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    Streaming / Video  Roblox Funny Moments

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    Streaming / Video  Immature Minecraft Funny Moments

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    Unsolved  i need help with call of duty online

    i just made an account here just so I could ask this but I just got codol 2 days ago and this error 8014 comes up like 5 or fewer minutes when I start it and I don't know what it means or how to fix it so someone please help it wouldn't let me add it as a photo so there's a link to a google...
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    Solved  Laptop Help

    Hi everyone! I am looking to get a laptop for my birthday which is an upgrade from the one I have already (can't even run Minecraft). What kinds of things should I be looking for (specs) and what laptops are already out there that would be good? I have a budget of around £300. Thanks in advance!!
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    Unsolved  2nd pc build..3090 in there but runs slow and lagging help !!!

    Specs Mob <> ASUS ROG maximus hero xii wifi Cpu <> intel i7 10700k Cpu Cooler <> Nztx Kraken z73 Gpu <> Msi suprim x 3090 Memory <> corsair vengeance rgb pro 4x8 32gb Storage <> samsung 970 evo 1tb [main for windows ] Another one for games Western Digital Black 4tb [ games storage]...
  6. Battlefield Hardline Campaign walkthrough

    Battlefield Hardline Campaign walkthrough

    this is the first video in the series i have about 5 or six videos up on this right now lemme kno if you'd like to request a game for me to play or review
  7. Shadow Warrior 2 Walkthrough PART 1

    Shadow Warrior 2 Walkthrough PART 1

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    Streaming / Video  Lamar Roasts Franklin On Call of Duty Black Ops 2

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    Streaming / Video  Kid Plays Call of Duty Warzone

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    Streaming / Video  Playing Minecraft One Decade Later

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    Streaming / Video  GTA 5 PracticalPat Roasts Franklin

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    Streaming / Video  Playing Among Us As A Noob Vs Pros

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    Streaming / Video  Among Us But Things Get Weird

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    Discussion  Best Simulation games on PC

    My favorite genre is Simulation. These games can make time disappear from the universe if you are not careful. There is a lot of awesome games on this list, including my all-time favorite Cities Skylines. Golftopia, released this year, has gotten into my heart as one of the best simulation indie...
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    Streaming / Video  Playing Every Game Mode In Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

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    Streaming / Video  Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Beta

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    Streaming / Video  Playing Fortnite 3 Years Later

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    Streaming / Video  Black Ops 3 Five Years Later

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    Streaming / Video  Call of Duty Black Ops 1 In 2020

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    Streaming / Video  Guy Prank Calls GameStop For Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

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