1. L

    Unsolved  Fake Gold playable games?

    hello, I have a stealth with fake gold spoofing. that means i can only play cods above bo2 (incl. Bo2) and other games but like gta 5 and gta 4 i can play online but i cant find sessions with players. my question is does somebody know good games that can be played online with fake gold or does...
  2. ItchThatMitch

    Patched  Cayo Perico SOLO Gold

    Patience is necessary, but the guidance to follow is very simple. Follow these steps for the best results, like any recipe :wink: 1- Start a Cayo Perico finale with Kosatka as the approach and the Drainage tunnel as the means of entry. 2-Using this Entry point you will start at the base of...
  3. Proto

    Release  | FREE | Proto Stealth Service | JTAG/RGH/XDK | Requires XBL Gold

    5,500+ Total Users | 1,400+ Monthly Users Current version: 2.4 What is Proto? Written from scratch using pure research and combined knowledge, Proto is a free Xbox Live Stealth service that aims to deliver the best experience. Proto has seamless support for connecting your JTAG/RGH/XDK to Xbox...
  4. GamingMekKing

    Patched  Unlimited gold & money

    Loot a Treasure Hunter, after you took the treasure map disconnect the internet. He will spawn again every time you load in. Works with legendary animals too.
  5. Lucky Warzone Win! (Gameplay)

    Lucky Warzone Win! (Gameplay)

    This is just a short clip of my Warzone win from the other day. Got extremely lucky with the circle (and the stim I picked up mid-game). Crazy how every second counts in this game!
  6. K

    TOMORROW LF camo boosting lobby

    Have 2 controllers and mic. not on discord but can download if necessary
  7. X

    Xbox One  UFC 3 glitches

    Anyone know of any glitches for UFC 3 that are currently working? Trying to get level & gold up.
  8. ilikefredy

    Unsolved  How are system/account bans administered?

    Two questions about getting banned: 1. If a system is RGH'd and connected to Xbox Live for >1 minute, without LiveBlock enabled - is a ban inevitable? (Does your Xbox end up on a list immediately, that results in an inevitable ban?) 2. If you go online with a stealth server but don't do...

    Working  Obtain Secret Gold Rims and Interior on cars

    Founders I was messing around for 4 hours and tried everything and finally found this method. If it’s already discovered then I am not the founder. Thanks Requirements Bunker (spawn location set on it) RC Bandito IssI upgraded to Apocolypse (must have stock wheels)(must have stock wheels...
  10. O

    Working  Farming cigarette cards

    It is possible to preform the lockbox/goldbar glitch on all lockboxes of the same style.. ie the ones that you have to pull out of, or out from under, something.. when preformed in flaco hernandez's cabin the box loots high vel. rifle ammo and an elixer, but in the cabin on the table a pack of...
  11. Xbox Game Pass Adds Life Is Strange 2, Absolver, And More In January

    Xbox Game Pass Adds Life Is Strange 2, Absolver, And More In January

    Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get a fresh batch of new and not-so-new Xbox One games this month, including Absolver, Ark: Survival Evolved, and the first chapter of Life is Strange 2. Microsoft and Square Enix added Life is Strange’s first five-chapter season and the game’s three-chapter...
  12. Xbox One Game Deals On Xbox Live This Week

    Xbox One Game Deals On Xbox Live This Week

    It's the last week before Christmas, so you might think video game sellers would be pulling out all the stops to get your last-minute holiday spending. That's the case with many retailers, like Best Buy, PlayStation Store, and GOG, but Xbox Live's weekly sale is tiny in comparison. Maybe...
  13. AskForMyPSN


    Yo Drop yall's PSNs, I'll add you guys and we'll boost. I am on everyday.
  14. Free Xbox One Games With Gold For July Out Now

    Free Xbox One Games With Gold For July Out Now

    It's the middle of July, and that means it's time for Microsoft's Games With Gold offerings to cycle over into the next round. This week, Death Squared is being added to the Xbox One offerings, and Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is swapping out for Splinter Cell: Conviction on Xbox 360. Assault...
  15. Here Are This Week's New Deals With Gold

    Here Are This Week's New Deals With Gold

    It's a new week, and that means there is a fresh set of deals available on Xbox Live across Xbox One and Xbox 360. Microsoft's Major Nelson rounded these up on his blog, and you can see all of them here. In this post we're rounding up some of the best, most notable deals for you to consider...
  16. This Week's Best Xbox One Deals

    This Week's Best Xbox One Deals

    Microsoft has launched its weekly sale on the Xbox Store, meaning a whole new batch of Xbox One games is available at discounted rates. This week's sale has some particularly appealing deals, so let's dive in and see which great games are available for what low prices. Note that some of the...
  17. Jzyc


    MY XBOX GT: Jzyc
  18. L

    Boost for gold & regal camos? Cage match.

    On all night. Message or add TheRealRainman01. Need a mic and know what to do. Just switched from Xbox to PS. Would grind the **** out of it, but I’m torn between MWR and WW2 at the moment.
  19. A

    WW2 CTF Boost Lobby XBOX 24/7

    CTF Lobby. Requirements: Must have a mic and two controllers. play fair. be patient and be respectful. Msg: ArrivedSolid51 If game gets full i will invite you when someone leaves.
  20. This Week's Xbox One And Xbox 360 Deals With Gold Revealed

    This Week's Xbox One And Xbox 360 Deals With Gold Revealed

    Looking for a deal? Microsoft has announced the latest set of weekly deals for Xbox Live, covering Xbox One and Xbox 360. This week's lineup is not all that extensive, though there are quite a few solid offers to be had. Starting with Xbox One, games like the Battlefield 1 + Expansion Pass...
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