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    Discussion Grand Theft Auto IV Singleplayer Mod Menu for JTAG?

    As the title said, I'm looking for a singleplayer mod menu for gta 4 on my jtagged xbox. I'm looking for a fun mod menu where I can atleast spawn any peds, or play preset minigames(along with other common features such as player options(godmode,never wanted,etc) and vehicle...
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    Solved MD V13 Install Help.

    I have recently have tried to install MD V13 on My Ps3 I'm on CFW I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to install the files to my game, And get it all working. Thanks.
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    Solved Help I need these files/Sco’s/Menus for GTA IV iso mods [Xbox 360 ]

    Most of the links to the files I want are dead and I was wondering if anyone can provide me a working link to Evil Blunts Ultimate Funny Car Menu for the original copy of Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360 and another thing is I have been looking for modded weapon camouflage skin mods as well...
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    Solved GTA 4 PS3 MODDING?

    Hi am a bit new to the modding on ps3. I need a bit of help. I modded gta 5 that was easy. but am having problems with gta 4. I know that on gta 5 you need to change it to bles. do you need to do that on gta 4. my gta 4 copy is blus. also how do I install the mod menu so that I can also mod...
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