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gaming laptop

  1. Geddes2305

    Solved  Laptop Help

    Hi everyone! I am looking to get a laptop for my birthday which is an upgrade from the one I have already (can't even run Minecraft). What kinds of things should I be looking for (specs) and what laptops are already out there that would be good? I have a budget of around £300. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Wiki

    Discussion  Confused about Gaming Laptops (Help) lol

    So ive been looking around for a good gaming laptop. I will be using it for a little bit of everything but i want to be able to play any game with max settings at 60fps. So i have custom built a few pcs on my own ( I am no computer guru at no means ) but i see these laptops with gtx 1060 etc and...
  3. jlsn1per

    Question  Logitech: artemis G933 on Dell Inspiron

    I've a doubt regarding if I should buy this headset, I currently own a Dell Inspiron gaming laptop, I was also wondering how the 7.1 surround sound and mic would work. Any suggestions?
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