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  1. modmygamegta

    PC Money drops Safe and Undetected

    Proof: Rules: 1: join in passive 2: go to airport 3: do not kill or take others drops 4; be respectful 5:do not advertise POST SC BELOW ADMIN/MODERATION PLZ DM ME IF THERE IS ANYTHING I NEED TO CHANGE WITH THE EXACT REQUIREMENTS THX Reasons; Grinding...
  2. Some Grand Theft Auto IV Songs Will Be Removed Soon

    Some Grand Theft Auto IV Songs Will Be Removed Soon

    As incredible as it is, Grand Theft Auto IV is coming up on its tenth birthday later this month. And this means that some music licenses will expire and Rockstar will have to remove a bunch of tracks from the game's soundtrack. According to Kotaku, on April 26, a bunch of 10-year agreements...
  3. Wakka387

    Grand Theft Auto - Chicago mod

    What is this?: This mod ports the Driver 2 Chicago map to GTA San Andreas along with multiple other facets in order to create a living, breathing world Team: Vincedark - Mapping, Radar, Porting, Bugfixes Ss4gogeta0 (Me) - Scripting, Zoning, Audio bibidibabidibu - Retexturing Media...
  4. NextGenUnit

    Patched  Maybe new Possible way to get any Duffelbag from DM Trailer Outfit Glitch!(not tested yet)

    First: Do the regular DM Trailer outfit Glitch: Then at Part No. 2 Step no. 8: 1. If you are in creator with an outfit with a Duffelbag and Cristmas...
  5. GTA 5 What's New To GTA Online

    GTA 5 What's New To GTA Online

    Rockstar is continuing its weekly support of Grand Theft Auto V with a new batch of content for GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Along with another assortment of bonuses and discounts, players can now add a fiery new car to their collections, just in time for Valentine's Day. This week's new...
  6. xGamer7777x

    Video  GTA 5 DOOMS DAY FUNNY MOMENTS (Last Heist Failure, Shenanigans, Riding In Our Jet Packs)

  7. Slice

    Working  Grand Theft Auto V Clothing Glitch Mega Thread

    Grand Theft Auto V Clothing Mega Thread Current Patch *1.49* All-in-One thread for anything to do with clothing in GTA V. Full credit for creating this thread goes to Slice Remember we always need your help for updates. Thread up to date: April 2020 [/SPOILER] To improve search...
  8. Goku001

    Patched  NEW AFTER PATCH - Facility Car Duplication Glitch (Money Glitch - PC Version)

  9. T


    Join the most entertaining Role Play Community on PS4 today. Our server is about entertaining interactions, building relationships, crime life, Police life, Everything you would expect from a season of Cops, The Wire, The Sopranos, Power, CSI, ETC. all intertwined into one Realistic Role Play...
  10. Smarter Gaming

    Video  The Coil Cyclone, One of the Worst Cars Released EVER!!! Buyer Beware!!!

    The new Coil Cyclone is a huge disappointment. It is one of the SLOWEST super-cars in top speed. It handles BADLY... it pushes horribly in high speed corners and even in moderate speed corners it pushes (moderate to severe under steer) not even stick flicking will get it to turn well when you...
  11. What's New In GTA Online This Week

    What's New In GTA Online This Week

    Rockstar Games has announced all the new content, deals, and special events happening for Grand Theft Auto Online this week. The centrepiece of the new content is the Buckingham Pyro airplane. It's equipped with twin machine guns, and you can upgrade it extensively with things like liveries...
  12. Token

    Tools  [RGH/JTAG] Knife's GTA IV Ultimate RTM Tool

    Knife's GTA IV Ultimate RTM Tool I'd like to point out that there most likely will be future updates as this is simply a "beta" release. Let me know what you guys think and hit me up with any suggestions you think of or bugs you find. I am aware that the protections can be a little buggy. If...
  13. What's New In GTA 5 Online This Week

    What's New In GTA 5 Online This Week

    Rockstar has rolled out the latest update for Grand Theft Auto V. This week, GTA Online players can pick up yet another new aircraft and take part in a new Adversary mode, Stockpile. Stockpile is described as a "jet-fueled take on capture-the-flag." The mode supports two to four teams and up to...
  14. Here's What's New In GTA 5 Online This Week

    Here's What's New In GTA 5 Online This Week

    Rockstar has announced the latest batch content and bonuses for Grand Theft Auto V. This week, GTA Online players can add a brand new plane to their fleet and find discounts on a range of aerial vehicles and items. Starting today, players can purchase the Buckingham Howard NX-25, a sleek new...
  15. WannaDJ

    Video  GRIEFING JET GRIEFERS! - Free Roam Madness #28 (GTA 5 Online)

    GRIEFING JET GRIEFERS! - Free Roam Madness #28 (GTA 5 Online) In episode #28 of my Free Roam Madness series I will show you how to grief a jet griefer!
  16. GTA 5 Update Introduces A New Mode And An Awesome New Truck

    GTA 5 Update Introduces A New Mode And An Awesome New Truck

    Rockstar Games has released the latest update for Grand Theft Auto V. And although it isn't a major new expansion, there is some worthwhile new content for players to check out in Grand Theft Auto Online. That includes a new Adversary mode called Overtime Shootout. This is a modified version of...
  17. Juynn


    We are currently looking for people to be a civilian or police officer (Illinois Laws) for our Roleplaying custom gamemode we have made based off of the Mission Row, Sandy Shores, County Police Departments. We take this seriously and are looking for serious people to roleplay with. Message me on...
  18. Immense

    Lobby Drop Release (Download)

    EVERYONE THAT IS GIVING ME HATE FOR THIS ITS 10 YEEEEEEAAARS OOOOOOOLLDDDDDD MOVE ON! Just decided to drop cause well why not lmfao There ya go GTA IV community Instructions - Simply spawn a freeze gun aka rocket and throw it and boom goes the dynamite RIP GTA IV Its been a good 10 years BTW...
  19. Immense

    Game Mods  [RGH/JTAG] Blackscreen Protection, File Bypass & More

    I am posting this on a friends behalf since for some reason it wont let him post it. His profile is Sockstress otherwise known as Freeze as well. He made this, I can personally vouch 100% cause I have used this plugin for over a year and its great. Post and vouch :smile: This is a plugin that...
  20. Vice City

    Discussion  New Discounts, Karin Technical Custom Available & Double RP/GTA$ Extended for Overtime Rumble

    Originally introduced with Heists, the turret-mounted Karin Technical (also known as your favorite hillbilly death truck from Series A Funding) has reemerged from the seedy backwoods, deadlier and more customizable than ever before. Upgrade the Karin Technical in your Mobile Operations Center’s...
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