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  1. hobble91

    Game Creation

    Is this the proper board/is there a board for game creators? I'm working on my first game in Unreal since the Unity pricing.
  2. Quadbrain

    Discussion  How do you Like my new Gaming Pc Mod? ((for COD MW2 (IW4X))

    Its Work in Progress but already high Resolution of 2k* :D! Water Cooled Gaming Pc inside Screen :D! Windows 10 Installed now and new Background :D! And more screens for the next Lan Party of Cod MW2 ! :D Entire new Pc with RTX Nvidia and RGB `;..;´ :D! Plugin in the new Gaming System...
  3. Battlefield 4: Operation Locker - The Best Kills

    Battlefield 4: Operation Locker - The Best Kills

    Battlefield 4: Operation Locker - The Best Kills. #battlefield4 #bf4 #battlefield4clips #battlefield2042 #bf2042 battlefield 4,bf4,battlefield 4 2022,bf4 2022,battlefield 4 operation locker,gatekeeper10,battlefield 4 operation locker the best kills, battlefield 4 multiplayer, operation locker, b
  4. MinnnesotaNnja

    Tutorial  Conan Exiles Guide: How to Make STEEL Bars - Conan Gameplay Tutorial

    TWITCH - Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/MinnesotaNnja Twitter - https://twitter.com/SirNnja My Discord - https://discord.gg/URbXd3pg In this Conan Exiles gameplay i show you how to make Steel Bars. This Steel bars guide is easy to do as long as you have the right crafting stations...
  5. computer12

    News  Aotuverse||P2E gaming on Solana

    I would like to tell you guys a bit about a project that I’m bullish at, Aotuverse. Aotuverse is the first anime-themed game with an existing 60+ million-person fan base and over 2 years of operation. Their game also has 15 million+ downloads and 140,000+ daily active users. The team is...
  6. Morning Warmup! | Plunder Gameplay with live cam | STREAM

    Morning Warmup! | Plunder Gameplay with live cam | STREAM

    welcome back to the media page and enjoy the content! Today I'm playing plunder public matches on PC. Join in on the Official Se7ensins Discord!
  7. Naraka Bladepoint Beta | Battle Royale Solos | The Bloodbath

    Naraka Bladepoint Beta | Battle Royale Solos | The Bloodbath

    Hey, everyone here's some more gameplay from the beta! I wanted everyone to see the Bloodbath solos playlist, which is focused more on combat/battles than looting.
  8. P

    Question  i need help with call of duty online

    i just made an account here just so I could ask this but I just got codol 2 days ago and this error 8014 comes up like 5 or fewer minutes when I start it and I don't know what it means or how to fix it so someone please help it wouldn't let me add it as a photo so there's a link to a google...
  9. Geddes2305

    Solved  Laptop Help

    Hi everyone! I am looking to get a laptop for my birthday which is an upgrade from the one I have already (can't even run Minecraft). What kinds of things should I be looking for (specs) and what laptops are already out there that would be good? I have a budget of around £300. Thanks in advance!!
  10. Mr Dlc

    Solved  2nd pc build..3090 in there but runs slow and lagging help !!!

    Specs Mob <> ASUS ROG maximus hero xii wifi Cpu <> intel i7 10700k Cpu Cooler <> Nztx Kraken z73 Gpu <> Msi suprim x 3090 Memory <> corsair vengeance rgb pro 4x8 32gb Storage <> samsung 970 evo 1tb [main for windows ] Another one for games Western Digital Black 4tb [ games storage]...
  11. Battlefield Hardline Campaign walkthrough

    Battlefield Hardline Campaign walkthrough

    this is the first video in the series i have about 5 or six videos up on this right now lemme kno if you'd like to request a game for me to play or review
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