auto Online - Career Stat's

    Hello, I thought it would be great to see people's career statistics from their GTA Online character, as there is all kind's of player's from the very beginning of GTA Online, to new player's only just getting into the game. Also it would be interesting to see people's legit statistics compared...
  17. C

    Solved  Working Mod Menus for the lowrider update + what is safe to do in Online?

    Hi there, since the Mod Menu Mega Thread got locked I couldn't find anything regarding Online and mod menus anymore. I'd really like to know what is safe to do without being banned (spawning cars / weapons / money) and if there are any menus working with the newest update that came out a few...

    Crew Recruitment

    Good afternoon, dear members Se7en sins. I urge to divulge my command , the command: MACHOTSUCAIS , for various reasons, unlike the other commands leaders , using other members to exchange messages, warnings , and etc ... I am a leader present . that is on all day and answer all messages from...
  19. GTA 5 PC Users Report Massive Frame Rate Issues

    GTA 5 PC Users Report Massive Frame Rate Issues

    This past week, Grand Theft Auto V received a new downloadable content package from Rockstar titled Ill-Gotten Gains DLC Part 2. Most of us are still mourning the loss of millions of dollars that we spent on either the new Coil Brawler, the newest luxury off-road vehicle, or the new Progen T20...
  20. Sin

    Mod Menu  GTA: Online Online Bypass 1.31 WIP | Mod Menu Mega Thread | Info Thread

    Bypass updated as of September 18th Simple Trainer V2.1 kr0wns 2.1...
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