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  1. mademanthog

    Question  Facility gctf easy glitchout back to back car dupe?

    Why does this only work in Her lobby and how did I glitchout once and get the cars? How can I do this on my own? She’s only live on the weekends so let me know
  2. J

    Solved  DMO Lite - Dropping cars

    I'm totally new to modding cars. I managed to hit the DMO 1.67 lite twice (BARELY). The problem is, when the car is dropped, my friend would have it and transfer to another lobby (invite only). However, when I join him, I can't see the car at all. It's totally invisible to me and when my...
  3. timexjones

    Discussion  GC2F Meme... Can we please make GTA fun again?

    I just saw a video on YouTube ripping apart the latest Give Cars To Friends video using the Strip Club. I just wanted to post something to lighten the mood. I'm linking the video below because I found it funny and gave me the idea to make the photo.
  4. BngGlitcher


    Hi all! Today I present to you an easy massive duplication at the complex with any gc2f bug ✌️? Founders? BngGlitcher ! GLITCH MAN ONLINE Prerequisites: - a complex - a M.O.C - eleghy rh8 in the complex - issi anticipation in the complex - a friend Steps : [YOU] 1) Perform any gc2f bug...
  5. BngGlitcher

    Patched  New bug G.C.2.F very fast

    Hello, today I present to you a brand new bug for donating vehicles which can be either duo or solo but with tight timing. Founders: BngGlitcher ! Glitch Man Online Prerequisites: - a nightclub - a M.O.C - an eleghy rh8 - (rc bandito) Handling : 1) Commit suicide at the entrance to your...
  6. Feel Good 1nc

    Solved  Is there anyway to store/gc2f non player owned high end vehicles after patch?

    Like title says ever since the MOC has been patched i have been unable to receive non player owned vehicles. Like the exotic exports and other high end vehicles that are normally not storable unless purchased from a website. Ive tried the glitch out methods with moc, non glitch out methods and...
  7. S

    Solved  How can I remove a Deluxo from my Hangar?

    Hello. Yesterday, I did GCTF with a friend so he could give me a Deluxo and P-996 LAZER. I did the LS Car Meet GCTF method. So he finished giving me the Deluxo so I said to him, let's try with a jet as I knew it was possible. However, I didn't watch a video and just carried on with the glitch...
  8. Krisppykim29


    NEW GC2F GLITCH WORKAROUND EASIER AND CONSISTENT FOUNDED BY: Dhenzzky https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-RGmbvgrX6LDiQ7PUuBjsA/videos Macclesfield UK https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=macclesfield+uk Krisppykim...
  9. SMGLR

    Patched  RECEIVE Modded *Special Vehicle* in Warehouse

    Hello everyone, I’ve tried many methods in my secondary account to avoid deadspot, but all went negatively. After many tries, finally figured how to store modded warehouse vehicles in their slots with no deadspot. This thread will be divided by 2 1) Replacing ur default one with modded 2)...
  10. Y

    Patched  [PS4/XB1]Give modded Avenger to friends

    Friend (person giving avenger upgrades) requires: - Facility (complex, same thing) - Modded avenger avenger - Bunker You (person receiving car) requires: - Facility - Avenger 1. Go to your friends bunker 2. Friend requests any personal vehicle and hops in 3. You need to hop in as a passenger...
  11. LuganoffIsBack

    Solved  Move hydra out of MOC ?

    This has been discussed a few times already but I wanted to know if there is now a way to move an hydra from MOC (received with GC2F) to another garage. I would like to use my MOC for other glitches but I would still like to keep my hydra somewhere else. The problem is that no matter what...
  12. ParassitiAccatoni

    Patched  GC2F with teleport

    FOUNDER : ???????? STEP 1) Go Inside MOC with faggio or rh8 2) Gas and pause with r2 or l2 3) use tp away you have freez go on Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack 4) Start Mission Deatmatch at Docks back out 5) Call MOC 6) Garb Faggio or rh8 it's OTR Pull into MOC 7)Recent Activity gta online x...
  13. S

    Solved  Ended up in someone else’s garage that owned the same nc as me

    ok, so me and a friend were playing some of the new hunting packs games this morning. We went back into free mode and were sent into different lobbies. The lobby that I was sent into only had 1 other guy and it was showing him inside of his Del Perro Apt. I went to my NC (Vespuccie Beach) and...
  14. LengMan

    Patched  3 player GCTF. Give Cars To Friends.

    Thought I’d write a tut for this as it appears to work on Xbox, and Xbox users have been missing out on the board recently. Normal reminder to find friends with cars or to help etc, use matchmaking section or the many gctf communities including the se7ensins one. Founders video...
  15. LengMan

    Patched  GCTF. Give Cars To Friends PS4 only.

    No ones posted yet, so thought I might as well. A quick reminder that there is a matchmaking section to find friends with cars, use it instead of posting here. There is also a se7ensins trading community on PS4, again, use that. UPDATED STEPS These steps are so you can reverse the...
  16. Shift YTBR

    Patched  Possible GC2F startway?

    Ok.. I had an idea for xbox.. Maybe can result on something.. Elegy on moc Moc inside bunker Friend Bunker caddy Park elegy on blue circle and trap the doors with bunker caddys Stay inside the elegy and Friend stay outside in position to teleport for passenger seat Count with your friend then...
  17. Shift YTBR

    Patched  Possible GC2F in the new heist room dupe glitch?

    So I was doing the new facility dupe glitch with my friend to clean some plates from my modded cars and I tried some things by accidental and discover that I can put my car to show up in every facility*.. I did the heist room glitch then I asked to my friend invite me to "titan service to...
  18. iDriveDiesel

    Patched  GTA Dupe Glitch Only need facility, MOC, and friend

    Hello everyone first post here. Id like to start off by saying I took a variation of FreightTrainWTF's and an older method I remembered to make this method. Requirements: -Facility (full of useless cars aka elegy rh8) -MOC with personal vehicle storage - Friend (with a vehicle) - If duping...
  19. Sylar Wolff


    Any ideas on how to get the Chernobog, Rcv and Khanjali to be in their corresponding positions in Facilities and not in the garages? I received these 3 through GC2F
  20. Ryan Carreon

    Solved  Remove RCV/Chernobog

    I was wondering if there is a way for me to move my chernobog/RCV in my facility into a garage so I can put my modded chernobog/RCV in my facility?
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