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  1. nwdz

    Question  Cant find mods folder in-game on pc

    how do i find or access mods folder in game on pc, or run mods on cod Ghost pc? I made a mods folder and put it in game directory, but I'm still very new to pc modding.
  2. Resident Evil 2's Free Ghost Survivors DLC Gets Release Date

    Resident Evil 2's Free Ghost Survivors DLC Gets Release Date

    Capcom's highly anticipated Resident Evil 2 remake is finally here, but there is still some more content in store for the survival horror game. The publisher has announced it will release a free Ghost Survivors DLC starting February 15, which will give players a chance to experience the game...
  3. T

    Solved  Are there anyworking Steam COD Ghosts Mods?

    Title. Mod tools/lobbies work, I just want to max my extinction teeth because there maxed on Xbox but I got the game on pc to play with friends, and they have everything and I don't want to grind again.
  4. Ghost Recon Wildlands’ second season of free content begins next week

    Ghost Recon Wildlands’ second season of free content begins next week

    Ghost Recon Wildlands, which launched about 13 months ago, is getting a second season of free content, Ubisoft announced yesterday. It kicks off with an update launching Tuesday, April 10. That update, called “Special Operations 1” will deliver teammate customization, which Ubisoft called “the...
  5. J

    Solved  Dead/Ghost spot Phenomena Hub - Let's bring it to the table!

    Dead spots A.K.A Ghost spots are unusable car slots in the garages. For example, you may have a 10 car garage and you can't use one or more spots as they are indicating that they are empty but you can't store a street car on it or purchase a new vehicle on it. This a very disturbing issue and it...
  6. P

    Discussion  Call Of Duty Ghost. Why

    Why do so many people hate cod ghost ? U liked it some say its to dark but that cant be it.
  7. Token

    Code  [RELEASE] Super Network Ghost & Holy Ghost [SOURCE][Xbox 360 RGH / JTAG]

    Super Network Ghost Hello Sinners! Today I bring you the source to one of the most infamous scripts around... Let's level the playing field a little. The catch is, if you can compile it, you can use it. You will also have to call the '.sco' file inside your 'network_startup.sco'. I know a...
  8. W

    Question  Is there a way Enable Third Person View for private/local with bots? CMR edit/Mod

    Hello if anyone can help or reply it will be much appreciated *edit* (asked this Question 4 years ago with no help or replies) looked and searched everywhere to enable third person on private matches and cant find anything on how to do it without a Jtag. Disclamer: i dont want to use any of...
  9. RayZer

    Tools  Hard Launcher | by RayZer (In progress...)

    Salut a tous! Hi everybody! Aujourd'hui je vous présente mon Hard Launcher Xbox360 ! Today I present my Xbox360 Hard Launcher ! Il est encore en cours de développement ! It is still under development ! Il est en Auto Mise à Jour, Et sera mis à jour et amélioré au maximum possible ! he is in...
  10. GooseAlwaysDies

    Video  Worst Call of Duty Ever?!

    Wanted to do a Gameplay Commentary on the topic "WORST CALL OF DUTY EVER" Black Ops III drops in a couple days, and I felt this was a great time to tell you my opinion for the worst CoD? So what's yours let me know?
  11. FleeMcFly69

    Solved  Can anyone repair my Gamertag?

    So, I was playing some COD4 on my Xbox 360. I ended up getting infected with the GHOSTfaceKILLr74 Ghost Patch (legacy edition). I can't create or edit classes, it reset my rank to 1, and my kills, wins, deaths all get reset every time I play. This has seriously ruined playing COD4 online for me...
  12. Oophilly215oO

    Video  3 New Dead Ghost Locations In Daily Paradox Mission

    Destiny - 3 New Dead Ghost Locations In Daily Paradox Mission
  13. B

    Teeth grind

    Looking for experienced, challenge completing players to grind out some teeth. Mics are preferred but as long as you do the challenges I'm not going to complain. I have all the dlcs so I'm down to play whatever. Psn is bwb187 add me up and let's kill some cryptids!!
  14. Oophilly215oO

    Working  Ghost Glitch (No Eye)

    Destiny - Ghost Glitch (No Eye Or Hand)
  15. Oophilly215oO

    Video  6 New Dead Ghost Location In The Taken King

    Destiny - 6 New Dead Ghost Locations In The Taken King
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