glitch 1.43

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    Patched Glitches screen no radar and fall underneath map with car

    I accidentally found this trying to find another way to clear dead spots but I found a whole new other glitch I think this could possible be used for a invisible off the radar or even maybe a gc2f not sure it works on ps4 or pc The steps to recreate 1.have 10 car full garage I had 3 dead spots...
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    Patched Bypass a job block in Doomsday set-up room+more

    *Requirements* Must have one set-up mission (Not a prep) Step 1. Go to set-up room and stand where you can start up a set-up. (not a prep) Step 2. Hold the options button and then let go of it at the same time you click the right d pad to access planning screen. If done right you should have...
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