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god mod 1.40

  1. Kimil

    Patched  [SOLO] Invincible players only very easy

    reqs: no requirements, just invalid activity. steps: 1- Go to the rides and more precisely the Ferris wheel. 2 - go on a Ferris wheel and make options then entry pack into the criminal world and purchase shark cards. 3 - still in the menu from the map, do an invalid activity. 4 - back on the...
  2. Cod_king757

    Working  WWII ZOMBIES - Easy God Mode Pileup

    Make your way up the stairway I do and simply strafe jump out and a little left and crouch at the same time so that you don’t hit your head!! Enjoy ranking up fast!!! Grab a good weapon
  3. Yuseph

    Patched  Full God Mod

    Step 1 : - Go to a public session - Go to your garage - Turn on the TV, put the cartoon channel (near the chain "watch other players") - Open your phone, launch quick activity "random" - Directly! Press arrow right pad to watch TV do not wait more than 10 seconds MAX out of the TV, and restart a...
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