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    Patched Possible God mode?

    messing around This GM works with guns Cops can kill you also you can kill your self but other players can’t Steps Invite only A friend Free Aim I was joining my friend while starting ceo & going into the bunker & then went to Change something on moc Then I found out I’m in Gm I...
  2. B

    Solved God Mode/ free orbital cannon

    Looking around online if someone is on God mode and you know. Due to the fact you blow there car up and they don't die. Is it true you get free orbital cannons? Thanks in advance
  3. J

    Solved How to extract GOD games (RGH)?

    I downloaded Dead or Alive 5 Last Round in GOD format as I couldnt find any iso or extracted release. I would like to extract the contents of GOD games into extracted format for modding purposes :whistle:. I try to convert the god to iso format using GOD2ISO, then tried to extract the iso with...
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    Solved I Need Help With Title Updates For Games With Gold

    So I transferred some GoD from my stock system to my RGH, but I have a bunch of DLC that requires title updates and I can't seem to find the title updates for these Games on Demand, the Media ID are all different from what XboxUnity or anything offers. Most of them are GoD from the Games with...
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    Hcctf boosting lobby all day

    Hosting lobby all day/night Message and invite will be sent. If there's a cue you will be contacted before player leaves, 2controllers and a mic is all you need Psn samfrancis95
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