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  1. J

    Unsolved  IAA and Police Badge Help

    What the title says. I'm on Xbox one and I want to get the IAA and police badge, but every video I watch mentions that you're no longer able to get them on female characters. Realistically speaking, there has to be a way to do so, whether it's by using a PC, BEFF glitches, or something else. I...
  2. HOVGtv

    Working  SOLO Snakeshot Loadout Jump Out of Map Glitch on Spore Yard

    Hey everybody just wanted to post a quick glitch video tutorial on how to snakeshot loadout jump fully out of map on the vortex gamemode map spore yard. Hope you all enjoy ! And be sure to try this one out, until next time peace and love Se7ensins xD
  3. HOVGtv


    Hello again se7en sins users it its brotha native back again with a new post for you all on how to get out the map on sub base in online multiplayer in modern warfare 3. Hope you all enjoy and be sure to try this out before patched, all you'll need is to land a carepackage / loadout drop like...
  4. itzgtaking

    Unsolved  question about car 2 car merge

    hi i got a quick question for people? is there a car 2 car merge that is working that you do not need netcut for. I am hearing from several people that saying there is one. I watch gta youtubers livestream and people saying the live chat there is a working one. Also, in the past few day of new...
  5. K

    Unsolved  NETCUT, what other things can i do with this GTA5 Online

    Title says it all, currently using netcut to use BEFF but I'm curious Can I use this to buy upgraded apartments, then buy a cheaper apartment and get a refund for what I put into the more expensive one So BEFF, buy upgraded apartment or bank, the go on console one, but a lesser apartment. Will...
  6. HOVGtv

    Working  MWZ How to get Free Vault Loot / Wallbreach Under Map Glitch

    You already know what it is, native here back again in the forums bringing you all a way on how to get the vaults look in mwz without having to go through the easter egg/boss steps in order to unlock such a otherwise useless room. Yes there is a few boxes you can loot however 2 of the 4 boxes...
  7. HOVGtv

    Working  How to wallbreach glitch almost anywhwere in MWZ (Scorcher Method)

    Yo Yo HOVGtv here back again in forums its been a minute but im still out here survin the times. I wanted to bring you all a tutorial on how to wall breach in the mwz game mode, allowing you to create pile ups and getting to secret areas. Step 1- Get a scorcher Step 2 - Find a ceiling or...
  8. D

    Working  Bundle Trading

    Apparently there’s a glitch that allows you to purchase bundles that are no longer available, like all the licensed operators. It requires 2 call of duty accounts. You log in with the account that doesn’t have the bundles, and then add a second account split screen. Open the call of duty store...
  9. V

    Working  Bot Lobbies or Orientation matches?

    So is there a new method for bot lobbies? The 3 console method doesn’t work if Smurfs account have orientation matches, it just keeps kicking my main account out when I try to join, also I heard people playing orientation matches and kills are counting, is this a new method?
  10. G

    Unsolved  Need help with modding + glitching

    I need help with modding/glitching. A friend recently recommended me this site saying that it's got all sorts, but I can't seem to find threads that are not patched or a few years old. Everybody seems to be gatekeeping for their own services. Here's what I got: JAILBROKEN 9.00 PS4 & NORMAL PS5...
  11. WarConicX

    Working  How to use weapons inside your facility

    Requirements: Facility and a facility heist invite (i recommend you have your spawn set to your facility but it is not required) Make your way to the LS Car Meet and enter it. 2) Make your way to one of the test track vehicles. 3) Once you're at the vehicle press triangle/Y, select...
  12. WarConicX

    Working  Infinite vehicle respawn glitch new method

    Go inside your facility, create a playlist, add a TDM and save your playlist. 2. Go to the playlist you just made and if head to head doesn't show at the bottom right of your screen then remake the playlist. If head to head does show up then continue to step 3. 3. Go to Anawack's...
  13. S

    Discovery  Invisibility on radar glitch

    i was outside the armadillo post office and i tried joining someone and it was a full server and it made my character invisible including all my items and guns and the sounds when i shot it sounded like there was a suppressor and no one could lock on me and it felt like they did only half damage
  14. HOVGtv


    Yeooo what is up Se7en sins users, it is the native back again and today i am bringing you all the best most craziest glitch me and my crew have found yet on mwII. In todays video we will be attaching the sentry gun to a recon drone further allowing you to board and fly the sentry gun ontop of...
  15. HOVGtv

    Working  Ontop Of Map Shoothouse Glitch + Wallbreach (After 1.12 Patch)

    You already know what it is everybody, i'm back again today bringing you all another glitch this time an ontop of map and wallbreach spot on shoothouse. This can be a little difficult but just have patience and follow what I do in the video the best you can and if done correctly you can get into...
  16. itzgtaking

    Solved  flight school logo save

    can someone help me with something i got a flight school logo save for gta on Xbox. I can't find a video for xbox to bring it online. All of them for PlayStation. When i follow the steps i get on different targeting mode alert. I listen for the two sounds. It says i hit circle when i hear the...
  17. aaronBLUEeyes

    Discovery  Fix Speedo Custom Slot Method?

    Looking to fix my Speedo Custom slot, for I have a modded bmx from years ago in my Speedo slot. My Speedo Custom is in garage B2 of nightclub. I don’t care if I loose 3d color on my bmx, so willing to destroy/replace if needed. Found this YT and wondering if this method would work for my...
  18. aaronaj222

    Tutorial  Official APEX Bot Lobby Method by Clutch

    If you have any question you can hit me up on here. Solo Method (Three consoles(pc or console)/ two smurf and one main) You take the smurf/fresh account that has *played one game and died to lower the KD* , you then should be in a party by yourself. Main account and smurf add each other...
  19. Deimos666

    Discovery  Give money to player in Frozen money ?

    Hey Guys ! With the new version of the frozen money glitch with save wizard i noticed that you gain unlimited amount of rp (not save after restart) but most important your money after a ceo mission increase. Si i tried to give the money to player and of course the money dont go down, after few...
  20. HOVGtv

    Working  New invisible high ledge spot and wallbreach glitch on castle.

    Some new shotgun jump glitch spots on the map castle for you all 1 invisible high ledge barrier and a wall breach :) hope you all enjoy and be sure to try these out any trouble just reach out and i gotchu !
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