1. Eviona

    Service  Eviona's GFX Service (THREADS, SIGNATURES & MORE!)

  2. N

    Request  In search of free GFX for mixer

    Hello, i am looking for someone who can make me an avatar, offline image and social thumbnail for mixer, i go by Nxee so it would have to do something with that. thanks Platform: Mixer Games i stream: CoD and Minecraft Colors: Blue, Black and White Font: doesnt matter but no cursive Text: Nxee
  3. loghxn

    Service  [Social Media]Social media GFX service and CUSTOM Logo design(Instagram,Twitter,Youtube)(FREE)

    Hey guys this is my thread for social media GFX, I cannot do all things people request but i will give 100% trying to complete them all Request template below: Be sure to add me on discord if you have it, its much easier discussing on there My Discord -> loghxn#3956
  4. loghxn

    Service  [Xbox One & Discord]Gamerpic/Display Pic Service(FREE)

    Hello, I've been doing this sort of service for a while now on other forums but recently decided to start doing Xbox One gamerpictures, all of my work is free and always will be. To request work i need this information:- If you arent sure what font you'd like go to and pick one! Be...
  5. H

    Support  New to GFX help!

    Hello guys I’ve recently got into graphics and gfx now general and I was just wondering if anyone can give me any pointers on what to do etc, I use the newest version of photo shop at college but am only able to get photoshop cs6 when I am on my home desktop, does anyone know of any way I can...
  6. Golly

    Show Off  Elgato Stream Deck Icons

    Just got my Elgato Stream Deck couple weeks ago and finally got around to making icons so it doesn't look "basic" if you will.. It's nothing flashy just clean and simple to match my setup and figured I'd share this awesome device and the little things.
  7. Cobalt Blaze

    Show Off  Logo I made for a friend

    This was for XeAlvin. I was initially going to upload a couple more works of mine, but I thought if I'm going to upload anything decent, it'll be this. If you want your name done up like this, I can probably do one for you.
  8. Harmonic

    Service  Barnacle's GFX Service

    Hey, I am starting to do graphic design and I would be willing to do a few free designs for people and pick up a couple of vouches. All of my paid work would be off the site so this offer is exclusive to members of Se7ensins. I am good with banners, avatars and YouTube channel art. To Request...
  9. 505_

    Show Off  Avatars By Black [ Private and Open Preview ]

    Note: Some of these are made for special people like slim, ay-chan, and some other peeps. Public Avatars Download [ For edits ] Virus Scan Special Avatars: Slim Shady Aydind More will come around.
  10. O

    Request  Looking for a GFx Designer!

    Alright lads, dont suppose by any chance someone would be up for creating me a class GFx design. I have just recently created a doubles for GameBattles and the profile looks a little dry. Also want to use it for my new youtube channel..?
  11. R


    ZEPHYR CLAN ☰ Zephyr is a newly formed clan that I hope to expand over time. ☰ ☰ This clan is about having fun, but also getting work done! ☰ ☰This is a Multi-Cod clan, meaning we support every Call of Duty, including Black Ops 3 ☰ ☰ This is also an all-round clan, which means we work with any...
  12. Arma

    Arma's Graphics Service

    The Only Arma's Graphics Service Status: Offline No orders done on Sunday's. Look at bottom to see if you made the order list! Click the spoiler below for what I offer. If your name is on this order list, then your order is in the make's of being done. If not then your order is still on...
  13. Harmable

    Show Off  Rate this c:

    Banner for LightFaction
  14. Dnzk

    Dnzk GFX Shop

    Hey everyone starting up my GFX Shop for you people, that want banners edited, made. I have a google doc with every bit of information you need!, Please feel free to view it if you are interested in buying or just want to have a look at prices, and what I can do :smile: Contact Info Is In The...
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