1. war_18789


    Hi guys I'm new here so I have to learn how this stuff works. I apologize if this is the wrong place but I'm just taking a shot in the dark. Here goes. I have been using save editor for outfits and dropping cars about 8 months now on my friends key. In 8 months I've never ran into any issues...
  2. HOVGtv


    New after patch glitch for you all on the map forsaken its all about the timing make sure to call in the arc-xd and as the screen is fading into rc vision also call in the chopper gunner if done correctly you should be god mode solo after the most recent hotfix/patch. thanks for watching and...
  3. ProtoBuffers

    Gamesaves  GTA V Save Resigning Free [TEST]

    Heyo! I forgor about this thread :O Console keys haven't changed since 9.00 so I can decrypt your saves! SEND ME YOUR SAVE AND THE SAVE YOU WANT! MAKE SURE IT IS A MANUAL SAVE!!! Please use the following format UUID: 1245079c34d60320 - file name after PS4/SAVEDATA on flashdrive CUSA...
  4. Modern Warfare Clan - Tuell clan

    Modern Warfare Clan - Tuell clan

    (pronounced tool) The Tuell clan is a bunch of individuals who are looking to run every lobby we join. Whether you are looking for someone to stomp games with or try out exploits, we will do our best to try help you find others alike. We are very active and always looking for new members...
  5. GlitchSquad

    Patched  Very useful trick to find players in different tageting mode for glitching

    I don't know if this is common knowledge but I didn't know about this until now.. I found this by accident today while trying around.. As you know for glitches where you need a player in a different targeting mode on PS4 you can join randoms from communities.. but you can not be sure if the...
  6. FacelessOne123


    i have no idea who found it
  7. E

    Patched  Apex Legends Glitch Unlimited Ultimate Accelerant / Unlimited Powers

    Hey Se7ensins, Back with another glitch this time for the new game Apex Legends. This allows you to keep filling your Ultimate Ability meter, and continue to use your special power. A little video example of how to do it. Text Tutorial: First you want to find the item "Ultimate Accelerant"...

    looking for help with XB1 modding

    Hey Guy's I don't come on here much anymore but lately I've been seeing people providing XB1 modding services, I was a big lover for modding on 360 but gave it up to cross over to XB1, I'm just hoping if someone could give me some legit information on how to mod on XB1 or point me in the right...
  9. Unkown_Error

    Unsolved  Lag Switches and finding glitches.

    Hey, needing opinions on using a lag switch on the PS4. Not in regards to using it during PVP but on instances like finding wall breaches and menu exploits. Does anyone know where to buy one? I don't really want to make it haha. This website is claiming to be able to be set up straight from...
  10. Unchained Savage

    Discussion  AUTO SHARE is the DEVIL!!

    I'm gonna apologize to you all for the TLDR post and to the Mods if this is In The wrong section, but this is IMPORTANT: Just as a word of caution, I know I'm the late guy to the party often. I also know I'm ultra paranoid of R* and their ban hammer as well as the possibility of butt hurt...
  11. Jollycolt710692

    Solved  Cod4 xbox 360

    Hey guys not sure if this is were the post it suppose to go But . I'm looking for anyone that would have the coding for a bounce or glitching menu type. Been looking to edit into one or start a new menu from an older one. Just hmu let me know. Thanks for support...!
  12. R

    Solved  Help with RGH

    Hey!, I have a Falcon xbox 360 and a coolrunner chip. Is there any way to glitch my console without a nand x?, And if not where can i get one for the cheapest price as i dont have any money.
  13. Dynasty007

    Solved  Modded Stratum bodystyle number? Glitching/Modding

    So this is a question regarding the modded bodystyle Stratum. People who are familiar with modding/glitching will be in a better position to answer my question. With the recent give cars to friends glitch I got two Modded stratums thinking their bodystyle number is 253. They are both identical...
  14. I

    Looking for Players

    Hey all, me and my girlfriend are looking for 2 players for Zombies to play with as we are tired of finding noobs who cant play. We are open to doing glitches like pile-ups or the infinite money glitch, so if you guys wanna play on Xbox One hit me up, my GT is iMoNeYShoT ll (two small L's). We...
  15. Matt Wines

    Solved  How to avoid glitch?

    How do you avoid rockstar taking away the money or banning you while doing the Benny's race dupe glitch? (Trying to do a comment, apologies if I post a full thread)
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