1. FacelessOne123


    TUTORIAL The first one you need to run and lock at the same time it and if you do that you should be under the map. The rest if the glitches just are hiding spots/lock and slope
  2. D

    Solved  What can i do with a glitched car?

    So basically i was trying to make a glitch right and i somehow glitched out the car in my nightclub to be invisible for like 20 seconds every time i move it around or everytime i enter garage. And now its glitched forever, so i just wanted to know if theres anyway i can dupe my car like this?
  3. THP070

    Solved  Glitched in facility but door to vehicles is closed

    Any idea how i can get to my vehicles? The door won't open. After a glitch i spawn in my heist room with Lesters message. Doors from canon and heist room are moving and my staff is walking around. Maybe there is an older glitch where this also happened...
  4. Gandalf61

    Video  How to clean dirty dupes

    Hey guys. If u created a bunch if dirty dupes from recent glitches, here is a method to clean them Here is a video but i dont understand the language. It looks like he buys a free elegy over the car that is a dirty original and then drives the original out before it gets replaced Any one able...
  5. Captain Pocky

    Patched  Glitched cars from Bennys merge (Backless coquette, no turret insurgent, etc.)

    Hey all, If you didn't know, Benny's merge glitches can also be used to add or remove unobtainable options from certain cars. The process is similar to livery merging with the Hotring Sabre for those familiar with that. "Recipes" for specific cars can be found below. They are sorted by the...
  6. L

    Solved  Overall income & Overall expenses shows -$

    Noticed that in game stats shows are negative money of the Overall income and Overall expenses.All have this bug who have a B$?Does it affects on future income and expense?
  7. Destiny 2 Players Wasted Hours Grinding for Glitched Reward

    Destiny 2 Players Wasted Hours Grinding for Glitched Reward

    Destiny 2 is a game that’s all about grinding for gear, and the latest Nightfall strike offered the D.F.A. as a reward. It’s one of the best hand cannons in the game, and fans were pretty excited about playing the strike until one dropped for them. Heck, one of our writers played for hours and...
  8. Mobfather Repair

    Working  Gun as Infected!

    I was just fooling around and found this. I am the Founder!!! Stand over a gun. Throw Tomahawk Spam hold X Can take a few tries..
  9. dfaultd


    Im not a modder but everytime i go onto my account then go into a game it does a loop where it loads my classes then black screens i need help from a modder to either derank me and ill go get my stuff my self or they can rank me up for me my gt is MaurlsNannnnnnn (7 ns) Thankyou for ur time :)
  10. IvIDoomIvI

    Solved  xbox suspension glitched out

    Ok heres what happened as of the 6th of.july I was chat banned which was no big deal I get em alot being a gta online dirty try hard people get salty but then following day I was suspended on the 7th which effected my entire xbox any acct on my xbox was effected by suspension which on xbox one...
  11. ChrisGames


  12. x86

    Solved  Just a few questions about dual nanding with an xecuter demon

    1. Do I need to reflash my r-jtag 360 (has CR4) with the retail nand before installing the demon (to avoid console ban) or does it not matter? 2. How can I create a retail hdd with my hacked 360 to use on xbox live with a retail nand on the demon? Or do I need to buy a preowned official 360...
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