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    Working Animal Carcass Duplication - 2 Player Glitch

    Founder: Mnx HumN Friend must grab horse with carcass once it comes out the stable fast otherwise you wont get the dupe, also this glitch is highly unstable and sometimes doesnt even work. Small update removed legendary from title they work, just put 5 into hunting wagon and donate to Gus...
  2. M


    Requirements: 2 Consoles Or a trusted friend Netcut C1 = Console 1 C2 = Console 2 Steps: Console 1: For you male character, start netcut and count 6 seconds and switch to C2 Console 2: Go to choose character, delete the male, click on edit a new character, and change the gender to female...
  3. M

    Working Easy 80K - 150K profit from Arena War Discount Vehicles

    Requirements: Arena with modshop $767,000 (767k) Rat Truck Purchased from $37,500 (Normal) or $28,200 (Trade Price) Note - You must follow the daily sell limits!!!! Steps: Purchase Rat Truck from (use phone ingame) and deliver it to Arena Workshop Once delivered...
  4. S

    Solved F1 wheels merge on pc?

    I’m curious if the car to car merge glitch is possible on pc and if so, how?
  5. J

    Working *NEW* Custom Mutations XP Glitch on Black Ops 4 Zombies! (2020 Method)

    Hello everyone, Here's the full tutorial on how to do the new Custom Mutations XP Glitch I found on BO4 Zombies! Steps : - First of all, go to local zombies - Then with the Joystick press custom mutations - Now go back to the main local menu - Your friend will now have to start searching for a...
  6. N

    All Apartment workround,

    I don't understand the language but Its easy to know what to do from watching the vid and a vouch it works. CREDITS TO= Gaming Play Station
  7. B

    Discovery Any working conan exiles glitches/exploits?

    Looking for any working glitches/exploits in conan exiles. Mesh/attributes/dupe etc.
  8. X

    Unsolved Apex Legends Lag Glitch

    Anyone have any idea how this guy is doing this?
  9. F

    Tools Minecraft Dungeons Tool 20+ Features (Cheat Engine Table) Frank 7S [Latest Cheat Engine Verison 7.1]

    Hello, so I am presenting a compiled tool for Minecraft dungeons that will allow you to modify anything from your stats to the currency as well as the surrounding players arrows and hit damage this feature allows you to alter the enchantments of items as well as to what tier of enchantment...


  11. Y

    Patched Massive duplication easy CEO fast PS4 XBOX

    founder .. glitchmanonline lambrider Massive duplication easy CEO fast PS4 XBOX you wrong for real this glitch 1 bunkers for you and friends boot 2 moc and function garage plus workshop 3 have beers and the message to list the apartment ... 1 your friend invites you to her moc 2 he puts his...
  12. J

    Looking to trade Bogdans on Xbox One ADD: "Jerkey" and msg me

    Looking to do bogdan with someone msg Jerkey on Xbox one
  13. W

    All Wallbreach god mode

  14. J

    Working How to PLAY with 18 PLAYERS in ANY GAME MODE on Black Ops 3! (BO3 Glitch 2020)

    Requirements: - 1 Friend Steps: - For Dead Ops Arcade 2, ask a friend to search a game in Dead Ops Arcade Public Match - Now go to your friends list, click on your friend's profile & press Join game then custom game - Once you've done it, ask a friend to join your lobby and when he's in your...
  15. J

    Unsolved Atomizer in LTS??

    so i was playing T20 v runners and people had the atomizer and i looked up how to get it and tried the mc club name colour change but that did not work. any thoughts
  16. P

    Discovery Possible working cougar glitch

    Hello fellows. Came across this glitch yesterday and has been trying with 3 friends today without luck. I think it has something to do with either us missing a step or the timing, therefor I thought that maybe somebody in here wanted to see if they could take advantage of this glitch. We did...
  17. J

    Working How to GET UNLIMITED XP & UNLOCK ANY CHALLENGE in CUSTOM GAMES on Black Ops 3! (BO3 XP Lobby 2020)

    Requirements: - 1 Friend Steps: - First of all, ask your friend to search a game in public match in a game mode that most people don't play - Once your friend is in a lobby, go to your friends list, click on his profile & press "join game" then press custom game - It should put you in custom...
  18. C

    Patched Unlimited Happy Hour Glitch

    Pretty simple glitch but found it out today. Set a happy hour time then wait 24 hours to edit it just set another time you will get double xp at both times you set. repeat this for 24 days and you will have double xp all day every day until it patched. Good luck
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    Discovery Gta Online Glitch discovery

    Disclaimer: This is my first post here, I searched for "glitch finding/discovery" threads but found nothing, so I hope this one will be in the right place I glitched back in the days where it was easy af and for these new methods I'm just to lazy to load tons of sessions,do CESP glitches and...
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    Working Second Profile achievement glitch in Battlefield Hardline and other games XBO

    There seems to be a glitch that unlocks a majority/all achievements on a secondary profile on XBO for some games, as long as one profile has them unlocked already. It's known to work for Battlefield Hardline and some other games too, but no one actually talks about how it is done. Does anyone...
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